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Try this cool MMORPG Rappelz PH

Discovering Rappelz Fierce Summoning Action!

Rappelz (RZ) is a unique, free-to-play MMORPG that is based on MIGHT and PRIDE. Its trademarks are the unique tactical pet taming and training system, high-end character customization, and exciting three-fold quests. Enter the vicious world of Rappelz by choosing between the three supreme races- Gaia, Asura, and Deva. Rappelz is fantasy-inspired MMORPG that has a huge community, covering the growing population of SEA players. And so, this is a call for aspiring new players, face your fears because you’re not alone!

In line with this, Rappelz is celebrating its 1st Year Anniversary in the competitive world of Gaming Industry! We are inviting you to come and join the highly-anticipated celebration this September 10, 2011 from 10AM onwards, to be held at StarMall Edsa-Shaw Trade Hall Centre, Pasig City.

For new players, this is the right time to take your game to the next level… Charge up and get yourselves boosted because Rappelz is currently on x3 MODIFIED EXP!

We DARE YOU to try it and LIVE the power of GAME!

For interested players, you may visit this LINK http://www.rappelz.eaglegame.com.ph/flux/default.aspx?site=6 for more details.
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