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Top 5 Teams for this coming 2011-2012 Season

ecj9779ecj9779 Member PExer
1. Alaska Aces - this team has something to prove
2. Petron Blaze Boosters - Arwind Santos is still the man!
3. Barako Bull - the team is back with a vengeance. Same goal as Willie Miller. Watch out for Danny Seigle!
4. BMeg Derby Ace - JYap+KRaymundo+JDeVance+TCone = Potential Champion Team
5. Powerade - now a very exciting team with JV and Marcio. This two can be considered an instant weapon for the team.


  • Goddess0609Goddess0609 The Deity of your Fantasies PExer
    pwede una sa list ang Petron since they won the latest season... :)
  • friendz07friendz07 Never Say Die! PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    1. TNT - mabigat padin sila with the addition of Japeth.
    2. BMEG - dina kelangan i explain.
    3. BGK - team chemistry ang magpapa angat sa kanila. yung rookie lang naman nadagdag.
    4. PETRON - kulang sa bigman.
    5. ROS - complete team pero suspect yung chemistry and role ng bawat players.
  • Jess24Jess24 1225 PEx Expert 🎖️
    ecj9779 wrote: »
    1. Alaska Aces - this team has something to prove
    2. Petron Blaze Boosters - Arwind Santos is still the man!
    3. Barako Bull - the team is back with a vengeance. Same goal as Willie Miller. Watch out for Danny Seigle!
    4. BMeg Derby Ace - JYap+KRaymundo+JDeVance+TCone = Potential Champion Team
    5. Powerade - now a very exciting team with JV and Marcio. This two can be considered an instant weapon for the team.

    Barako Bull and Powerade over TNT? :lol:
  • `dRunk`dRunk Dark Sayad PExer
    1. TNT - same dominant team from last season, dagdag niyo pa si japeth
    2. BMEG - TIM CONE + strong lineup, watch out!
    3. PETRON - Lutz, Sharma and DH are superb upgrades/additions
    4. BGK - always a dangerous team.
    5. ALASKA - No more tim cone, but i still think joel banal will run the same effective system for this team.
  • I have my TOP 5 teams who would contend for the title in no particular order.

    TNT - of course... and they have JAPETH as well na.
    PETRON - despite lacking big man, I know they can contend for the AFC title with the addition of Sharma, DH and Lutz
    B-MEG - Cone + James Yap + Kerby and of course, the triangle offense...
    ALASKA - Alaska is still a force to reckon with and Joel Banal has the right pieces in his arsenal, LA, Cyrus and Sonny.
    GINEBRA - the team is still intact. MC47 would definitely lead the way... :)

    Rain or Shine would surprise everybody though... :bop: :bop: :bop:
  • bluecorner13bluecorner13 Nakakapagpabagabag PExer
    1. BMEG
    2. TNT
    3. ROS
    4. Petron
    5. BGK
  • ajohn06ajohn06 Naruto Freak PExer
    1. TNT
    2. Petron
    3. BMEG
    4. Alaska
    5. Powerade :D trip ko lang hahah
  • LoofeeLoofee Joe Cortez = Cheato Salud PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    TALK N' TEXT- no doubt, they are the defending champions and they ought to be called title favorites with the addition of Aguilar and Pamboy Raymundo. They have the tallest team now and has added muscle in their backcourt. We have seen flashes of brilliance from Japeth and he forms a formidable triple tower combination with Kelly and Ranidel. What makes them more fearsome, these are agile bigmen who can run the court and back. Wag lang mausog dahil ngayon pa lang nagyayabang na ang kowts nila ;D. Nevertheless they can be the first team to repeat as PhilCup champions since Great Taste did it in '85.

    STRENGTH = Combination of Great System and Incredible Talent; Height and Speed...league's deepest team.
    WEAKNESS = NO GLARING LOOPHOLES. Lack of an inside operator. Bigmen are more comfortable facing the basket rather than posting up. Possible injuries to stars due to physical TnT basketball. Dagdag na rin ang hubris ng coach nila.


    I call these 4 teams the PRETENDERS since they have advantages over other teams and yet they can't be termed as favorites along with TnT due to some considerations. They are LEGIT CONTENDERS but not in the same level as the Tropang Texters.

    ALASKA- A lot of Aces fans were down when the news came out that Tim Cone has left the team. Yeah, it is upsetting but there is still a reason to smile since they got the perfect man to replace him. In fact IMHO, the better man. Tim Cone is the conservative type who lives and dies with his system. Now we've got Joel Banal who is both the system and non-system coach. Back in TnT, he showed this kind of approach works, winning a title for the team and advancing the semifinals stage in all but one conference.(unfortunately TnT mgmt didn't appreciate it) This team has all the ingredients to contend. They've got promising rookies from the draft. Baracael will reprise Hugnatan's role as the enforcer while Salamat and Pasculado might just fit in as Tenorio's chief relievers. For them to really contend, the veterans should step up and be consistent. Alaska bench wasn't really a factor back in Tim Cone's days but will Banal on the helm, expect him to utilize them to the last man.

    STRENGTH = A great system with a talented core of players. A coach who knows how to adjust...
    WEAKNESS = Lack of focal point in offense; Backcourt strength remains to be seen

    BMEG- One of the teams that had MAJOR, MAJOR pick-up in the offseason. They've got a playmaker who might just be the next Johnny A while retaining much of its core. JDv will have the chance to fully mesh with his teammates and a platoon of players coming out of sickbay. But the biggest acquisition came from the sidelines as they got Tim Cone to lead them to respectability. It cant be ignored that BMEG had a rather disappointing 2010-11 season. Everybody expects them to contend especially when JDv came along. Injuries were part of the reason. But more than that, players just cant seem to get along with the system of former coach Jorge Gallent. With all pieces in place, I expect BMEG to give everybody a tough fight. This team has a great upside - with a formidable frontline and a talented backcourt...they will go places maybe not now but in the near future. (besides, Tim Cone had to wait 3-4 yrs before he reaped the fruit of his labors when he first started with Alaska)

    STRENGTH - A line-up that can rival TnT, an accomplished coach who will command the respect of his players; we might just see the renaissance of BMEG's "Sampayan Brigade" and tenacious defense.
    WEAKNESS - Cap Alvin said it best...BMEG has always been in the bottom 3 teams in terms of assists as they are comfortable is setting up iso-plays for J.Yap, Simon, Raymundo and Devance in contrast to Alaska which has been a consistent assist leader. Simply-put...trying to put on a new system will always have its birth pains.

    PETRON- After the monumental upset victory, its undeniable that Petron has the momentum to go all the way this time in the All Filipino. Arwind Santos will again be the pillar of strength for the Boosters. He showed that he can win without J-Wash by his side and did it in utter dominance. With a new found penchant for stifling, physical defense and the valuable acquisition of notable multidimensional players in Hontiveros and Lutz...Petron will be in the thick of the fight. Coach Ato's plans for the team is slowly taking shape - a running, defense-oriented squad. What remains to be seen is how they will adjust to other teams bulking up and when Washington returns, if he can co-exist with the revitalized Santos.

    STRENGTH - One of the most talented 1st 5 in the league, DEFENSE, ENERGY, HUSTLE (3 words you can't seem to find in previous all star SMB teams)
    WEAKNESS - A shallow frontline and a suspect bench...possible chemistry disruption with the impending return of J-wash

    BRGY.GINEBRA - Even without a title to show last season, I firmly believe Barangay had the best showing among the SMC teams. Aside from TnT, Ginebra is the only team that advanced the semis in all 3 conferences. If not for one team handpicking its opponent, the Kings would've entered the Finals twice and possibly duplicate what its sister team Petron has done - SLAMMING THE GRANDSLAM. Its mind-boggling to think how they did it with the manpower problems they had all season. Despite having a complete line-up this time around, they will still have difficulty competing with the taller teams (what's new) It didn't help that Hatfield has shelved his return plans for good. And yet I install them as genuine threats to the Texters throne...bigmen stepping up BIGTIME and Caguioa having another stellar season might just do the trick. Got a lot of respect for Siot-Jong tandem (add Art to the mix, and the 3 Stoogies are back)

    STRENGTH - Best wingmen in the biz, tried and tested system, the dreaded 6th MAN (pls. don't buy tickets if you won't watch)
    WEAKNESS - Kelangan pa ba imemorize yan,,,just 1 dominant bigman and opposing coaches will have a lot of sleepless nights every postseason.


    RAIN OR SHINE - The Elastopainters were in the verge of becoming legit contenders last season...and then KABOOM!...Yeng replaced Caloy Garcia and Mercado, arguably the Painters best player moved to Meralco. RoS showed ill effects of Mercado's absence. The squad started strong in the last 2 conferences but faltered in the long run. Norwood and Buenafe tried to replace what's been missing but to no avail. RoS misses Mercado's swagger and end game brilliance. Like a manna from heaven, Air21's pick which was traded to RoS became a lottery pick - win or lose, they can net a player who can finally plug the hole left by the "Sol Train". And they did just that, they got Paul Lee, the best amateur player outside Gilas and whose game best resembles Mercado and another Guiao invention of a not-so-distant past, Willie Miller. If Paul Lee plays true to his hype...we might just see another edition of Redbull 2001.

    STRENGTH - Great system of equal opportunity, a deep crop of underrated but effective players
    WEAKNESS - Lack of leadership especially in crunch time (Alpha Rookie to the rescue), offensive and defensive inconsistencies, if there is anything like it Yeng Guiao's curse in All Filipino conferences (the longest tenured coach with no All Pinoy ring)

    MERALCO - Ryan Gregorio is meticulously building a copy of that Purefoods team he led to the promised land 2 seasons ago. Although that TJ Giants team still has the more formidable and balanced line-up, this current roster of Meralco will give it a run for its money. He has 2 of the top gunners in league with Mac Cadona and Sol Mercado supported by athletic wingmen and bruising bigmen who won't hesitate to bang bodies inside. The addition of former Stags, Jason Ballesteros, Gilbert Bulawan and Mark Macapagal to the team further boosts its muscle inside as well as its outside sniping (a stat which Meralco performed dead last, last season) Defense-wise, I think the Bolts will have few problems but they have a tendency to falter offensively especially with everyone trying to score by themselves without much benefit from a system. But who knows, Purefoods did it twice with Gregorio...maybe just maybe Meralco can reprise that role.

    STRENGTH - one of the most imposing frontlines in the league, capable scorers inside-out, DEFENSE-DEFENSE-DEFENSE
    WEAKNESS - like all Ryan Gregorio squad, no offensive system at all. Iso-play is like a double-edged sword.


  • ecj9779ecj9779 Member PExer
    Jess24 wrote: »
    Barako Bull and Powerade over TNT? :lol:

    Hmmm.. TNT will be good at 6th to 8th place this season. To be beaten by an undermanned team like Petron spells the difference. Japeth will be strong player but he will take away important minutes from other TNT players..however, if we can have Jason Castro play healthy, they will be a force to reckon with.
  • TTLTTL train hard, fight easy. PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    1. Tnt
    2. Petron
    3. Bmeg
    4. Alaska
    5. Ros
  • Max_BuwayaMax_Buwaya Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    any team not named powerade, barako bull, meralco
  • humblekrishumblekris Member PExer
    1. Alaska
    2. B-MEG
    3. TNT
    4. Petron
    5. BGK
  • bluecorner13bluecorner13 Nakakapagpabagabag PExer
    Max_Buwaya wrote: »
    any team not named powerade, barako bull, meralco

  • Ahura MazdaAhura Mazda Member PEx Expert 🎖️
    1. Petron
    2. WNT este TNT
    3. BMEG
    4. Alaska
    5. RoS
  • juxtapositionjuxtaposition i know right! PExer
  • Ranking the teams (minus the health/injury factor).

    Top 1 TNT (with Japeth) they are more complete than ever. And they will not be puzzled with many adjustments since the core is intact.

    Jason & Japeth (is very much like the 2nd coming of Jimmy-Asi tandem); I think it is even a better version (in terms of versatility & quickness).

    Top 2 BMEG they are the most complete team (since last seasons). Height & Might on the Forward/Center position they have it; it had been more improved with the addition of Devance (last season). Last season though they were hounded by injuries and I believe Kerby Raymundo is still the real "X-factor" of the team (even James Yap is the consistent "main man").

    I could easily rank this team as #1 before TNT but I think the 1st half of the conference will be an adjusting period for the players & their new head coach.

    TOP 3 Petron Jwash+Rabeh+Arwind and an ever reliable veteran like Danny I. and the return of Hontiveros stability on #2 position was already resolved (ito naman talaga kulang sa Petron last season though Sunday is good). Yung pagkawala ni Lordy at Joseph hindi naman gaanong kalaking factor 'yun (Joseph seldom got his game going and thus he seldom got decent playing time; viceversa).

    I use to doubt Arwind and Alex ability to Champ their team but after they slammed the Grandslam hope of TNT last season now I can believe that PBB is on the right track. At mas lumakas sila with Chris Lutz (reminds me of Danny S.)

    TOP 4 Alaska (to tight to call vs Ginebra). They have very decent acquisitions during the draft day. Wala na si Coach Tim pero yung sistema buo pa din. Coach Joel is very capable of leading a team to a championship. Walang gaanong pagbabago sa lineup, intact pa din ang core and I don't think the morale of the team is at low (it is actually at the opposite).

    Pero kung man-for-man (best five & bench-depth) ang sukatan ng lineup mas malakas pa din ang 3 naunang teams (TNT, BMEG & PBB). Their bench is definitely young and inexperience but I believe it become more versatile & athletic.

    TOP 5 Ginebra siguro ang angat lang ng Alaska ay yung mas matangkad & malakas ang front-line ng Alaska though BGK's front-line are more wise/experienced.

    Back-court & Wing position I guess mas may konting-konting edge lang ang Ginebra.

    Wala rin ganong balasahan sa lineup; walang masyadong adjustments. They will be head coach by Coach Siot (who I always believed cater them with most winnings).

    TOP 6 ROS they can snatch the position of any of the above teams. Since Caloy Garcia occupied the HC-position and they have Norwood in the team it all been good. Halos pareho lang naman stilo ni Coach Yeng & Caloy kaya ganun pa rin ang ROS; they remain competitive and they have the very promising (and the most foreseen ROY) Paul Lee.

    I bet he will provide the steadiness on the back-court at mas magkakaroon pa ng offensive threat/option ang ROS.

    TOP 7 Meralco Mas mataas sana ang Meralco vs ROS but I think ROS have more cohesiveness.

    TOP 8 Barako Bull minus Dondon plus Willie; I think it had been a slightly better team.

    TOP 9 Powerade they are still lacking of strong composition on Forward & Center positions. Though they took a two-steps forward with Casio and Lassiter but I still think they need a better coach.

    TOP 10 Shopinas the team is too young they will be fazed with lots of adjustments and unfamiliarity to the new system and chemistry will be an issue. Plus the lack of a "go-to-guy" will also be a problem.

    Maaring iba ang resulta ng analysis (o hula man) sa pagtatapos ng All-Fil Cup sa madaming rason/factor... at sana nga.
  • NashiNashi Member PExer
    1. TNT
    2. BMeg
    3. Petron
    4. RoS
    5. Meralco
  • jazzperjazzper In Your Mind PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    1. TNT-Familiarity and chemistry plus enough manpower in every position.

    2. BGK-Intact lineup, familiarity plus chemistry plus a comebacking temperamental coach that fits the team to boast their morale during the game. Not that really a small lineup with Yancy, Menk, Evill, Mamaril are all healthy.

    3. Petron-Great addition during offseason just to cover up the absence of Jwash. Complete in every position and will carry over their high morale coming from the championship last conference.

    4. B-Meg-Powerhouse lineup in every position with the addition of great coach that can lead the team.

    5. Alaska-The most disciplined team in the league plus great addition of player coming from the draft with a new coach to lead aiming for a goal.
  • khalel610khalel610 PBA All Filipino Champion PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
  • choipschoips Proud Father PExer
    Bmeg - bias mode muna pero alam ko malakas ang lineup
    TnT - sa pinakita ni ranidel at alapag sa fiba plus japeth wOw
    Petron - may injury yet maganda pa rin ang lineup nandyan si lutz yari
    Ginebra - darkhorse talaga
    Powerade - sinama ko dahil bagong addition casio + lassiter mga scorer

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