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Wanted: Ambitious, business-minded Web Programmer-*****-graphic artist


Kamusta na?

I had this conversation with a French national a long, long time ago. We had this discussion about why so many people perceive the French as a bit arrogant. He reasoned that no matter where you go, the market is flooded with a lot of French products/brands. He then asked me what Filipino brands are known globally. I couldn't think of anything except for San Miguel, which he said he knew came from the Philippines. Still, not many people know that San Miguel is a product of the Philippines. Some of them think that it's from either Spain or Mexico. (I forgot to tell him that Monique Lhuillier and Celestina are Filipino brands.)

Even though I know there are a lot of us working in multinational companies abroad, the fact that we work for a foreign company still does not put us - Filipinos and our work on the spotlight. Our creativity and productivity are not labeled as Filipino but marketed as the foreign company that we represent.

Now, I have this grand delusion of regaining the status of the Philippines as "second to Japan in Asia" and "the second fastest growing economy in Asia". I have this crazy ambition of putting the Philippines in a respectable position on the world map, particularly the business/IT map of the world. I'm sick and tired of hearing negative things about the Philippines.

I can still remember what my grandmother told me: she said that during her time, she worked for a company in the Philippines that manufactured phones, but Imelda Marcos decided to close it down in favor of Siemens. Had Imelda not done it, we could have already been manufacturing phones that could rival Nokia at this time.

I have this business concept in mind (a web 2.0 concept). We are already living in the information age where the saying "information is power" could never be more true. It just takes one simple idea to change the world, and that idea doesn't have to be a good one. Furthermore, a program/application on the web can reach millions of people in just a few minutes, and it's not that expensive to set up provided that one knows how to do it.

However, I have no background nor technical knowledge on IT/web design/programming right now. I only have this business concept. I'm looking for someone who's extremely knowledgeable in IT programming - one who can make web graphics and applications on Facebook and iPhone.

I have approached a lot of Filipinos, but since everyone is preoccupied with making sure that they can provide for themselves and their families, they are not open to the idea of joining me in this business venture pro bono (initially). Some are too busy working and cannot really provide me with enough assistance on this project.

I'm willing to shoulder the expenses of paying for the business registration, web hosting, etc., but I cannot provide a regular monthly or professional fee to anyone. Instead, what I can guarantee is a share of the company.

Do you think you can help me find a business partner who is as ambitious, as delusional, and as patriotic as I am?

Recently, on my search for an IT professional who can be my industrial partner, I encountered a post by an American expat in the Philippines. He bewailed about the absence of an innovative homegrown software industry here and pondered over the idea of whether the Filipino IT had the chops to compete in a global level.

From what I understood from his post, he seemed to be looking for someone who's creative and entrepreneurial enough to introduce or contribute something significant to the IT industry. Based on my current experience, it's like finding a needle in a haystack, which I'm still doing at the moment.

Based on the replies I've got which included cover letters, CV's, and personal portfolios of Filipino IT's/programmers/graphic designers and a face-to-face interview with some of them, it seems to me that there is a sizable pool of really good IT professionals in the Philippines. However, these IT professionals DO NOT have an entrepreneurial spirit or desire. I can say the same about my friends and ex-colleagues whom I have approached. Unfortunately for me, they are simply interested in achieving a short-term goal - an immediate remuneration for their effort or display of their expertise. In short, no one is willing to take a bold risk on investing their expertise on a long-term goal, which may or may not pay off. Most are preoccupied on meeting ends meet, which to me is TOTALLY UNDERSTANDABLE. However, some are self-absorbed on just becoming an employee ABROAD - in Singapore or the US - OR working for a REALLY BIG IT COMPANY like Apple, which I find REALLY DISTURBING.

Most Filipino IT professionals who replied to a call I posted on a different forum were simply satisfied on getting a stable job with a regular modest income that would allow them and/or their family to live a comfortable life. When I introduced a short part (5%) of my business concept to a programmer, she simply scoffed at my idea insinuating that I was totally crazy for even thinking of going against (IT) INDUSTRY GIANTS. One even suggested to help me ONLY when my "concept" becomes a hit, but until then, he will not even bother at all.

So based on all these, I guess it's safe to say that a majority of Filipinos, not just those into IT's, don't have the guts to explore their creativity, invent something, and be their own boss. Most are just keen on working as employees for BIG COMPANIES. To me, even if those BIG COMPANIES make their employees feel that they are instrumental to their growth and success, their employees are still employees. The employee's work and his/her ingenuity shown at work are still owned by the BIG COMPANY. Sadly, many Filipinos are happy to remain as such, rather than be an avant-garde on their chosen field or expertise.

It's always easy to use poverty as a reason, but I've lived and worked in China before coming to Singapore, and I've encountered a lot of Chinese who started poor (even poorer than an average Filipino) but who are now business owners just because they refused to work as employees.

I'm ethnically 100% Filipino, and I am still optimistic that Filipinos could excel and stand proud amongst the world's most influential and important people - in my lifetime."



  • oo Ikaw!! pakibasa naman
    Please Help naman Newbie po ako **...actually nagpunta ako sa forum nato kc madaming nagviviews ...

    ----kailangn ko po kc malinawan nacoconfuse kc ako...
    mas shishift kc ako ng course gusto ko mag Buisness administration pero anung magandang Imajor?? (Entrepreneurship) kc ang napipisil kong kunin..ehh maganda ba yun? anu bang best kunin kung mag B BA ako...
    please reply naman pipz..hihintayin ko kc as soon as possible i wowork ko na *** requirements ko..basta kailangn ko *** magdecide kung anu talaga..

    salamt po..kinakabahan kc akong magkamali nanaman for the 2nd time so dapat makasure na ko
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