Who is into biking/Cycling here?


  • Pentatonic88Pentatonic88 Mysterious Guy PEx Rookie ⭐
    Mountain bike. Bike commuter from any point of the Manila.
    I love Biking because of the freedom it gives me.
    No rules and restriction. Walang huli. Enjoy biking
  • where can I find good bikes?
  • etuckrametuckram Member PExer
    Can I buy a good bike less than 10k?



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  • Ian2381Ian2381 Member PExer
    etuckram wrote: »
    Can I buy a good bike less than 10k?

    I'm also interested. Anyone?
  • Pentatonic88Pentatonic88 Mysterious Guy PEx Rookie ⭐
    Quiapo/ Quezon Boulevard. Hilera ng mga bikes dun from low-end to high-cost.
  • racegirlracegirl Member PExer
    meron new bike store sa burgos circle fort, nakita ko after ng fun run ko.. looked at the net for their facebook page and found this
  • kan2tenkan2ten Member PExer
    etuckram wrote: »
    Can I buy a good bike less than 10k?

    Makakabili ka.. P2000 lang bagsakan talaga galing sa Japan..
  • kan2ten wrote: »
    Makakabili ka.. P2000 lang bagsakan talaga galing sa Japan..

    ganito yung bike ko hehe:)
  • criticalmisscriticalmiss Member PExer
    Go to Primo Cycles in Fort Taguig. They have high end bicycles. Road bike or mountain bikes, they have it.

    You can check their facebook page for more info.
  • racegirlracegirl Member PExer
    wow, saw kuya kims bike sa facebook ng primo cycles
  • racegirlracegirl Member PExer
    advice lang:

    if you want to obtain the optimal cycling power output while ensuring a comfortable, injury-free ride. try retul technology(available in Primo cycles)it gives bike fitters objective, accurate and immediate bike fit measurements
  • cutetophecutetophe Member PExer
    heard about that retul, accurate measurement talaga siya... heard that sa states, saan dito sa Phl meron?
  • racegirlracegirl Member PExer
    meron na po tayo dito sa Philippines, sa Primo cycles sa burgos circle fort. check mo info ni primo cycels sa
  • gUy^gUy^ MagKaKaHoY PExer
    san kayo nag bike? tagal na ako hindi naka bike ulit. 3months na! namiss ko na mag biking...
  • racegirlracegirl Member PExer
    sir sa BGC area, sometimes me and some of my friends meet up kami sa may burgos circle sa may primo cycles.. isa sa friend ko kasi nakatira sa area dun eh
  • zyngamargazyngamarga Member PExer
    dati I got a bike, I use to ride it daily during sem break... ngayon I seldom use it na, busy na lagi
  • racegirlracegirl Member PExer

    Pinarello Advisory about FAKE "Pinarello" products.
  • ny152ny152 Member PExer
    sad to here that there are a lot of fake items around the world. need to think of a unique item and hard to imitate to survive in the business world
  • gUy^gUy^ MagKaKaHoY PExer
    buy kayo dapat sa store talga. huwag yung sa tabi tabi kase sigurado madami fake and kaya mura.. kaya minsan sa konting halaga doon pa tayo napepeke.
  • anima9anima9 I ignore idiots :) PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Guys, I want to invest a lump sum for a bicycle. It's for my father; a Christmas gift.

    He weighs 190 lbs and is not really in good shape (he's 53). I bought a treadmill but he says he prefers to run outside. He never does, though. He retired early due to a back problem and is now in charge of house maintenance.

    When he's done with household chores, though, it would be too hot for him to run and I fear he might suffer a stroke if he even attempts to walk outside on a bright, 10-am sunny morning.

    So I opted to buy him a bike. He wouldn't exactly exert the same effort as he told me he would if he would run. And he'll surely prefer travelling in two wheels to buy something trivial than to actually use the car.

    I wanted to hear from actual bicycle users and not just salesman from BMX. It'll mostly be for leisure and not for extreme biking. You know, a typical morning stroll or evening rounds.

    What bike would you recommend me? What specs should I be looking for? Where could I find such a bike?

    How about the price? I need something durable but not too expensive.

    Thank you for reading up to this point. Have a nice day!

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