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Cold cream

Does anybody else use cold cream? I've been using it since I was 16 (22 now). My mom swears by it and my friends always comment that she doesn't look 49, haha. She always attributes it to cold cream.

We both use Pond's and recently napansin ko parang wala na sila sa stores? I usually buy it weekly or every 2 weeks habang naggrocery ako pero the past few weeks parang wala na :S Chineck ko ngayong araw na ito lang sa Shopwise Sucat, SM Sucat (dept store and the 2 Watsons), Robinson's in BF, even in Mercury Drug, walang stock lahat. Ninenerbyos na ako kasi I'm down to my last jar, yun pa naman ginagamit ko every night to remove makeup, hehe. May iba pa ba na brands na may cold cream?


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