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ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExTalk 225: ABS-CBN - The UNKABOGABLE Superpower in Philippine TV!

:cheers: Happy 225th Thread Kapamilyas! :cheers:

Post away as we reach another milestone!


As for the titles, the CLOSE SHOTS (not in a particular order or rank) were:

* ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEx Talk 225: ABS-CBN - Best shows, Check! Unkabogable, Check! Number One, Check na Check! - suggested by nerd herd :handsdown:
* ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEx Talk 225: ABS-CBN - Philippine TV's Past, Present, and Future. :vale:
* ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXtalk 225: Home of The Filipino Community, WORLDWIDE! - suggested by xayezi *okay*

I'll save your suggested titles sa Microsoft Word para ma-send ko sa person na gagawa ng thread next.


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