Cool Dudes 24/7

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    I’d just like to clarify something which has been bugging me since I watched the movie COOL DUDES 24/7.

    Before anything else, I would like to commend Andrew Paredes for his attempts at the cross over moments wherein one episode’s scene is also part of the other. However, this is where I think I find a discrepancy.

    1) The only reference to time I heard was that from Madel where she said that at 8PM, the goons will “taking care” of his father. She further says that how can she get the money in 30 minutes meaning the time the scene occurred was 730PM.

    2) Immediately before the sequence of Madel’s mom calling her, Topet and Madel were in the motel blackmailing the Bikini Babes organizer. At this moment, John and Violet crossed over and are about to go to the organizer to audition Violet as the last minute replacement. So, the sequence might have occurred give or take 15 minutes before 730PM. The sequence, therefore, must have occurred at around 715PM.

    3) Another cross over moment was when John drove over to the radio station to pick up the tickets. At the same time, Chantal was driving Norm to the church to see their father. Since it was a NIGHT sequence and let’s give all the leeway possible before the Bikini Babes contest, let’s assume it happened at sundown which give or take should have been 600PM

    4) Now, if all these are true, does it mean that it took 1 hour and 15 minutes (600PM to 715PM) for John to go to the radio station and beg for the tickets, go back to the hotel and realize he leads a life of conformity, convince Violet to break free from her conventions and have her done at the salon?

    5) It’s either the unbelievable fast series of events in (4) are true or there was an error in lighting and the car cross over scene should have been a DAY shot. Please clarify. Thanks!
    that's a little too much to take in, medyo confusing na yata yung timeline na sinasabi mo. Anyway, entertaining naman yung movie kahit na, as you said, off yung timeline a bit.
    Pero, does anyone know what other movies JEM ESTRADA has made since "Cool Dudes 24/7"?

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