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RICHARD GUTIERREZ: Remaining On Top And Surviving Life's Challenging Disasters #25



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    "Survivor Philippines Season 4" hosted by Richard Gutierrez! Coming soon. November 2011. On GMA Telebabad.
    “Oras Na” will air this October 30, 2011 at 10:30 P.M. on GMA-7.
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    Be it on the small or big screen, he melts hearts with his earnest eyes and loving looks. It doesn't matter who his leading lady is, Richard always makes us believe that he is in love!
    Basic Info
    Name: Richard Gutierrez
    Nickname: Chard, Ricardo
    Birthday: January 21
    Birth Place: California
    Claim to fame:
    "When I joined Click. I thought it was only for the allowance but later I enjoyed working and loved acting."
    Richard's hit list:
    1. He's into basketball, boxing, and martial arts.
    2. He has a Siberian Husky named "Ziggy."
    3. His fave actors are Albert Martinez, Cesar Montano, FPJ, Johhny Depp, Edward Norton, Sean Penn, and Morgan Freeman.
    4. He liked the movies Gladiator and Land Before Time (a cartoon).
    5. He watches the TV series Heroes.
    Star Trivia:
    Richard describes himself as 'makulit'. His Fashion icon is Tom Cruise and he has a goal of coming back to school and to produce films/videos.

    Q & A
    On the spot:

    If you weren’t in showbiz, what kind of career would you have?
    "I would be studying Philosophy or film making."

    What is your biggest frustration/regret?
    "I don’t have any frustration or regret. I enjoyed most of the things I have done although it is not what I expected to come up."

    What are you most proud of?
    "Myself, my work and my discipline and professionalism."

    What do you want to achieve?
    "I want to direct a film or video, and of course to finish my studies."

    What is your advice to aspiring artists?
    "Believe in yourself. Don’t let anybody get you down. No need to please all people as long as there are some people who really feel happy for you."
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    Full Name: Richard Rama Gutierrez
    Nickname: Chard
    Birthday: January 21, 1984
    Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA
    Nationality: Filipino/American
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 170 lbs.
    Color of Eyes: Dark Brown
    Color of Hair: Black
    Father: Eddie Gutierrez
    Mother: Annabelle Rama
    Brothers and Sister: Ruffa, Rocky, Raymond (his twin), Elvis and Ritchie Paul, plus half-brothers Tonton Gutierrez and Ramon Christopher
    School: De La Salle Zobel, graduated from high school in 2001

    Actor(s): Cesar Montano, Tom Hanks and Edward Norton
    Actress(es): Maricel Soriano and Julia Roberts
    Fave Music:Bob Marley, Sublime, Red Hot, 311, Dave Matthews, Incubus, Chicane, atb, 2pac, Biggie Smalls, Wutang, IceCube, Rivermaya, Eheads, Bamboo, Oasis, Ludacris.
    Movies: Gladiator, Scarface, Godfather, Blow, Homegrown, Pulp Fiction, Old School, Rush Hour, Friday, Cruel Intentions, Blade, Bad Boys, Monsters inc, Finding Nemo, Natural Born Killers, 21 Grams, Mystic River, 50 First Dates.
    Fave BookArt of War, Bob Marley Biography, The Power of Now, The Alchemist
    About Me: Me I'm just a simple man.. laid back type of guy.. Man of few words... critical thinker... Always up for any kind of adventure... playa livin on d fast lane...
    Food: Pasta
    Sports: Basketball, boxing and golf
    Color(s): Blue and black
    City: Los Angeles
    Hangout: Malls
    Drink: Iced tea
    Perfume: Burberry
    Weakness: Driving fast cars
    Fantasy: To own an island
    Expression: Say what!?!
    Type of Girls : Someone I can trust, smart, cute and sexy
    Motto: Life is short so you should live it to the fullest.

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    Richard Kristian Rama Gutierrez, popularly known as Richard Gutierrez (born January 21, 1984 in Beverly Hills, California), is an television actor and commercial model who works in Filipino productions.


    Gutierrez is the son of Eduardo P. Gutierrez and Talent Manager, Annabelle Rama and the brother of Ruffa, Rocky, Elvis, and Ritchie Paul, he also has Half-brothers Tonton & Ramon Christopher who are also actors.
    Gutierrez began acting as a child with his twin brother Raymond Gutierrez. He has worked in many movies with his father and his brothers.
    Richard Guttierez's appeared on the GMA-7 show Click. Gutierrez starred in the TV fantasy series Mulawin which aired from August 2, 2004 until March 18, 2005, where he played the lead character Aguiluz. The series' led to a feature-length film of the same name (Mulawin: The Movie). Since then, Guiterrez has played the lead roles in other GMA-7 shows including Sugo, Kamandag, Codename: Asero, Zorro, Lupin, Full House, and Captain Barbell.

    [highlight]Year Title' Character[/highlight]

    2011 Survivor Philippines Celebrity Edition Season 2: Host
    2011 Oras na : Host
    2011 Captain Barbell: Ang Pagbabalik Teng/ Captain Barbell
    2010 Puso ng Pasko: Artista Challenge Host
    2010 Anatomy of a Disaster : Host
    2010 Survivor Philippines: Celebrity Showdown: Host
    2009 Planet Philippines Host
    2009 Full House Justin Lee
    2009 Zorro Zorro/Antonio de la Vega
    2008 Full Force of Nature Host
    2008 Codename: Asero Grecko "Agent Phoenix/Agent Asero" Abesamis
    2008 Signos: Ang Banta ng Nag-Babagong Klima Host
    2007 Carlo J. Caparas' Kamandag Vergel / Kamandag
    2007 Lupin Andre Lupin de Dios
    2006 Mars Ravelo's Captain Barbell Captain Barbell/Arell/Potenciano "Teng" Magtanggol
    2005 Sugo Miguel / Amante
    2005 - 2008 SOP Himself/Host
    2004 Mulawin Aguiluz
    2004 Kakabakaba Adventures Raffy
    2003 Love to Love: My 1, 2 Love JM Rodriguez/Tomas
    2003 - 2007 Nuts Entertainment Himself (Host)
    2003 Love to Love: Maid for Each Other Ralph
    2002 Habang Kapiling Ka Basilio Malvarosa
    2001 Beh Bote Nga Peter
    2001 Click Enzo
    2001 Ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin Inyigo

    [highlight]Year Title Role Notes[/highlight]

    2011 My Valentine Girls Arvin/Oslec/Zach/Aidan
    2010 In Your Eyes Storm
    2009 Patient X Dr. Lukas Esguerra
    2009 When I Met U Benjie Co-stars KC Concepcion
    2008 For the First Time Seth Alexander Villaraza Co-stars KC Concepcion
    2008 My Monster Mom Waldo Cameo role
    2008 My Best Friend's Girlfriend Evo/ Primitivo Gonzales Co-stars Marian Rivera
    2007 The Promise Daniel Co-stars Angel Locsin
    2006 Mano Po 5: Gua Ai Di Nathaniel Ramirez Co-stars Angel Locsin
    2006 I Will Always Love You Justin Co-stars Angel Locsin
    2005 Mulawin the Movie Aguiluz Co-stars Angel Locsin
    2005 Let the Love Begin Eric Co-stars Angel Locsin
    2005 Pinoy Blonde Cameo appearance
    2004 Sigaw (The Echo) Marvin
    2004 I Will Survive BJ
    2004 Kuya Ted
    2003 Mano Po Two: My Home Erickson Tan
    2002 Bakit Papa? Dong
    1992 Takbo Talon Tili
    1990 Bikining Itim
    1990 Mga Batang Pikutin
    1989 Feel na Feel
    1989 Love Boat
    1988 Juan *****, Super naman, at ang Kambal na Tiyanak
    1988 One Two Bato Three Four Bapor
    1987 Lahing Pikutin

    Source: Wikipedia
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    Click was a teen/youth dramedy show produced and aired in the Philippines from 1999 to 2004 that was platform to the launch of current top young actors. The show filled in the void of the hit Philippine Teen Drama TGIS after Viva Entertainment withdrew co-productions from GMA Network. CLICK (kwento namin. kwento nyo rin) - the most awarded youth oriented show. toprater in its timeslot. home of the successful and hottest actors now.


    “Mulawin” was a action, adventure, romantic fantasy soap opera called a Telefantasya in the Philippines. This fictional fantasy involves 2 different races of humanoids both of which have wings. The “Mulawin” tribe are helping the humans ward off the evil “Ravena” tribe. Also included is a romance between Aguiluz who is a member of the “Mulawin” tribe and is played by actor “Richard Guiterrez” who is in love with Alwina who is ½ Human and ½ “Mulawin” played by the beautiful actress “Angel Locsin”. We find out there is another tribe called the “Perico” but they refuse to have anything to do with the war that is being waged.


    Sugo dwells on the topic of good versus evil. The good side is represented by the karag-ayan tribe and the darker side is binhi-lan. The battle between these forces started during the Spanish era when Apo Abucay (Gardo Versoza), a chieftain who wants to gain powers and use it dominate the world, exhanged his soul to the anito (spirit god) but was killed by Conde Vergonze. After his death, his cursed soul remains. Many years after, now set during the 80's, Karag-ayan Amelia (Lorna Tolentino) and the Binhi-lan Rodolfo (Jestoni Alarcon) fell in-love with each other and resulted to the birth of twin brothers. The two, not knowing that the other existed was raised separately, Miguel (the son of light) is kind, good-hearted and lives a modest life, the other is Amante (the seed of darkness) who was raised with hate and rage but with riches and power.
    Miguel and Amante (both played by Richard Gutierrez), belonging to opposing tribes, also has opposing tasks to fulfill. It is Amante's task to protect the alay, a female offering whose blood will be used to reincarnate Apo Abucay's body, now a mummy hidden in the depths of a mountain, to reign darkness on earth. While Miguel has the duty to slay the alay in order to stop Apo Abucay's possible return.
    The twin's paths crossed when they both fell in love with the same girl, Isabel (Isabel Oli). Not knowing that she is the girl whose blood will be the cause of Apo Abucay's return. This is the start of the conflict between their characters.
    [highlight]CAPTAIN BARBELL[/highlight]

    Captain Barbell begins in the year 2106, a futuristic time when Philippines is the center of world's research in human cloning, genetics and robotics.
    A young boy named Arell, together with his mother Mrs. B, are forced by his father Captain B to ride the time machine to escape from the soldiers of the General.
    The General is the mysterious, rich and powerful owner of Live Corporation, which is the pioneer in the well-advanced human cloning and mutation that created an army of superhuman beings for his evil schemes, which Captain B opposes. Only Captain B can fight the General because of his extraordinary strength using barbanium.
    Unknown to them, the General sends Commander X, the powerful cyborg, to destroy the barbanium with askobar.
    The time machine's destination is 1992. However, upon crash landing, Arell and his mother are separated. Arell is found in a burning wreck by a loving and elderly couple, Lolo Aloy and Lola Melay.
    Lolo Aloy and Lola Melay gives him a new name—Potenciano a.k.a. Teng. The couple became his grandparents, and whose children Sandra and Cesar becomes his foster parents. Teng grows up frail, poor and constantly longing for the love and care of his parents who ignore him. Worse, Teng is maltreated by Clarisse, the daughter of Sandra and Cesar.
    Teng would grow up with an ugly pockmark on one side of his otherwise very handsome face—and painfully aware that he is merely an adopted child with a completely unknown background. Because of these incidents, Teng finds comfort in the company of his friends Kit, Bobby and Lola Melay.
    The paths of Teng and his childhood friend Leah cross once again. This time, Teng realizes that he is in love with this young lady who comes from a rich family. But things turn out difficult for Teng to confess his love for Leah because the young lady has an arrogant boyfriend.
    He also meets and becomes friends with Levi, the son of the richest man in the town named Viel, who is against their friendship. Unknown to Teng, it is Viel who is responsible for the death of Lolo Aloy.
    One night, the group of Jared, Leah’s boyfriend, gangs up on Teng and leaves him beaten in a junkyard. Teng then discovers the powerful barbell. This barbell is the key to Teng’s destiny in becoming the most powerful Pinoy superhero known as Captain Barbell!

    Lupin (Richard Gutierrez) is a veteran thief trained by his father Duroy (Tirso Cruz III) in the art of stealing from a young age. But after meeting his girlfriend Angelie (Abby Cruz), Lupin sought to turn over a new leaf by quitting his job as a thief and then marrying her. Upon learning of this, Duroy, fearing of losing his greatest asset, secretly connived with the Maskardo Gang to ruin his son's dreams by assassinating Angelie during her wedding with Lupin. The plan was eventually consummated, and Duroy then secretly killed the perpetrators to cover his tracks. Duroy's involvement might have forever remained a secret had it not been for his female asset Ashley (Katrina Halili), who managed to get wind of the consummated plot when she chanced upon hearing about it in a secret conversation between Duroy and his right-hand man Perez (Ramon Christopher). Ashley then informed Lupin about this, thus starting Lupin's quest to avenge Angelie's death without ending up behind bars...

    Kamandag is a story about a creature that is half snake and half human. Kamandag begins deep down in a cave called the Ambograw, a place where different sorts of half human and half creature beings called Ambogs live. Its kingdom has six tribes: Hasbaya, snake tribe ruled by Haring Saban (Gardo Versoza); Lobobaya, wolf tribe ruled by Haring Gulag (Zoren Legaspi); Pusbaya, cat tribe ruled by Reyna Kuran (Francine Prieto); Goybaya, monkey tribe ruled by Haring Dinggol (Benjie Paras); Orobaya, bull tribe ruled by Haring Budol (played by the late Johnny Delgado) and Rapaya, a long lost reptile tribe ruled by Reyna Ragona (Sunshine Dizon). Haring Saban, who is the King of the half human and half snake people (Hasbaya Tribe) and his regular human wife Alicia (Eula Valdez) (the regular humans in the Ambograw are supposed to be caught and turned into slaves, although Saban fell in love with Alicia) and they had a baby. Though, the baby was destined to be killed because he looked like a regular human instead of an Ambog. Haring Gulag, Saban's enemy and King of Lobobaya Tribe, invited Saban to a battle between the two for the ruler of all Ambograw but Reyna Kuran, queen of Pusbaya Tribe, interfered and set them on fire. Saban died later. Meanwhile, Ikoy (Rainier Castillo) and his sister brought the baby into the human world for his safety. Domeng (Emilio Garcia) and Elena (Melissa Mendez) found a baby and they named him Vergel (Richard Gutierrez). Vergel later discovers his snake powers and his destiny to be a hero. Vergel names himself Kamandag, the savior of all beings. Haring Budol gives Vergel a mysterious bracelet, which was left by his father Haring Saban, and his bracelet makes Vergel transform into his armor. His mission is to bring down all kinds of evil, like his enemies Gulag, Kuran and especially Talim. Lucero (Mark Anthony Fernandez), Vergel's close friend and later enemy, becomes another half-snake half-human and becomes Kamandag's mortal enemy, who names himself as Talim. Kamandag and Talim fights for their love and glory.
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    [highlight]CODENAME ASERO[/highlight]

    The series focuses on a young man named Grecko Abesamis (Gutierrez) who will do anything to protect his family. But unbeknownst to his family, Grecko lives a double life as the talented Agent Phoenix of The Advocate. It is a secret agency whose mission is to get rid of lawbreakers in the world. The Advocate's number one opponent, on the other hand, is the secret agency called The Empire whose ultimate goal is to destroy The Advocate.
    The story begins when The Advocate sends Agent Phoenix on a mission. During his mission, Grecko meets the lovely Emily San Juan (Evangelista) in Dubai. During this quest, The Empire finds out Grecko's true identity as Agent Phoenix and comes up with a plan to retaliate.
    The Empire kidnaps Grecko's sister and only agrees to release her if he can find and deliver an important software program called Project: Hercules needed by the wicked The Empire agency. Grecko finally agrees and goes on the deadly mission. The mission proved to be lethal to this talented secret agent. He was barely breathing when a Japanese scientist tries to rescue him. Grecko undergoes a delicate procedure, an operation that will cause all of his memory to disappear.
    Now, he is unable to remember his life as Grecko or his life as The Advocate's star agent. The Japanese scientist turned him into a powerful cyborg named Codename: Asero.


    The adventure begins in the city of Angeles where the city is ruled by Governor Luis Aragon (Eddie Gutierrez). Antonio Pelaez (Richard Gutierrez) is one of the residents of the town. Antonio founds out that he has a real mother and he was adopted. Her name is Marcela de la Cruz (Lani Mercado). When he finds out about his real mother, Antonio runs away from his adopted family to live with his real mother. Antonio doesn't know that his adopted cousin, Ramon Pelaez (TJ Trinidad) had become the new captain of the Guardia Civil in Angeles and Ramon is out to find Antonio. Then, Antonio finds out that Governor Luis Aragon wants to get rid of the "Indios". Antonio doesn't want the Indios to be killed by Governor Aragon. Captain Ramon kills Antonio's real mother and he is taken back to his adopted family. Antonio now wants to avenge the deaths of his mother and the Indios. He meets a man from California who guides him in becoming a vigilante; a man named Don Diego de la Vega (Jomari Yllana). He trained Antonio to become "Zorro". Antonio must not reveal to the public that he is Zorro. Antonio falls in love with a lovely girl named Lolita Pulido (Rhian Ramos).
    Can Antonio (Zorro) save all the people from getting killed? Can Antonio keep his secret from the public? Can Antonio keeps his relationship with Lolita alive?
    [highlight]FULL HOUSE[/highlight]

    Jessie is a naive writer who gets swindled out of everything she owns, including her house, by her brother, Donald, and his pregnant girlfriend, Lisette. Stranded in Prague, she manages to borrow money from the famous actor Justin Lazatin to return to the Philippines. On her return, she finds her house was bought by Justin. Then, big news breaks that he will marry someone. Justin has a big problem, so he asks Jessie to fake a marriage. They agree to stay married for 1 year, enough time to repay Justin's loan to Jessie.
    Soon after Justin and Jessie get married, they start to rely on each other. Luigi and Elaine become jealous whenever they see Justin and Jessie getting close. Eventually, they come between the couple, and their secret is revealed to the world and they divorce. Justin and his father reconcile thanks to Jessie, and Justin's family feel that they like Jessie over Elaine.
    Before Justin leaves for L.A., Elaine proposes and Justin accepts to make her feel happy, even though he still loves Jessie. While in L.A. Justin and his dad talk and Justin ends the engagement between him and Elaine and flies back to the Philippines to tell Jessie that he still loves her. Upon his return he finds Jessie is engaged to Luigi, and makes a speech at the awards ceremony about how he really loves her.
    Walking out of the awards ceremony, Jessie ends her engagement with Luigi because she feels that it isn't right to marry someone she doesn't love. Elaine comes and starts to fight with Jessie, then pulls out a gun, but instead of shooting Jessie, she shoots Justin.
    Justin is sent to the hospital for surgery. The police come to the hospital and find and arrest Elaine. Jessie goes to the room Justin is in, and finds out he has 'passed away'. Jessie tells Justin that she still loves him and forgives him.
    While Jessie is talking to Justin, who is actually just pretending to be dead, he scares her and the two reconcile. The next day they go to visit Elaine, who apologizes for what she has done and sets Justin free to Jessie. Justin goes to visit Luigi who is moving to New York to work, and thanks him for taking care of Jessie and loving her when he couldn't, and they both say goodbye and see each other for the last time.
    Back at the house, Jessie and Lisette go to the backyard and see that there are lots of candles lit up. Justin professes his love to Jessie and proposes to her, which she accepts.
    The two get married, while Lisette happily gives birth to a baby boy and soon lived hapily ever after. The series ends where Justin and Jessie are in Prague, for their honeymoon.

    Survivor Philippines: Celebrity Showdown is the third season of the Philippine version of the reality television series Survivor.
    Richard Gutierrez took over hosting duties after the show's previous host, Paolo Bediones, moved to TV5 a few months after the second season ended airing. Unlike the first two seasons, this installment would feature 18 celebrities from different fields of film, TV, sports and pop culture. Teasers of the castaways' identities were partially revealed between July and August 2010 before they were revealed on August 14, 2010.[4][3]
    The show would be the second time that the Philippine franchise would take place in Thailand (after the first season). Also, the edition took place for only 36 days (although some printed teasers put the duration at 40) instead of the usual 39. This would also be the first one in which castaways would live in a single camp before eventually splitting into three tribes. The three tribes, as well as the merged tribe, are named after Burmese mythical creatures: the sea creature Magan, the dragon Nagar, the long-haired ox Sar Mayee (Sarmaree),[5] and the eagle warrior Galone (Garuda's Burmese counterpart). The various Burmese references were attributed to the setting's proximity to Myanmar.
    The show premiered on GMA Network on August 30, 2010. It is syndicated worldwide on GMA Pinoy TV except in North America, due to Castaway Television's contract with CBS that prevents other countries' versions of the series to be aired in that region.
    Aside from the single initial tribe and "tribe leaders" concepts, this season also utilized the concept of Exile Island, known in this case as Isla Misteryo (lit. "Mystery Island"), where a chosen member of each tribe would stay until the following Immunity challenge. While immunity is indeed waiting at Isla Misteryo, obtaining it is a little different. Instead, castaways would search for gold coins to be used as currency to buy certain items at a store there. Those items include creature comforts, reminders of home, and immunity bracelets.
    Also, similar to the US version's Life in Ponderosa, jury activities outside Tribal Council would be covered, as the jury members would stay in a so-called "Jury House." For consistency with other Survivor articles, events in the Jury House are not covered in this article.
    Another first (possibly in the franchise), the final Tribal Council involved a vote for another jury member, which was to be revealed live back in Manila on December 3, 2010, after which the actual final vote for the remaining final three would take place.
    The season was won by Brazilian-Japanese model and TV actor Akihiro Sato, with a vote of 3–2–2.
    [highlight]PUSO NG PASKO ARTISTA CHALLENGE[/highlight]

    “Puso ng Pasko Artista Challenge”, dubbed as the first ever reality Krismaserye on Philippine TV, will premiere on GMA-7 starting December 6, 2010 taking the timeslot of Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown which will air its live grand finale on December 3, 2010.
    According to Showbiz Central last Sunday, “Puso ng Pasko” will be hosted by Drew Arellano, Rhian Ramos, Vicky Morales and Richard Gutierrez. 12 pairs of Kapuso stars will take a special challenge to win over P5 million worth of prizes for charity.
    [highlight]CAPTAIN BARBELL V2[/highlight]

    Teng Magtanggol a.k.a. Captain Barbell moved to Manila from his province to aid people there but how can he help people if he has to deal with daily problems like rent payment, etc. He himself is also carrying the "weight of the world" in his own personal problems. He now has to choose is he going to use his powers for the people's own good or for himself and money?

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    Marvin savors his independence in a newly acquired unit of an old apartment building. He is frequently visited by his girlfriend Pinky. Except for the occasional noise from an apartment unit down the hallway, the place is almost perfect for Marvin. At the end of the hallway is where Anna lives with her young daughter Lara, and Bert, her jealous husband. Bert is a cop, and he has always suspected Anna of two-timing him. His frequent jealous outbursts would always lead to beatings that could be heard throughout the whole floor. Marvin would usually be awakened at night by the sound of screaming and beating from Anna's unit. Marvin complains to the building caretaker, a drunk, who would just tell him to ignore the disturbance from the apartment down the hall. Anna and her daughter would usually ask for help from Jude, who lives in an apartment unit in the middle of the hallway. Jude's apartment becomes a temporary refuge for the little girl Lara. One day, Pinky drops by Marvin's apartment and is shocked to see a woman knocking on his door. Pinky suspects Marvin is seeing another girl, which could explain why he has been acting strange lately. Marvin vehemently denies seeing another woman. It is the strange occurrences in his apartment that is making him act strange lately. Meanwhile, the beatings down the hall intensify.Jude is getting scared because the cruel cop Bert is beginning to suspect that Jude is having an affair with Anna, which isn't true. Marvin gets drawn to the couple's frequent quarrels. He even witnesses Bert chasing Anna and beating her up in the corridor. All that violence affects Marvin. At length, he musters the courage to find out more about the quarreling couple. What he finds out shocks him. Marvin uncovers a secret that will change his life and Pinky's as well. The discovery sets into motion a series of hauntings that follow him and Pinky around. He decides to leave his apartment but the hauntings follow them wherever they go. Marvin finally decides to confront the problem. He returns to the old apartment building to face the evil that dwells in it. What happens next shakes the very core of his beliefs about life, love and the spirit world.
    [highlight]LET THE LOVE BEGIN[/highlight]

    It all begins in high school. Pia (Angel Locsin) is beautiful and wealthy. She’s the campus sweetheart and the girl of every guy’s dream. Eric (Richard Gutierrez) is handsome and intelligent, but poor. He is forced to work as a janitor in Pia’s high school where he admires her from afar.
    Although belonging to the extremes of the social strata, their worlds cross when they share the same seat in class – Pia during the day and Eric at night as part of a scholarship program. Is this a sign that they are destined for each other? Can a humble janitor even dream of being loved by a wealthy, lovely lady?
    [highlight]MULAWIN THE MOVIE[/highlight]

    Aguiluz and Alwina’s plan for a peaceful life as mortals is disrupted when their boat to the realm of man is caught in a violent storm. They wash up on separate shores, a young man and woman living without memories of who they are, and living separate lives. Aguiluz (Richard Gutierrez) is adopted by a humble farmer and Alwina (Angel Locsin) becomes the surrogate daughter of a wealthy family and is engaged to be married.
    But when Ravenum is resurrected by Pirena, his evil army wreaks havoc on Abila, threatening the survival of the entire Mulawin race. Their fate now hinges on the valor of two of its two greatest champions, Aguiluz and Alwina. but will remember who they are before it is too late?

    [highlight]I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU[/highlight]

    Justin (Richard Gutierrez) is a rich, smart, confident mestizo from a private school in Manila while Cecille (Angel Locsin) is a simple scholar from a rural public school. The two fall for each other against the wishes of his parents (Jean Garcia and Lloyd Samartino). They want him to marry Donna (Bianca King), their business partner’s daughter.
    His parents order Justin to study in the States to separate him from Cecille. But Justin finds a way to take her with him to San Francisco without anyone knowing. The young lovers live their dream in America. One day, however, Justin’s mother drops by to visit, bringing Donna with her. Justin hides Cecille with a family friend (Suzette Ranillo). One day, she catches him and Donna in a tight embrace.
    She takes the first plane back to Manila, ignoring Justin’s attempts to explain why he was kissing Donna. Back home, Cecille’s childhood friend Andrew (James Blanco) courts her relentlessly. In a few months, Andrew and Cecille are engaged to be married. And then, Justin flies home to try to win Cecille back.

    [highlight]MANO PO 5: GUA AY DI[/highlight]

    A culinary romance set in Binondo, where Chinese traditions are still very much observed, Mano Po 5: Gua Ay Di is a touching story of how a young Chinese woman fights for the man she loves. She is doomed by strict family traditions to only wed someone of pure Chinese descent. But Charity finds love where she was not supposed to find it... at least according to her cold-hearted mother. Despite being met with resistance by her traditional Chinese family, most especially her mother, Charity continues her relationship with Nathan. Nathan, on the other hand, proves himself and his love to her by making an effort to learn about her background, culture and language resulting into various mishaps, sometimes comical and other times just plain disastrous. Charity finds solace in the kitchen, her cooking interwoven with the story of her ill-fated romance. Will true love prevail in the end? And will she be able to come up with the perfect recipe for love?
    [highlight]THE PROMISE[/highlight]

    The Promise is a timeless love story of two young hearts that blossomed into an undying love.
    It retells the story of Daniel’s and Andrea’s love for each other.
    The plot transforms into a magnificent weave of delightful events leaving the audience with an unexplainable wave of emotion.
    Daniel grows up with Andrea’s family.
    These childhood-friends-turned-lovers vow their undying love despite Jason’s disapproval, Andrea’s brother.
    The story heightens into a thrilling experience when the lovers encounter the De Vera siblings Anton and Monique.
    Will the love of Daniel and Andrea stand the test of time?
    Will they keep the promise of a lasting love?
    Or will they fail in fighting for this promise?

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    [highlight]MY BEST FRIEND'S GIRLFRIEND [/highlight]

    After an awkward yet memorable encounter at a stag party, Evo (Richard Gutierrez) and Grace (Marian Rivera) thought they would never see each other again. Little did they know that Grace is actually the girlfriend of Evo's best friend, Mark ('JC de Vera' ). As the arrogant player that he is, Evo takes advantage of what happened at the party to make Grace agree to his demands. He forces Grace to pretend as his girlfriend to make Akiko (Ehra Madrigal), his ex, jealous. But, they will accidentally fall in love to each other.
    Grace is a dancer who comes out of a huge cake in a stag party attended by Evo, who's surprised when he learns later that Grace is the girlfriend of his best friend. When Evo is dumped by his own girlfriend, he hires Grace to pretend to be his new girl to make Ehra jealous, leading to some unexpected complications.

    [highlight]FOR THE FIRST TIME [/highlight]

    “For the First Time” follows the lives of a couple from two very different worlds. Seth (Richard Gutierrez) is a rich, impulsive playboy who runs away from serious relationships and doesn’t give much thought to the women he goes out with, and Sophia (KC Concepcion), a prude, ambitious girl who feels responsible for the tragedy she once encountered, and with a scar to constantly remind her about this unfortunate experience.
    When the two accidentally meet in Santorini, their differences did not stop them from spending one unforgettable summer together—that is until Seth runs away again, scared of the very unusual feeling that is happening within him.
    Seth soon realizes his mistake and comes back to Manila to try his best to regain Pia's affection. Conflicts in land ownership and businesses of their parents are now parts of a wall that is growing in between them.
    [highlight]WHEN I MET YOU [/highlight]

    Jenny, a mall promodizer, hitches a ride on a seaplane with struggling pilot, Benjie, to attend a wedding in Palawan… Jenny’s boyfriend Albert and Benjie’s fiancée, Tracy, are both friends with the bride and the two thought it would be great for their respective partners, Jenny and Benjie, to join them in Palawan. On the way to the wedding, Benjie and Jenny find themselves not getting along. But when the aircraft crashes into one of the islands in the Palawan area, the two are forced to deal with each other. They become friends and their adventure together ends up in a kiss that is supposed to be innocent and harmless. The kiss however brings magic into their lives they begin seeing each other when they get back to the city. As their friendship deepens with all the romantic trappings, the two are confronted with their growing love for each other.
    Jenny, a naïve girl whose only wish in life is to find and feel real love, realizes that her relationship with Albert, though stable, is only something that Albert enjoys as he takes control of everything… Jenny’s family, specially her mother, shares in Albert’s interest for Jenny to eventually become his wife. Jenny’s mother sees Albert as her daughter’s chance to a better life…Tracy meanwhile spoils Benjie and his father with all the favors and gifts and money support just so she can manipulate Benjie into doing only what she wants, including staying with her. But Benjie knows he no longer loves Tracy.
    Just as Benjie and Jenny acknowledge how they feel for each other, their secret “friendship” blows out in the open forcing Albert and Tracy to join forces and stop the two from seeing each other…But can true love be stopped by any force on earth? For Benjie and Jenny, they now know that love is not about what is right… but is about what’s real.
    [highlight]PATIENT X[/highlight]

    After twenty years, local police captures the murderer of the older brother of a young boy. Now a doctor, he must go back to his old town and face the murderers himself. He then discovers that the murderers are Aswangs (folkloric Filipino vampire-like creatures) and they pose a deadly threat not only to him but also for the entire town.
    [highlight]IN YOUR EYES [/highlight]

    Ciara(Claudine) goes to America as a physical therapist fulfilling a lifelong dream to better provide for her sister’s needs. While back in the Philippines, Julia (Anne) lives a fast life and engages in a whirlwind romance with photographer Storm (Richard)
    Julia decides to follow Ciara to the US while Storm decides he cannot live without Julia and joins her on impulse. As Julia struggles to make a career, Storm starts to lose himself as an illegal alien, thus wanting to return to the Philippines. To help Storm obtain an immigrant status, Julia pleads Ciara to marry Storm for papers. Out of love for Julia, Ciara agrees.
    Amidst the fraudulent marriage, true love blossoms between Storm and Ciara. Caught in the web of love and lies, fate finds its way to bring true love together. But with whom?
    [highlight]MY VALENTINE GIRLS [/highlight]

    My Valentine Girls is about a novelist searching for a girlfriend with his little sister who will have a cupid-like purpose in the movie. The film has three romantic stories: Soulmates, tells of a relationship that started with a vehicular accident. Another story is BBFF, which tells about a lawyer who decides to propose to his best friend but then was set up to another girl. And the last story is Gunaw, an apocalyptic tale about two people left alive after a worldwide disaster.
  • [highlight]:spinstar:DOCUMENTARIES:spinstar:

    [highlight]FULL FORCE NATURE[/highlight]

    This 30-minute program will show dramatic short stories about natural disasters caught on tape and compiled by The Weather Channel. However, to make it different from the original U.S. version, GMA-7's Full Force Nature will take the host to different places in the country where natural or man-made disasters have happened to deliver his spiels on location. It aims to awaken viewers about the devastating impact of natural disasters as told by impressive footage and eyewitness accounts.

    [highlight]Signos: Banta ng nagbabagong klima[/highlight]

    Global warming is the most serious threat the world faces today.
    The warning signs are present , even here in the Philippines . Drought is felt during the rainy season and typhoons strike in the summer months. Sea water level is on the rise and more areas experience flooding . These are only some of the symptoms of a serious and growing global phenomenon: climate change. This environmental crisis puts the lives of millions at risk, hitting the poor countries hardest.
    In response to the call for environmental awareness, GMA Public Affairs presents Signos (Fatal Signs), Philippine television’s first full-length documentary on what is considered the most pressing environmental issue today – the world’s changing climate as a result of decades of unchecked human activity. Following in the tradition of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth", Signos aims to bring the concept closer to home through a nation-wide investigation of the manifestations of climate change.
    Narrated by Greenpeace advocate, Richard Gutierrez.

    Signos: Banta ng Pagbabagong Klima 1 of 7

    [highlight]Baha, bahay at buhay 1[/highlight]

    [highlight]PLANET PHILIPPINES[/highlight]

    Shot in high definition and produced using world-class nature filmmaking techniques, Planet: Philippines is an impressive compilation of moving images showcasing the country's finest treasures. An experienced team of producers, camera crew and researchers spent months studying each terrain to film every nook and cranny of our small yet amazing piece of the planet. Weeks of waiting on wildlife and being battered by the elements deliver what is perhaps one of the most thought-provoking and comprehensive environmental reports to be seen on Philippine television.
    Planet: Philippines.points to the connections between human activities and the state of the environment, and provides practical solutions on how we can help save what is left. It is an important, must-see television event.

    Planet Philippines [1/7]
    [highlight]WILDLIFE FOR SALE [/highlight]

    This year, Richard embarks on a more dangerous journey as he investigates what some experts are calling the third largest illegal business in the world — the wildlife trade.
    he docu also traces how widespread the wildlife trade is across Asia. Documenting the trade from Myanmar, Thailand, China, Indonesia, and other parts of Southeast Asia, Wildlife for Sale is a comprehensive report on the state of wildlife in various parts of the world. The report uncovers what wild animals go through before they become souvenir items, pets in cages and even delicacies on the table.
    Wildlife for Sale also reveals the major root of the trade — the demand for wildlife. Poachers and traders during interviews admitted that engaging in this business is highly lucrative; and because of the demand, the sale of wild animals has become their bread and butter. A trader also narrates how they were able to ship animals from Palawan to Manila without being caught by authorities.

    Wildlife for Sale Teaser
    [highlight]ONE EARTH, ONE JOURNEY ( AN EARTH DAY CONCERT) [/highlight]

    Earth Day will be on the 22nd of April 2010. It’s the 40th Earth Day celebration where people are invited to partake in a celebration for self-awareness about Mother Nature. To celebrate the 40th Earth Day, GMA Network’s one night commemoration "One Earth, One Journey," An Earth Day Concert was hosted by Richard Gutierrez last April 16.

    "One Earth, One Journey" (An Earth Day Concert)
    [highlight]ANATOMY OF A DISASTER [/highlight]

    Knowing that awareness and vigilance are key to survival, the Kapuso Network thought it timely to present these episodes and arm viewers with significant ideas on how to respond to and prepare for future disasters, especially in the local context.

    Anatomy Of A Disaster(KALIKASAN) - Part 1 February 20, 2011
    Anatomy of a Disaster March 21, 2011 Week-long Special Part 1
    Anatomy of a Disaster Ragasa ng Panganib March 22 2011
    Anatomy of a Disaster March 24 2011 week long special part 1
    to see more Episodes of Anatomy of a disaster visit*okay*
  • :spinstar:[highlight]ADVOCACY[/highlight]:spinstar:


    [highlight]SAVE THE CLIMATE, SAVE BORACAY[/highlight]
    [highlight]SIMPLE LANG, PLEDGE FOR THE PLANET[/highlight]

    [highlight]GO GREEN AMBASSADOR[/highlight]
    Richard Gutierrez was present during the Green Water’s (phase 2 of Go Green Philippines project which aims to create marine sanctuaries and preserve coral reefs)

    [highlight]KAPUSO FUN RUN PARA SA KALIKASAN 2011[/highlight]
    Richard Gutierrez @ Kapuso Fun Run para sa kalikasan event

    Ironman 70.3 Triathlon 2011
  • :spinstar:[highlight]TV COMMERCIALS/ENDORSEMENTS[/highlight]:spinstar:



    Head & Shoulders - Angel Locsin and Richard Gutierrez

    Bench Slim Tee "Kung Fu" TVC 30's


    ADVIL Medicine Philippine TV AD


  • i1cf0l.jpg
    [highlight]MAGGI NOODLES[/highlight]

    [highlight]Del Monte Fit 'n Right TVC[/highlight]

    [highlight]Emperador Brandy Philippine TV Ad 2007 [/highlight]


    [highlight]MET THATIONE[/highlight]

    [highlight]UNIQUE TOOTHPASTE[/highlight]


    [highlight]COKE ZERO

    [highlight]Adajar Dental Services[/highlight]
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  • :spinstar:Featured Videos

  • :spinstar:----242yfcy.jpg---:spinstar:
    10/07/2011 | 05:40 PM

    Months before “Oras Na” — an upcoming environmental documentary produced by GMA News and Public Affairs – was pitched to the network’s bosses, it already had the backing of one of the network’s most popular actors: Richard Gutierrez.

    “He was already with us during the brainstorming process. Nakikipagpuyatan siya sa amin,” recalls Anj Atienza, program manager of “Oras Na.” “Richard even participated in the pitch, para lang ma-approve yung topic because he was passionate about it.”

    “Oras Na” will be the fourth environmental documentary hosted by Richard Gutierrez for GMA News and Public Affairs following the success of “Signos” in 2008, “Planet Philippines” in 2009, and “Wildlife For Sale” in 2010 .

    “Parang sanay na rin siya sa ‘public affairs style’ na on-the-go lagi,” said “Oras Na” executive producer Richelle Figueroa about Gutierrez.

    “Alam na niya kung paano mag-handle, for example, ng mga interviews with case studies,” says Figueroa, adding that Gutierrez would often ask for advice from the producers about what types of questions he should ask.

    The producers of “Oras Na” hope that having an influential celebrity on the team will help get the documentary’s message across: that the planet is facing a number of deadlines far more pressing than those we face on a day-to-day basis. Many experts believe that at the current rate of human consumption, some of the most important resources to our survival, such as seafood, freshwater, fossil fuels, and forests, may run out in just a matter of decades.

    “We want to draw attention to the deadlines of nature,” said Atienza. “Everyone has deadlines in their lives, individual pursuits. But there are bigger and more important deadlines for humanity and for the planet ,” she said.

    And what are some of these environmental deadlines?

    Scientific experts expect the world’s forests and fresh water supplies to both disappear by the year 2025, while fossil fuels and seafood stocks may be depleted by the 2030 and 2050.

    Gutierrez and the crew of “Oras Na” travelled around the country to document how these deadlines are already a reality in some places.

    In Tawi-Tawi, a province surrounded by ocean water, residents are already feeling the effects of having to live without stable access to freshwater. In Surigao del Sur, forests that have stood for hundreds of years are being cut down at a devastating pace. In Sarangani, fishermen who once were able to catch tons of wild tuna are now going home empty-handed.

    To more vividly illustrate these realities, the producers used timelapse cinematography techniques, sometimes filming single scenes or shots for hours at a time. “Dito, makikita nila ang effort at time, na dinevote to each story,” said Figueroa, recalling the 14-hour timelapse they did at Navotas Fishport to show viewers the huge volume of fish that are bought and sold at the market. Gutierrez even sampled the life of an average fisherman, spending three hours at sea.

    “After noon, parang na-feel daw niya yung hirap ng (pagiging) mangingisda. Parang mas nabigyan niya ng importance dahil na-experience na niyang (mangisda). Mas papahalagahan na daw niya ang pagkain ng isda,” said Figueroa.

    Atienza says that “Oras Na” will also aim to educate audiences about how to be proactive and have a positive impact on the environment.

    “Sabi nga ni Richard, he wanted to something ‘uplifting’ at the end of it all. He wanted the people to feel empowered, not gloomy and hopeless after watching,” said Atienza.

    “Hopefully after (watching the documentary), everyone would want to make better use of our time for something more positive,” said Atienza.

    “Oras Na” will air this October 30, 2011 at 10:30 P.M. on GMA-7.
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    Welcome sa new house natin Chardies:D.
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