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Commercial Break!!!

KittyKeiKittyKei puuurrrrrr!! PExer
Share to us the most significant television advertisement you've ever seen or heard. It could be the funniest, the lamest, the corniest, the saddest tearjerker, the "gaya-gaya lang", or perhaps any remarkable television commercial you know of!

Mine was the Coca-cola commercial being played last Summer in the Philippines. It shows a bunch of Filipino teens taking a rest in a diner in the early hours of the morning after a whole night of partying. The jingle goes like this: "Sarap ng buhay.....Coca-cola!"

An then when I went to the United States, I saw a similar Coca-cola American ad on TV. It shows the same number of teens riding on a metro train on their way back home after an evening's concert party. The jingle goes like: "Life tastes good.......Coca-cola!"



  • blairMitchblairMitch Member PExer
    The new Coca-Cola campaign "Sarap ng Buhay" is a local adaptation of the Coca-Cola global campaign "Life Tastes Good".
    Think that the similarity was done deliberately and meant to be strategic. ;)

    My contribution would be the Del Monte Pineapple Juice Kaleidoscope tvc which is very similar to the Fruitopia ad in the US.
  • KittyKeiKittyKei puuurrrrrr!! PExer
    OMG!!! I think that was so cool too! Yeah :cool:

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