do you think JUNMAR FAJARDO will be a dominant big man in the PBA?

dugongasodugongaso Banned by Admin PExer
what do you think guys?


  • barubal08barubal08 Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Depende sa ilalaro nya sa ABL.
  • yoying00yoying00 BGK PEx Rookie ⭐
    Hindi hehe wala lang...

    pero kapag napunta to sa ALA baka pwde pa marunong ALA maghasa ng BIGMAN e..
  • RamboMapuaRamboMapua Rambo name,war is the game! PExer
    baka maging ej feihl or eman in the making si junmar hahaha
  • retrieverretriever Member PExer
    No... Wala pa syang napatunayan aginst atleast B or A class typle of players and teams. Ganyan din dati ang hype na nangyari kay Eman.
  • joeneljoenel Member PExer
    hahaha i dont think so!!!!

    another EJ FEIHL in the making!!
  • Derrick_RoseDerrick_Rose Konoha's White Fang PExer
    Tingnan natin sa laro niya sa ABL. After his ABL stint eh kailangan pa niya na maglaro sa PBA D-League para makumpleto yung recquirements niya.
  • Jess24Jess24 1225 PEx Expert ⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Fajardo needs to to get a taste of playing against the real big boys. Look at Slaughter, even though he's slow and still not polished, at least he was able to play against PBA teams and foreign squads with his Gilas stint.
  • KG21KG21 Twolves 4ever PExer
    With his height and skills now, malamang naman gagaling pa ito lalo na kapag naglaro na sa PBA! Basta mapunta lang siya sa right team, aasenso ang game nito!
  • aseroasero Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    no.. thoss type of player at best
  • lovejoneslovejones living the martini life PEx Expert ⭐⭐⭐⭐
    i am confident he will dominate in the pba
  • MID3NNMID3NN Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    Pwede Naman May Galaw Ang Bata.
  • dugongasodugongaso Banned by Admin PExer
    double post
  • dugongasodugongaso Banned by Admin PExer
    dugongaso wrote: »
    funny that people compared him to efeihl and eman and thoss? are you kidding me?:lol: did you watch the kid play? the kid has foot work and knows what his doing, he can move and smarter than those guys,im just hoping he will be playing for a team that have a good coach that will utilize him.
  • swaggerboxswaggerbox Member PExer
    Fajardo bashers havent seen him play. I've seen him play more than 20 times in Cebu and I tell you this guy is oozing with talent. He will dominate the PBA for sure. Layo ng game ni Feihl at Eman, or even Thoss. What sets him aside from these players is his no-fear attitude. Hindi takot makipagbanggaan.
  • carshowcarshow The Generator PExer
    ^Wow, good for Phil basketball. Hopefully he can be trained and included in our national team.
  • jay hamiltonjay hamilton Member PExer
    im not a hater here,,, just my two cents,,

    magiging dominante si fajardo sa pba,, my skills *** bata,, with right team and right system,, magbloblossom to,,,

    unlike slaughter, the second coming of Ej Feihl, Raw pa talent niya talagang malaki lang*okay**okay**okay*
  • gaLjgaLj Fair And Guiling Copesmate PExer
    i am confident he will dominate in the pba

    As of present, I think not.

    He's turning 22 and a bit late in development and of the lack of exposure to high quality competition adds up to it. I certainly agree the kids has the moves and great potential but if they failed to develop that further -- he'll end-up being another unfulfilled bigman in the local scene.
  • Beast07Beast07 Member PExer
    another Sam Eman - full of potenitial.. hanggang potential lang
  • liberated101liberated101 UnLoved PExer
    turning 22 bata pa yan. hindi naman siya yun tipong ngayon lang maguumpisa maglalaro ng basketball para kailanganin pa ng mahabang development. develop na yung offensive game niya, maganda yung midrange shot niya at maganda footwork niya, he can create his own shot. for a 6'9 player mabilis siya, hindi siya slow like marlou and feihl. dominating player na siya sa mga ligang nilaruan niya, he dominate slaughter (he posted the better statline than slaughter). hindi naging ganyan ka dominanteng player si eman kahit sa maliit na liga na nilaruan niya. si jason ballesteros nga 26 years old na, hindi pa develop yung offensive game. fajardo is turning 22 pa lang, develop na yung opensa niya, maturity sa game na lang need niya since bata pa siya.

    maganda yung magiging exposure niya sa ABL, hindi pipitsugin na liga yan. malalaki mga imports jan.
  • mighty_angasmighty_angas Member PExer
    better version of Marlou Aquino i guess...

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