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SEAWEED SLIMMING SOAP... The algae extracts contained in the seaweed slimming soap easily permeate the skin. The soap eliminates subcutaneous fat, increases blood circulation and metabolic rate as well as breaks down fats and proteins. It beautifies the body by improving the skins softness and smoothness. When the Slimming Soap is massaged into the skin, the extract from the deep seaweed plant penetrates subcutaneous layer skin while your pores are open during a warm shower. This stimulation encourages the breakdown of fat cells & tissues, helping you eliminate fats layers to reach your ideal shape-and keep it-while tightening the skin.Helps the reduction of cellulites!

Extreme Pearl White Plus 2011!!! FOR SALE!!!
A 2-in-1 Whitening and Slimming Solution, Extreme Pearl White Plus is refined from 100% chinese herbs and has marked effects in detoxifying, nourishing the skin with whitening effect and accelerating the burning of calories and stored fats.This also benefits digestion and excrete over production of digestive fluids. This product helps you achieve a perfect figure for both men and women without dieting and work out without the harmful side effects.

Results are immediate and this innovation has literally transformed the lives of many individuals striving to reduce weight and to achieve a healthy skin.

Indication: Contains 30 capsules. 2 caps a day

Available in Philippines & Japan.



This Product has been made of Brazil original forest small black coffee, and natural plant, gamboges fruit, (HCA), and with scientific processing with precise extraction. Is a pure natural, healthy, safe with no side effect slimming product.
It is not a common coffee, is a slimming product of the specific result through many year repeated research and development as well as spending large amount of the research fund by the America Kangshi Lainuo International medical Research center.

The fat digesting substance of the fatty acid is a single glycerin in which it forms the fatty substances with negative electricity. When drinking Leisure 18 Slimming Coffee, it will eventually produced the gastric juices in our stomach to form the PECTIN with a negative electricity, that will equally distributes gastric juices and immediately exerts the strong ion absorption effect when meeting with the fat digested foods, producing large amount of the compound. Then the PECTIN of the Leisure 18 Slimming Coffee will wrapped the fat substances and cannot be absorbed by the intestinal wall.

Magic effect of the slimming coffee, drinking it will be slender only in 18 days.
This product is delicious test and can reduce fat. Drinking this coffee, you can enjoy the elegant pleasure while your figure becomes slender and charming. Have you ever imagined this magic? Yes, it is the time now.

This is the promise of leisure 18 slimming coffee to the beauty.


Diet medicine without side effect in 1 week you will loose 5kilos over in 1 month time you will become sexy as you dont expect. no side effects and no palpitates no headaches and troubles...


1 Box Biofitea Herbal Dietary Tea Fat & Weight Reducer Body Toxins Remover contains 30 Slimming tea bags.
Biofitea made from first class Senna Herb carefully process to comply with the meticulous international standards of tea preperation. No chemical solution added.
Indication Biofitea Herbal Dietary Tea..
Reduces weight by flushing out unwanted fats and toxins from the body.It also helps ease up digestion and constipation. Regular consumption promotes not only a slimmer and sexy figure but also a healthy digestive system.

Directions for Use: Place 1 tea bag of Biofiotea Herbal Dietary Tea in a cup of hot water . Let it step for 10-15 minutes . Add sugar or lemon to taste. Do not boil directly into tea pot. For best result drink Biofitea Herbal Dietary Tea before bedtime.

Ingredients: Each bag contains Senna Leaves 25% and Senna Pods 75%


The hot fat burning property and minerals reduce the appearance of loose skin as well as slim and firm specific areas of the body.

From the creators of Kustie Cellulite Gel and Heating Slim Creams come this 2 step Intensive Massage system. Step 1- kneading massage step 2- post massage firming concentrate. Use on arms, calves, butt, stomach, hips, saddlebags and thighs.

for more information about this product you can check out my facebook and yahoo account: [email protected] or anonymous.jm[email protected]
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