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phuket or bali

Hi There! I'm thinking of going on a vacation some time next year. And I'm thinking of going to either Phuket or Bali. I know both are world-class resorts and I want to make sure I get my hard-earned money's worth. So If anyone out there has ever been to either place, I would appreciate some helpful tips, and observations please. Like where to stay cheap or which place has more interesting stuff to do, etc. Please let me know what you think about the place so I can make an enlightened descision. Pareho lang ba sila? Which is better, cheaper, more tourist-friendly. Do they speak English? Masaya ba ang shopping doon? Anong meron ang isa na wala ang isa. I've read some stuff on either place but so far I'd like to hear it personally from those who have actually set foot on the island and not some copywriter paid to do a job. Thanks so much in advance for all your help!


  • BALI for me please! It's cheaper if you go there when it's not peak season (dec-jan) (june-aug)... well that's the dates i know of anyway coz a lot of tourists from jakarta spend christmas and their summer vacation in bali.

    Oh yea and if ever you go during spring break sometime say march/april you could meet alot of high schoolers coz Jakarta International School has this tradition for seniors and of course people who want's to relax for a week.

    Bali is pretty much tourist friendly, it wouldn't hurt to learn a few Bahasa Indonesia you just put together all the words (Barok Style ;) ) Careful with the store owners tho, if they know you're a tourist they'll charge you senseless. Balinese people are friendly and they do talk English but if you're unlucky they would hardly understand you.. body language is the key..hehe!

    Try booking yourself to KUTA that's the main area to go to ~ beach, shops, hotels, clubs anything you name it. Hotels aren't much of a problem coz practically every corner has one and of course if you're nearer to the beach the higher price you pay. The last time I went there about a year ago, a five star hotel charged us US$50 a night ...now that's cheap! Try Bintang hotel it's hella nice!

    If you want to explore more of Balinese culture, my advice to you is to just join a tour (there's lots of them) OR hire a cab that'll take you to places BUT it's kinda risky though, you never know ~but me and my aunt tried it out once but swore never to do it again! soooo RISKY!tsk tsk Stupidity and being naive got into us :bonkself:

    Do check out their furniture, paintings, wood carvings and silver! ~ I also noticed in furniture shops in pinas (in the malls) they sell mostly Indonesian furnitures and it's rather expensive if you convert them. Anyway, all I wanted to say is... buy stuff coz it's really cheap! :laugh:

    If you're the surfer kind of dude...here's your haven! Anything and everything and the tide's great!

    I noticed this is long so I hope I helped in some way or another :sunnysmile:

    Have a blast in Bali if ever you choose to go there... I did! :D

    ~~~ oh yea.. I'm biased....haven't been to Phuket :rotfl:
    but I heard kRaZy stuff like the moon festival ....
  • definitely BALI. been to both phuket and bali. For my money, BALI.
  • Bali! And try to go during the off-season so you can save a little bit more.
    Phuket is far more commercialized, and it offers less cultural insight unlike Bali.
  • The resort we went to in Phuket left me wanting to go back there. Hay.
  • http://www.balitravelforum.com

    Some basic information:
    1. Don't expect to see a beach similar to Boracay. It's not. Bali's sand is volcanic. That's why it's gray and the water is not clear!
    2. Taxi is safe. Just take the blue taxis. No price fixing for this kind of taxi. Only metered rate.
    3. You'd be surprised that there are some Tagalog/Fil. dialect words which are quite close to Bahasa Indonesia.
    e.g. Buka (open)
    kanan (right)
    Most people can speak English there. It's heavily commercialized, so you don't have to worry about not speaking Bahasa Indonesia.
    4. Know how to bargain when you shop. Begin with 80%-90% off the price ('coz there are so many ripoffs there.) If they don't concede to your price, leave them!
    5. Go to Jimbaran Bay. Good seafood. But be careful. Make sure you watch them while they cook your food. They ask you first what you want to eat. Then they weigh the seafood (you pay per gram). If you don't monitor them, they might just take away some of the seafood which were weighed right before you and you still pay for the same expensive amount. Tricky.
    6. In my experience, the best Indonesian food can be tried at Ubud (cultural and mountainous part of Bali). Though it makes me wonder why "western" tourists rave about the rice fields. :lol: Nothing spectacular really. In fact it I felt like I was in Cainta, Rizal. :lol:
  • Originally posted by aNGeLiCioUs
    It's cheaper if you go there when it's not peak season (dec-jan) (june-aug)...
    i read my post in here again.. sorry i made a booboo i meant...Dec-Jan/June-Aug are the peak seasons so alot of people will be there. :)
  • mga how much kaya ang damage from manila to bali and how many days ang sulit?
  • Phuket, of course because I've never been to Bali. But I heard Bali is cheaper. Now if you'll go to Phuket check on the Diamond Hotel. I'ts not a beachfront hotel but it's cheap. You're only 5 mins away from Club Meditterean if you'll take a ride. Club Med facility is exclusive for members only but you can go to the beach. And the best in the island, I think. Go to Patpong beach, too. You can find nice shops and restaurants there. Have you heard of Pattaya beach located just outside Bangkok? Then if you did then I may say that Patpong is a little like Pattaya, only a little tamer. Let me explain if you can't get what I mean. In Patpong, there's a lot of bars and very young Thai girls on the lookout always for tourists who are willing to pay for sex. Anyway, just be careful (AIDS is a scary disease). Now, if you decide to go to Phuket, don't forget to visit Koh Phi-phi. It's a very beautiful island. The beach reminded me of our own Boracay. You can ask the hotel your staying to arrange for you to go there but if you go downtown Phuket and make the arrangements for yourself (a lot of travel agencies there) then it would be a lot cheaper. It's nice to go there these months (July and August). I think it's not the peak season but still the weather is nice (not raining, unlike here in the Phils.). Okay I hope my tips did help you to decide where to go though I wasn't able to give you the exact details. And one more thing, Thais are nice and honest people. Very friendly, too.
  • I was just in Bali last month and all I can say is that you will love/hate it depending on what you are looking for. And also what you do while you are there. (If you want to surf though, Bali is a great place to paddle out if you dont mind the crowded line-ups)

    KUTA/LEGIAN- crowded, non-stop tourists and partying. so-so beaches, lots of shopping, bars and hotels.
    NUSA DUA- for watersports mostly. good for a half-day tour to go snorkeling, glass-bottom boating and maybe some scuba if you dont have time to go to the really great dive spots.
    UBUD - a must see if you want some culture on your trip. really quaint village with lots of arts and crafts. (but if your tour guide offers to take you to Mount Batur, decline it. its a lot like Taal in Tagaytay. Same goes for the rice terraces)
    ULU WATU- my favorite part of my trip was going up to Ulu Watu... there's a temple there with the most amazing sunset view! and on your way to the temple you pass by surf sites like Padang Padang.

    *generally, Bali can be worth the money if you plan ahead of time and know what you want to do.
    * ingat lang sa vendors nila... there's "pushy" and then there's "Bali pushy" ... the most aggressive bunch I've ever encountered!

    If you need more info check out: http://bali.skynet.be/index.htm#report << one of the best non-commercial sites on Bali I've come across.
  • hey guys,

    do you have an idea how much a 4-day trip to bali would cost?

  • i'm thinking whether to go to bali or phuket for my honeymoon on feb. we want a place where we could relax but at the same time, a place where there is shopping. i think phuket is cheaper compared to bali. which island has better hotels?
  • hi lyles & viton,
    you mean may patpong din sa phuket? madami bang "too-toot" (thai slang
    for transvestite) dun? grabe mga transvestite na yan sa unang tingin akala
    mo talaga female. tipong more that meets the eye :lol:
    i'll go to phuket by march, most thais are very hospitable as far as my bkk
    experience is concerned. the thing that will not make me go to bali at soonest is the bombing incidents but thailand is generally a safer place. You can leave your cellfone in a public place & they won't get it 6110i yun. when thais don't understand english they try to look for other thais who can speak to you.
    in shopping just say :
    1.tao rai - how much?
    you say "peng" (expensive). just divide the price by 3 or 4 then that's the real price.
    thais look like a typical pinoy then you can out smart them. but the smart thais will tell you the price in thai so huli ka na.

    oh, i miss thailand. :D
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