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ROTC... Is there a compromise?

I'm not for taking any side... but... despite all the brickbats people are throwing at the ROTC program, I don';t think its all that bad. Is it the system or the people running it which make for all this controversy? Please,.. I need/want practical views... not rhetorics.


  • Q boneQ bone Operator 7G PExer
    I guess its the people. I went thru ROTC and it wasn't that bad for me. I noticed it was mostly the staff at the office who seemed crooked. I only found out after I finished that some of my friends paid their way out of the program. As to the officers (ie the commandant) well the one we had kinda frowned on the guys who didn't take up the program. Most of the senior officers I met were kinda torqued of when they found out about those guys who bribed their way out of it.
  • AdrothAdroth The ADROTH Project PExer
    The ROTC bills currently pending in congress offer lots of areas of compromise. Some of these bills (obtained direct from the offices of the senators) can be seen on the following URL:

    Currently posted are official copies of bills from Senator Raul Roco, Sen. Ramon Magsaysay, and Rep. Sulpicio Roco, as well as an unofficial synopsis of Senator Loren Legarda's bill.

    The following bills will be added soon:

    Senate Bill 255 - Optional ROTC Act of 2001 (Sergio Osmena)
    Senate Bill 41 - Citizen's Police Training and Community Service Act (Juan Flavier)
    Senate Bill 60 - Optional Military Training Act (Juan Flavier)

    I hope you take the time to visit the site and sign the guestbook
  • brownpaubrownpau Member PExer
    Check this thread also for a prior discussion on the same topic.

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