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girls, nagustuhan nyo ba tomcats?


  • The RockThe Rock Old school smackdown layer PExer
    As a guy, The Rock enjoyed it.:laugh: It's not as great as an American Pie for all-around humor involved, but it had enough to be brainless entertainment for an hour and a half.:lol: The scene with the nut might just be one of the grossest things The Rock has ever seen on screen.:whatthe: The pacing was kinda slow at some points, and although Shannon Elizabeth was drop dead gorgeous here:inluv:, The Rock still felt that she was underutilized. Jake Busey might have found his niche acting wise, as a Seann William Scott-type of character: the idiot who just enjoys sex and being stupid.:roflmao:
  • ZiNGLoNZiNGLoN Follow the Reaper PExer
    hehe ayos Tomcats eheh pero i wanna watch American Pie 2. cant wait hehe
  • dr_bruce_bannerdr_bruce_banner Member PExer
    kyle's ball looks like ferrero chocolate, really gross, rock, did you see the doctor was half biting the ball, reddish veins are popping out?
  • ?nema?nema Road Worthy Man PExer
    I saw this movie.

    I tried poking my eyes out with my finger.

    The poking thing didn't turn out so bad. Wish I could say the same for the movie.
  • myamya Carpe Diem!! PExer
    sobrang tawang-tawa ko dun sa balls...... :D:D
  • ABCABC Member PExer
    Humor is very similar to There's Something About Mary...

    Siyempre yung storyline medyo mababaw, but the gags there were unexpected...really made me I guess it's a pretty good comedy...
  • homeBuddyhomeBuddy Member PExer
    i was really looking forward to see this movie last summer...but, sad to say it was another case of the trailer showing too much...i thought the best gags were spoiled in the trailer (dominatrix librarian/grandma, girl getting run over by golf cart)...some jokes fell flat (M:1-2 spoof, the lunch scene) and some were just plain gross out (the testicle). that testicle scene was more gross than funny, it was too gross to be funny (just like the whole of Freddy Got Fingered)...don't get me wrong, there were some funny scenes (the ending where Jerry O was running to the chapel, the American Beauty spoof, those "3 small words", and the lesbian scenes) but it would've been so much funnier if they didn't spoil the gags in the trailer and if the pacing was done better (it was a little dragging in the start)...

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