Daily intake of Aspirin, good for the health??

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ask ko lang po kung pede po bang gawing 'vitamin' or everyday uminom ng aspirin daily? If yes, until how much dosage po kaya ang safe?

I heard kasi na nakakatulong daw sa flow ng blood ang aspirin and pampatanggal sa sakit ng ulo. Madalas kasing sumasakit ang ulo ko after/ habang nag-aaral ako especially sa may batok.


  • commercialcommercial Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    BTW, i'm only 21 yrs old pa lang po
  • smilewarriorsmilewarrior Moderator PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ^ Are you overweight? Does anyone in your family have high blood pressure? Please have your blood pressure taken.

    I'm a dentist, my knowledge of medicine is extremely limited. Please wait for the reply of our volunteer doctors.
  • Papichulo169Papichulo169 Member PExer
    A decade ago, doctors and the medical community were raving about the simple aspirin intake for the prevention or heart attacks. Now, doctors seem to be emphatically against it kasi daw it will put you in danger of internal bleeding.
  • K_r_a_mK_r_a_m nerd PExer
    commercial: It is not advisable to take Aspirin as a daily "vitamin" pill, unless you have indications for taking it, such as an infarcted stroke, heart disease or severe plaques on the neck vessels. Aspirin really does help in "thinning" the blood to make it more free-flowing to prevent clots, and it was also used previously as a pain reliever. The character of your headache can have different causes and it is most likely that of the tension type with cervicogenic component, and Aspirin is not the right medicine for that. You can take over-the-counter pain relievers for the pain and if the headache/nape pain persists, it would be wise to seek a physician.
  • JazonEstiJazonEsti Business Guru PExer
    omega-3 is good for normalizing blood flow as well as reduce some types of headaches, as i have cause to know. i take omega-3.
  • mittleschmerzmittleschmerz Be my main line PExer
    Long-term aspirin use may predispose you to eventual bleeding. Though aspirin, aside from being a blood thinner, is also considered a pain reliever. Taking it as a "vitamin" is a no no unless indicated to you by your doctor. Kindly consult a physician to help you decide on what medicine will be suitable to your headache.
  • JackParidoJackParido Member PExer
    ask lang po, ang mama ko is 52 years old, is it ok to her age na mag take ng aspirin 80 mg. and also sinasabayan nya ito ng combizar (losartan potassium) . is it ok for her?
  • jyannjyann 38K midi-chlorians PExer
    JackParido wrote: »
    ask lang po, ang mama ko is 52 years old, is it ok to her age na mag take ng aspirin 80 mg. and also sinasabayan nya ito ng combizar (losartan potassium) . is it ok for her?

    Yes, if it's what her doctor prescribed especially if her doctor is an Internist or a Cardiologist. Although there maybe drug interaction for both drugs, doctors give them if it is really indicated.

    Trust your doctors when they give prescription medicines or better yet ask your doctors everything about the illness and the medicines before leaving the clinic. It is your right to be informed!

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