JACK and JILL!!!

cococolacococola t-h-e #1 girl PExer
wat can you say about jack and jill! dali kahit na ano lang! about the cast or whatever!!


  • EXUP BROEXUP BRO Disco King! PExer
    You know, for a cancelled TV show that nobody watched, this show sure has a lot of topics dedicated to it here at pex.
    Why is that?
  • malandita_9malandita_9 Member PExer
    i really like the show! it's real! for the first time Jamie Pressley isn't playing some slut...i think Jack is a lunatic sometimes and tries to be goofy too much...but i guess it works!

    i can relate to her situation kasi yung boyfriend ko rin medyo bum! hehe and i have a regular job...but at least he loves her diba? naks!

    i am in love with the med student guy! i think he is such a hottie!
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    Check out this thread instead. Thanks.
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