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Conspiracy(Illuminati,Secret Societies,etc) totoo ba??

Hi I am Nuthugger. :grrr: Discuss...

Kung sino man ang nakakaalam sa mga ito maaring macomment o mashare o magdiscuss.

Sabi nga nila: " The only thing you can do is be ignorant about it or just be aware ":bop:


  • George Bush was a member of the skulls and bones. Bill Gates is a Freemason and majority of the leaders in the world. The dollar bill is owned by the Masons.
  • "The fact of reality is the fallacy of mankind"
  • Not again. Blog promo? :glee:
  • Majority of our LEaders too are freemasons. Go to luneta and be amaze. Cleopatras needles or should we call it Obelisk is in on the back of rizal. Look at ancient civilizations sa mga pyramids eh meron obelisk, sa paris, sa new york, sa vatican (obelisk sa gitna) they are ancient "ELITE" families na nagcocontrol ng mundo.

    The obelisk, is too obvious to a trained eye but indeed, the ignorants will just.... be ignorant about it.
  • Even in the media, you'll see their logo.
  • Hahaha. Yes, Bowen i can call it a blog promo. I have a past blog before but i destroyed it. I usually discuss everything especially but i want to talk about conspiracy sa mga Pinoy. My past blog eh, madami ako nakakausap na mga taga ibang bansa. I believe that "DEATH is the abundance of life", Kaya I killed that blog, to start anew and discuss with Pinoys.

    Then I discovered this site, na madaming naglulurk na matatalino compared to other forums. I posted my blog kung sino man ang interested but, again hindi naman kasi aco makakadiscuss fully dito.

    Anyways thanks for chipping in a few comments sana "we will find more on this rabbit hole".
  • Yes, yes especially ABS-CBN. I think they are one of the elitist here. Ever since edsa one. The "ELITIST" na ang humawak sa Pinas. Sabagay kahit noon pa naman nung panahon ni EMILIO aguinaldo.

    Masons are revolutionist. And they admit it on books na sila ang nagpasimula ng lahat ng wars.
  • Jose Rizal and Emilio Aguinaldo is a mason. The Philippine flag is designed with masonic symbols.

    "Time and again it has been asserted that masonry played an important role in the design of the Philippine flag and that some of its symbols were meant to memorialize the Craft. These assertions are essentially plausible, for the man principally responsible for its design — President Emilio Aguinaldo — was a zealous masonic partisan. In one of his speeches delivered after the Revolution, Aguinaldo said; "The successful Revolution of 1896 was masonically inspired, masonically led, and masonically executed."

    This country belongs to the Masons.
  • mason sina henry sy, lucio tan, john gokongwei!

    pati na rin yung mayari ng san miguel corp at jollibee corp!

    puro kayo mason,
    wala na bang pwedeng maghalo ng semento at maghakot ng buhangin!:rotflmao::rotflmao:
  • eto pa,
    mason din sina fg arroyo at cong iggy arroyo, saka sina ampatuan! :rotflmao:

    nagmimiting sila lagi sa likod ng buwan!:D
  • The NINE UNKNOWN MEN is what mostly fascinates me.

    "Among conspiracy theorists the Nine Unknown is often cited as one of the oldest and most powerful secret societies in the world. Unusually for the conspiracy subculture, the image of the group is largely though not entirely benign. Theosophists also believe the Nine to be a real organization that is working for the good of the world.”

    There are a lot of secrets that can possibly be connected to this society.
    First, they are thought to be as the oldest among all the secret societies, and that the other societies like the Illuminati, Skulls and Bones are merely subbranches of this group.
    Second, this group originated in India, a country which is so rich in mysteries, like the Vimanas, their powerful gods who did battle using powerful weapons (nuclear bomb), and the supposedly sinking of Atlantis as a result of this war.
    Third, the monks of Tibet are said to hold the key to the secret inner earth paradise Shambala.

    " According to occult lore, the Nine Unknown Men are a two millennia-old secret society founded by the Indian Emperor Asoka 273 BC. The legend of The Nine Unknown Men goes back to the time of the Emperor Asoka, who was the grandson of Chandragupta. Ambitious like his ancestor whose achievements he was anxious to complete, he conquered the region of Kalinga which lay between what is now Calcutta and Madras. The Kalingans resisted and lost 100,000 men in the battle. At the sight of this massacre Asoka was overcome and resolved to follow the path of non-violence.

    He converted to Buddhism after the massacre, the Emperor founded the society of the Nine to preserve and develop knowledge that would be dangerous to humanity if it fell into the wrong hands. It is said that the Emperor Asoka once aware of the horrors of war, wished to forbid men ever to put their intelligence to evil uses. During his reign natural science, past and present, was vowed to secrecy. Henceforward, and for the next 2,000 years, all researches, ranging from the structure of matter to the techniques employed in collective psychology, were to be hidden behind the mystical mask of a people commonly believed to be exclusively concerned with ecstasy and supernatural phenomena. Asoka founded the most powerful secret society on earth: that of the Nine Unknown Men.

    Each of the Nine is supposedly responsible for guarding and improving a single book. These books each deal with a different branch of potentially hazardous knowledge. Traditionally, the books are said to cover the following subjects:

    1. Propaganda and Psychological warfare.
    2. Physiology, including instructions on how to perform the "touch of death." One account has Judo being a product of material leaked from this book.
    3. Microbiology, and, according to more recent speculation, Biotechnology. In some versions of the myth, the waters of the Ganges are purified with special microbes designed by the Nine and released into the river at a secret base in the Himalayas.
    4. Alchemy, including the transmutation of metals. In India, there is a persistent rumor that during times of drought or other natural disasters temples and religious organizations receive large quantities of gold from an unknown source.
    5. Communication, including intercourse with extraterrestrials.
    6. Gravitation. Book 6 is said to contain the instructions necessary to build a Vimana, sometimes referred to as the "ancient UFOs of India."
    7. Cosmology
    8. Light
    9. Sociology, including rules concerning the evolution of societies and how to predict their downfall.
  • Thanks guys for chipping in. I am right, people here are definitely intelligencia. Pareng Bowen, all of my thoughts between the Pinoys and the Masons are here on the link ( ) Sorry for posting. But I dont want to write long articles in here. Because somehow I know that what will I write here will be "elementary" for you guys.

    I am fascinated with this country(Philippines). Every Pinoy rants about the government about how it is corrupt or they feel that they are "slaves of the ELITE". In fact, that is a reality, as long as you play how the society behaves it will be "game over" for you. Just like the bald boy, in the movie Matrix said "there is no spoon". It is only "YOU" that bends.

    The arroyos, the aquinos, the ampatuans, they are "ELITE". There are no "right" and "left". They are both right and left. This country ends in EDSA ONE. And it is steered by the ELITE since then. Now it is ready. In the future(maybe) I predict this country will be one of the target for "lifekill" in the near future maybe months or years or days.
  • To happy dude, kahit tumawa ka pa ng tumawa you had no choice. It is to be ignorant or to be aware. Its you choice to be a fool.
  • Interesting blog, well researched.

    They control the world's economy, in fact, they control everything. The media, the papers, religion, all of it.

    It's a huge and powerful cult.
  • Yes, as in all of it. Soon they will control the air you breathe( carbon tax law ). have you ever heard( sir bowen ) Silent weapons for quiet wars?...
  • Ouroboros
    Ouroboros Soul Divider
    ^I read your blog. Yep, true in all accounts. Glad I'm not alone thinking the same thing towards our fellow countrymen.

    Let's obliterate the elitists this country has! Who's with me?

    (A joke but half-meant...:))
  • Ouroboros,

    Dude, Rebolusyun againts the NEW WORLD ORDER?? You cant fight the NWO. You simply cant. Its like being RIZAL all over again(died as a puppet). Rizal pretty much intelligencia, but one thing he did is stupid "dying". Deep inside rizal, he can feel he is a b*tch and all he can do is write it. Pero ano ang tutuong nangyari nung World WAR I and WORLD WAR II?? They all said, that Society is just or the world is as violent like hell. But thats pure rabbit feces. Do you know whats the real purpose of war?? Thats another story... ^_^
  • Officially Pinas now joined the new world order. Sorry for the blog post. I cant write tons in here.
  • Someone posted on my blog bashing me. Hahaha!! Im happy someone posted and kicking me on the nuts.
  • fortherecord
    fortherecord You Are A Tourist
    nuthugger wrote: »
    Majority of our LEaders too are freemasons. Go to luneta and be amaze. Cleopatras needles or should we call it Obelisk is in on the back of rizal. Look at ancient civilizations sa mga pyramids eh meron obelisk, sa paris, sa new york, sa vatican (obelisk sa gitna) they are ancient "ELITE" families na nagcocontrol ng mundo.

    The obelisk, is too obvious to a trained eye but indeed, the ignorants will just.... be ignorant about it.

    I notice that dome-obelisk structures serve as centers of some important cities, e.g. Washington and Vatican (some say these are phallus and womb symbolisms):

    Washington DC:

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