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Read This, Mister Dean

Mister Dean,

OK, I'm a computer geek, and it wouldn't take me long to figure out the whereabouts of certain threads. I couldn't find this thread after trying so hard which made me think that there was like a conspiracy. I've been paranoid all my life (if you were thinking about that, thank you), so I did the other thread.

And oh, I don't do private messages, they just make certain people feel so important. :)

Anyway, thank you for finding the wonderful wonderful Stevie Wonder thread, but still, try posting there and it won't let you. :)

OK fine, you have the padlock.


  • One. I have nothing at all against you or your posts. The Stevie Wonder thread is a favorite of mine; to delete or damage it would be downright stupid. There is no padlock beside the thread icon; obviously I did not lock it. Other than that, if there are other ways of tampering with the thread so that no one can post, I certainly don't know about it.

    Two. Then don't do private messages. I will still close down certain correspondence after you post them if the topic, issue or concern of the correspondence has been answered.

    Three. I just posted and revived your Stevie Wonder thread. If your nick isn't allowed to post, please email Ada or Mikoid for technical concerns (or post a thread directly at Announcements and Suggestions, since you "don't do private."). Maybe some other moderator did something to you. The Stevie thread looks okay to me.

    Four. You may have reason to feel paranoid with other moderators, but I take it as a personal affront that you feel I would have anything against you. You have not done anything against me, and no matter what other moderators may do or say against you, for as long as you remain to be a decent member on the forum to which I am assigned, I will continue to defend you against the other moderators.
  • Uh oh, I still couldn't post there. :rolleyes:
  • Something has been lifted. Thanks. ;)
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