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the 2001 Ad Congress radio commercial with "miriam"

hahaha the first time i heard this was in a car, alone... i looked crazy from the people outside because i was laughing really hard!! hehe! This radio ad is for promotion of the Philippine Ad Congress... this the follow-up of the "Donut Buy" ad campaign. hehehe anyone who has an mp3 file??


  • nussnuss PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Errr... I don't have an mp3 of it... but I do reckon it's funny... kaya nga ad congress... galing nila... :lol:
  • I like it. It's pretty funny although I didn't laugh my head off as much as huggies. :D I just smirked in the car. I really like the "I lied!" part and her laughing like a crazed loon. :lol:
  • heard it two nights ago. it was hilarious!:D

    i mean, the ad should really click. it's about the ad congress e... they do all those funny, selling ads tapos the ad abou their event sucks. ano naman un d b?

    but nothing beats the danggit bay ad for me! :p
  • Ay grabe, tawa ako ng tawa dun! (Kaso mejo pilit yung nagpa-boses kay Miriam. Sana si Jon Santos nalang kinuha nila. But nevertheless, funny pa rin!) :rotflmao: Narinig ko na yung latest installment...something about marketing as one of their main topics there. That guy speaking in gay lingo! Tarush! Natawa akesh! :lol: Sayang, I so want to go.. ang mahal nga lang!!
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