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Callcenter career?? avoid this one.

Infinity_support formerly called helpcentric located at antel global bldg. ortigas center is possibly the worst callcenter ever here in the philippines. i've worked there before and yet until "now:p" i still can read different complaints about the company. check this thread:


As i've mentioned before its possibly one of the worst OR maybe the best in scams BPO here in the philippines.

Why?? heres why:

1. VERY LOW SALARY( compared to other BPO company salary here is way way low with lots of scams):lol:

2. JOB OFFER (misleading or confusing and they deliberately intend to confuse people to give them a false idea):lol:

ex: 30sick vacation leave(not true)

3. Training facilities & Facilities (very poor: infront of you is pentium3
computers used by trainees and also same in the production floor. Plus headsets used by the agents are way too cheap(for 1ear only):bop:

4. If the management dont like you?? well goodbye. Its not really a big time callcenter. with poor management and staffs and yet the owner acts like bigtime.(i myself resigned. But i know others who where fired) ahem!! MR.pocholo:hr head.:bop:

5. TRAINING ALLOWANCE: (ahhhh this ones good) you expect after the training finally!!!! youll get to received your anticipated TRAINING ALLOWANCE but months have passed still none.

My batchmates who completed the training but didnt passed didnt get paid. So think twice guys.

6. SUPPOSEDLY YOU PASSED: your daily rate as trainee before was 250/350 it will remain the same even after 2 to 3 months in actual work:bop:

7. SSS/PHILHEALTH/PAG-IBIG CONTRIBUTIONS: sadly they dont update the employees contributions.:bop:

8. BACKPAY: (aaaahhh finally after so much hardwork you get to leave the company and start a new life)hehehehe...you really think so?

Youll only get tired calling in their HR to followup your backpay. Its either their HR head or the owner is in the meeting or its still in process.

For those who are fresh graduates or planning to start a callcenter career. Better avoid this inifinity support and tell your friends to avoid wasting their life and time in this company. You still want to go? go ahead but first check the link on top for you to see how many people have complaints in this company.
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