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Okay ba ang Rex Book Store?

Bata pa lang ako Rex na yung publishers ng ibang books ko sa school and now I'm looking for books for reference books for my kids. Minsan kasi di complete ang books ng kids ko and I know the internet doesn't necessarily have all the info I need so I was hoping to drop by a Rex branch to check out the books that they have. May alam ba kayong branches?


  • I'd like to think that the internet has more information than any other book you can get out there.

    If you want good reference books you should download US books in PDF format from the net.
  • stepehenyan@12[email protected] PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    ano bang libro hinahanap mo para sa anak mo!? kung me gusto ako matutunan di ako bibili sa rex book store i'd check national, powerbooks or fully booked. mahal pero para sa akin it's worth the money.
  • If you rate rex bookstore as a bookstore, definitely it is below versus national, powerbooks, etc. Pero rex is not just a book store, it is a publisher. For me their law books is the best so far, their author are more credible. Pero mukhang humahabol si central publishing.
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