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What`s Your Top 3 Favorite Movies?

_CaSsAnDrA__CaSsAnDrA_ Ds GiRL RoCkS! PExer
My Top 3 Favorite Movies are : BRAVEHEART (Mel Gibson) after watching this movie i felt numb , really now , this movie hit me sooo hard, all i can is that "they may take my life but they cant take my freedom" Second , INDEPENDENCE DAY , very cool movie , i really like the part that the supposed to be President of US (Bill Pullman) made his speech and i love Will Smith soooo much that`s really a BIG PLUS . Lastly , ARMAGEDDON , ive always had this huge huge crush for Bruce Willis, and also this an at-the-edge-of-your seat type of movie .... i just wish that i can change the ending =(


  • _CaSsAnDrA__CaSsAnDrA_ Ds GiRL RoCkS! PExer
    maybe ds topic is so lame , that no one botherd to post a reply =(
  • white_dovewhite_dove freakazoid PExer
    ako magpopost! :D
    kaso mejo mahirap dami ko kcng fave na movie eh... hehe
    no. 1. while you were sleeping (kahit la mashado magandang quotes, sobrang nagandahan talaga ako... ilang beses ko na nga inulit ulit to eh! share ko lang!) singer (fave ko ung "grow old with u..." :) )

    3.beaches (kakatouch eh! )

    un lang po.... :D
  • denseminddensemind evil & demented PExer
    top 3 movies. this is hard for me. much of these drama movies..

    american beauty

  • _CaSsAnDrA__CaSsAnDrA_ Ds GiRL RoCkS! PExer
    i like wedding singer too ... adam sandler is d best ....
  • _CaSsAnDrA__CaSsAnDrA_ Ds GiRL RoCkS! PExer
    however i have`nt seen Traffic, its MIchael-Catherine Movie ryt? is it really good?
  • desiredesire Tainted Thoughts PExer
    Hi _CaSsAnDrA_... I'll post :)

    Although I have lots of favorite movies, here are 3 of them:
    • Never Ben Kissed...I don't really care much if the plot of this movie is a little shallow because I'm a Drew Barrymore fan.
    • Ever After...Again, I think Drew Barrymore is awesome in this movie and Dougray Scott is handsome, and the role of a prince really suit him well.
    • Sabrina...Harrison Ford is really a very good actor not only on serious movies but also in romance/comedy film like this one.
  • YoshiYoshi Member PExer
    There have been a lot of threads about favorite movies already. Among them include:

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    There are similar threads for specific movie genres. Just use the search function to look for them. Thanks.
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