Info on COGIE DOMINGO please!

Please post any interesting info on Cogie that you might have...

You can say that he's my current crush (even though I'm several years older than he is!) He's just so darned cute. :D

Any info on his likes, friends, romantic interests, etc?


  • pranpran what happen?! PExer
    You might want to check out Cool Dudes 24/7, Cogie has a bio there. He'll be also in one of the chat sessions to promote his new movie, Cool Dudes 24/7.
  • charismacharisma Member PExer
    Thanks! Does anyone know any personal info, like stuff you don't really get to read in bios? :)
  • pranpran what happen?! PExer
    Why don't you register and join the forum? He might be in one of the chat sessions and you can get to ask him personally :)
  • YoshiYoshi Member PExer
    Please use this thread instead. Thanks.
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