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Liking different genres in different stages in life/phases

Have you defined the stages in your life by the kind of music that you liked at the time (e.g. pop as a kid, hip-hop & dance as a teen, punk rock & alternative in late teens, indie and ambient in twenties, classical in thirties, etc.)?

Have you ever "gotten into" a certain kind of sound/genre, to the point of near-obsession where it's all you want to hear, and then a few months later you find that you don't like it as much anymore? (And when someone asks you about it later, you say, "Oh, that was just a phase...")

Does this ever happen to you? Please share your thoughts. :redgrin:


  • yup. absolutely.

    high school - poppish. (glad it's over!)
    college - soundtracks, "college music" -- lisa loeb, duncan sheik, dave matthews, etc.
    post-college - alternative (mostly british and aussies)
    now - anything rock (blues, hard, metal, progressive, classic, etc, except rapcore) also into the local acts (never liked them before)

    it's all about opening one's mind. and "musical maturity" follows.
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