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scorchedscorched Your Typical Shy Guy ✭✭
Hi pexers! naghahanap ako ng pwedeng pagbilhan ng karne (beef, chicken, pork) yung pangbenta din. any suggested suppliers?


  • ciprcsb1ciprcsb1 Member PExer
    Kami po. Ngbebenta *** ng baboy.
  • twillowtwillow Member PExer
    you have piggery? saan po farm nyo?
  • ciprcsb1ciprcsb1 Member PExer
    Yes po piggery in san ildefonso bulacan
  • scorchedscorched Your Typical Shy Guy ✭✭
    ^ @cip - any contact details? taga manila ako, sa qc area. PM me please. thanks?

    any beef and chicken suppliers?
  • iamnazliamiamnazliam Member PExer
    we supply frozen imported meats. just send me a message of your specs and requirements and i give you a quotation. how much volume will you be needing?
  • Ako ay may farm ng baboy at nagbebenta. please text me to get more details po. 09062168150. Meron din kaming kambing, and chicken. I can find you also *** beef. just let me know thank you !
    scorched wrote: »
    Hi pexers! naghahanap ako ng pwedeng pagbilhan ng karne (beef, chicken, pork) yung pangbenta din. any suggested suppliers?
  • pinoy888pinoy888 Member PExer
    ako magbebenta ng dressed chickens..for your future reference po...
  • babyqtybabyqty Member PExer
    Hi. Ako din naghahanap ng suppliers ng mga yan pls email me [email protected] thank you
  • maecey19maecey19 Member PExer
    Hi, paki e-mail din po ako, I'm looking for beef supplier yung fresh po sana I need 300 kilos every week kasi magsusupply po kame sa school canteen. Meron kasi silang 400 scholars na pinapakain kaya need nila every week ng beef. May nagsusupply na doon and gusto ko sanang kunin at kame nalang magsupply kung may mahanap kame na supplier. Ang bigay nila ay 220/kilo so sana mga 180 per kilo ang bigay if possible. Paki e-mail po ako [email protected] salamat po. :)
  • jay7cxjay7cx Member PExer
    ciprcsb1 wrote: »
    Yes po piggery in san ildefonso bulacan

    Tanong lang po. Kayo po ba nagdedeliver ng mga alaga nyong baboy or pumupunta po sa inyo yung sinu-supplyan nyo? Salamat!
  • ciprcsb1ciprcsb1 Member PExer
    madalas pumupunta sa amin. Ano Oo na business nyo?
  • We are looking for Fresh Dressed Chicken and Pork Belly or Pork Liempo Supplier

    For Fresh Dressed Chicken with Neck kailangan po namin ng 300-650 kilos at ang sizes ay .85 to 1 kilo (kasama sa timbang ang neck/leeg). Ang price range po ng hinahanap namin sa supplier ay 80-85 Php per kilo.

    For Fresh Pork Belly or Pork Liempo ang kailangan po namin ay 100-200 kilos at trimmed in half kilos or per kilo. Ang price range po na hinahanap namin sa supplier ay 160-170 Php per kilo.

    Nasa Bulacan Area po kami. Kailangan po namin ng Honest and Reliable Supplier.

    Kung interesado po kayo na maging supplier namin, paki-email niyo lamang po ako sa [email protected] or i-message niyo lamang ako dito.

    Maraming salamat po!
  • jlibaojlibao Member PExer

    I'm John who plans to invest for my own meat shop here in QC. I am looking for a long term meat supplier partner who can ensure to deliver meat supplies on time and offers a reasonable price for their product.

    You may send me your product list and price, company profile, quotation, or anything I need to know about your company or office.

    This is ASAP and i intend to have it established before Christmas.

    My email add: [email protected]
    Contact number: 09152870344
    Best time to call: Anytime


  • cirdan22cirdan22 Member PExer

    I'm looking for fresh beef supplier. Kindly email pricelist at [email protected]. Thanks!
  • Good day!

    Euroblade Trading would like to offer you a deal of supplying branded Equipments, Spare Parts as well as Consumables for your machines and elegant Display Chiller’s and freezer to your company’s outlets. We hope to continue the partnership, as we believe it will benefit both our company’s success in terms of growth and development.

    We hope your busy schedule does not deter our continued negotiation on this deal. Together, our company caters to the same target market, to get the customer’s satisfaction, and with our partnership, we can serve our customers better. We are grateful to give details on how the deal becomes an advantage for both of us. If in any case, we have not answered your queries; please feel free to be in touch with us at anytime that is convenient to you. We welcome and appreciate any suggestion and comments for any improvements that need to undertake on our proposal.
  • genaroriggenarorig Kaka
    JPIDKRI Meat Dealer

    we sell the following imported frozen meat:

    a. chicken leg quarter (koch and marjack brand)
    b. pork jowls (pattel, cooperl, hilkman, debra, bernard brand)
    c. pork belly strif or liempo (danish crown, cooperl brand)
    d. pork cheek meat (smithfield brand)
    e. pork tongue root (danish crown, tulip, vdb brand)
    f. pork softbone (smithfield brand)
    g. pork liver (various brand)
    h. pork headmask (various brand)
    i. beef
    j. mdm (deboned meat)

    ALL our products are NMIS certified.

    some of our client are NAPPCO, Darlington, and Magnolia canteen.

    we deliver right to your doorstep.

    prices may vary depending on the quantity of your order.

    please email us @ [email protected] for your prices query or look for Roger, (0922) 2966713 for faster info.

    thank you.
  • Tess50Tess50 Member PExer
    hello po, we supply imported frozen meat . . .just let me know know what kind of meat or which part would you prefer to order, secondly how much volume you and how often you like the delivery. I can assure you that our meat is in good quality. We have been in this business for quite a long time and i haven't got any complaint from my client. we can talk as your convenience. thank you so much
  • Tess50Tess50 Member PExer
    maybe you would like to try our imported meat product . . they are very safe po .wala po akong complain sa aking mga client. if possible we can meet and chat anytime your free. e mail me or call me 0922 4595447 ...thanks so much
  • Tess50Tess50 Member PExer
    hello sir,

    i would like to offer you our imported meat product , they are very safe and very tasty too. we have been in this business for quite a long time and we haven't receive any complaint from our faithful client. if you wish we could take and see where this leads us. E mail me or call me at your most convenient time [email protected] or cp 09224595447. Thank you and have a great day..
  • Hello po everyone! We have po sa farm a Naturally raised HOGS, that are raised in a humane way, never given antibiotics or added hormones, and fed a pure vegetarian diets and fermented organic feeds. ARD farm is raising pigs the old fashioned way,on a well ventilated ceiling/pig pen and in deeply bedded pen. They grow happy and healthy even without the use of antibiotics, hormones or drugs. Few Insights of how we raised our hogs. For interested clients po, kindly email us @ [email protected] or call 09256041683. Thank you and godbless us all. .

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