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Can Smart Gilas or our National Basketball Team make it to the Olympics in 2012?

step22step22 just curious PExer
Can Smart Gilas or our National Basketball Team make it to the Olympics in 2012?

It's almost four decades ago when we last made it. Can we make it now?

There is only 1 sure slot available for an asian team.
The winner of the upcomming FIBA Asia Championship.

Chances are slim to win it. But we need to finish 2nd or 3rd to qualify for the Olympic Qualifying Tournament next year in which we will compete against 13 international teams for the final 3 slots available.

What do you think guys? Can we make it? *okay*


  • try_0try_0 Member ✭✭
    Nope. not yet. . .
  • TitanOneTitanOne '[titan]ONE Big Fight' PExer
    It's not a walk in the park.. But yes there's always that chance..

    Keep the faith! *okay*
  • ObjectionObjection Too much winning PExer
    Sana lang- cant wait to see our countrymen play against star-studded TEAM USA

    BTW aling bansa ba mga kalaban
  • BeerhandBopBeerhandBop I Am WHIP ✭✭✭
    parang hindi. world basketball champs- pwede pa.
  • dphxdphx broken and wounded ✭✭
    No. Perhaps the next Olympics.
  • aray namanaray naman Member PExer
    not yet....
  • swimbod21swimbod21 St. Moritz PExer
    never, unless we get taller like the koreans.
  • jmdarcegajmdarcega Member PExer
    It's time to seek greener pastures....dun sa sport na hindi crucial ang height...gaya ng boxing, futbol, baseball, track and field, sagwanan..hayyy.
  • Verbl KintVerbl Kint The Usual Suspect PExer
    Kaya naman nating umabot sa Olympics. Kung walang sagabal sa PBA, we could have had a really strong team.

    Think about it, Gilas players were plucked mostly out of college a few years ago and look at them now.

    Imagine if we get the best PBA players and stick them together for 3 years, plus Douthit, and we'd be winning against the likes of Korea and Jordan easily.
  • king_lek12king_lek12 ':..pExEr..:' PExer
    Smart Gilas program, making it to the olympics or not should be continued. 2-3 years pa lang naman to and too early to tell or even judge them base lang sa current Jones Cup tournament. Each year, the team is improving and like with many other sports program, it takes years para makita ang resulta. *okay*

    Just keep on supporting & believing in our national team!
  • royalflashesroyalflashes Member PExer
    kung makaka produce tayo ng DRose CP3 or Westbrook PGs pwede. Pero ngayon negatib yan.
  • colberiercolberier Member PExer
    They need to keep playing as a team, look for younger players and the older guys let them retire from the team. That being said, maybe no Olympics this 2012, but hopefully the next one. But who knows?! Let's keep cheering for our team!!;)
  • Rocker09Rocker09 Lakers and mclaren fan Next Gen. Tennis Star
    At most, I see gilas getting 3rd place in the FIBA asia championship(at worst, 8th place)...

    I just don't see them beating Iran or china yet...

    I consider their jones cup performance a success...Getting 3rd in a tournament where the best team in asia is playing is a pretty good feat IMO...
    2016 Olympics for SG and FIFA World Cup 2018 for Azkals. *okay*
  • eisukuneisukun Member PExer
    hanapin ang mga kapatid ni dennis rodman!!!
  • waffy18waffy18 Member PExer
    hmmmm . . . di pa ngayon . . . matagal pa
  • MeFan_YouJaneMeFan_YouJane WhoYou? ✭✭✭
    2012 Olympics, honestly malabo, pero I'll root for the team kahit 5% lang ang odds. World Cup, pwede pa. I guess in the short term, our chances of qualifying in the WC of basketball is higher than in football (no offense to the football supporters here). In the long term, who knows?
  • Alpha_GreenAlpha_Green raise ur bloody standards ✭✭✭
    To make it to the Olympics, Smart Gilas needs to be the champs in the coming FIBA Asia Championships in Wuhan China. Isa lang kasi slot ang kukunin for Asia.

    Gamitan natin ng calculation sa probability and statistics:

    Ok, lets say nakapasok tayo sa final eight (quarterfinals) wherein knock out system siya na winner vs winner hanggang matira yung champion. Lets say we need to get past Iran, Lebanon and China to be the champs.

    So, judging from the performance of Gilas in the Jones Cup against Iran, I'd say we have a 35% chance of beating them. Since Lebanon is almost as powerful sa Iran, I am giving Gilas the same probability of beating Lebanon, which is 35%. I'll be generous and say our chances of beating China is 25%.

    So, as we have learned in statistics, to get the probability of all of the three outcomes happening, you just need to multiply their percentages.

    Computation = (.35)(.35)(.25) = 3.0625%

    Therefore Smart Gilas has a 3.0625% chance of being the champs and making it to the Olympics.

    with assumption that SG makes it to the final eight.
  • Alpha_GreenAlpha_Green raise ur bloody standards ✭✭✭
    t_SKY wrote: »
    2016 Olympics for SG and FIFA World Cup 2018 for Azkals. *okay*

    Naku, mas walang pag-asa ang Azkals makapasok sa World Cup.

    Zero percent chance. ITLOG!
  • Rocker09Rocker09 Lakers and mclaren fan Next Gen. Tennis Star
    How many slots will be given to asia for the world championships?

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