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Will The Entire Yellow Race Be Deprogrammed Soon?

Has the Yellow race maxed out? El Fin?:depressed2:

Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Felicitous greetings from a Brother of Light / Adept of the spiritual Brotherhood!

For this piece, I will highlight the scions of the Japan Inc., the sons and daughters of the holy Amaterasu. My chief query most especially for the Japanese is: scions of Amaterasu, where do you go from here?

Japan sits to the north of the once mighty Great Land, the Maharloka of famed supercontinent Mu. The southern rim of Maharloka is today’s Philippine islands, while its northern rim is rightly the Japan islands.

Japan sits in well with me being once a shogun in the chaotic land of feudal Japan. I do honestly feel a sense of ambivalence about Japan, as I was betrayed so badly in the islands after doing what I can to put order in a land that was so marred by chaos and internecine wars among siblings.

Shinto devotees are definitely right in claiming they were created by a goddess named Amaterasu. That’s 100% factual, as Amaterasu of the noble Andromeda galaxy took the task to sponsor the breeding of a new race on Earth. Being the initiator-sponsor of that project, she herself made her presence on Earth to supervise and monitor the conduct of that breeding.

On those remnants of the islands forming Maharloka’s northern rim the Andromedan party chose to breed the new race. Relatively isolated, the project site would fit in to the requirements of a genetic project that would face little risk of being quashed and smashed up by competing races in the emerging continent of Asia. [The Turanians were war-mongering peoples, whose pedigrees are many Mongol peoples and proto-Turks of antiquity.]

The yellow remnants of the ancient Lemurians served as the genetic base from which to genetically engineer the new race. Almost simultaneous with this project, another group of extraterrestrial intelligences or ETIs (Lyrans & Pleadians) were breeding the Malays from out of the dark-skinned Lemurian remnants who were, like their Japanese counterparts, raised in relatively isolated islands.

The breeding of the Nippon genetic strain was conceived by the ascended Master Amaterasu as a synthesis of disparate psychic elements. In a fragmentary state, such elements normally result to violence and wars. In a synthesized state, the propensity for war would decrease, as human proclivities will shift to higher-dimension focus. A spiritual renaissance can then pursue using such a new breed as frame for the nirvana project.

How I wish I could declare totally in synch with the Master Amaterasu’s intentionalities, save for the deviation that went with the project. The Japan that I saw as a young samurai then up though the time of my conquest of the islands as a shogun (thanks to my trusted champions) just doesn’t fit into the Amaterasu mold, to say it frankly.

When I began my life as a mere tot in northern Philippines in this present embodiment, I heard so many gory stories from my grandparents and parents about the miseries they suffered from a conquering Japan in 1941-45. Alas! Japan hasn’t changed much since the hundreds of years that lapsed from my samurai-shogun life there up to the 20th century!

Not only did the synthesized psyche fail to galvanize as much as expected that could have resulted to a peace-loving, evolved, compassionate people. The Japanese people as a whole showed their predatory fangs by bamboozling and exterminating their fellow Asians across wide swaths of territories in the 1930s-‘45.

Andromeda is blameless regarding the ‘fall of Nippon’, to clarify a point. Nippon was “seduced into the Dark Side of the Force,” to use the epical line from Star Wars fame. Even till these days, Adepts of Light in Japan are being seduced into the eastern Luciferan project that desires to finish off the White Man via warfare in a classic feud among the gangs of Darkness.

To say now of a ‘compassionate Japanese’ is wishful thinking. The aid-giving pseudo-philanthropy of Japan towards the developing countries in Asia doesn’t proceed from compassion at all. It is a condescending aid-giving behavior that unconsciously regards aid recipients as sub-humans worth enslaving. No less than Japanese scholars acknowledged this, who forewarned aid recipients to be cautious of the motives of the Japanese aid-providers (Prof. Mamoru Tsuda was one of them).

The predation shown by Nippon’s scions across the centuries could just be the spark to deprogram this race, such as what happened to the Mayans. The time may be coming when Japanese couples may fail to produce babies, as the genetic programming had already run its course on the entire race. Unable to raise babies, an entire race or pedigree would die a natural death.

Is Japan then at the edge of its own evolutionary mission? Already consummated a mission, there is nothing else to go but die out as a race? And perhaps, as articulated by H.P. Blavatsky a century ago, the same goes true for the entire Yellow races and cultures: their time has come?

Will Japan not literally sink down the seabed after the 2012 polar shift-planetary ascension event? Will the Almighty show compassion by intervening to save the islands from sinking, or will that not be necessary as some deserving Japanese will be sheltered in other lands after Japan’s inundation post-polar ice sheets’ melting?

How many are the deserving Japanese at least, in case this is indeed the scenario? For as we Adepts of Light know too well, Japan will go to the seabed and will cease to be habitable, and the bulk of Japanese will choose to exit physically even as a humungous lot will be transferred to other planets fit for their own level of awareness.

Where do you go from here, sons and daughters of Holy Amaterasu? Only you can answer the question best.

[Philippines, 05 August 2010]


  • cretinous00cretinous00 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    i can only understand a little of what you're saying but japanese are not yellow (that's the chinese.) one obvious point of yours is a favorable view of the japanese, as a whole, and i agree they're far superior to the chinese.
  • just to clarify, i'm not erle argonza.

    but if i am to interpret what he is strictly saying, what he maybe is saying is either
    i. the Japanese race will be deprogrammed + per words of Blavatsky the Yellow race ( includes NEA races other than the Japanese) will also be deprogrammed or
    ii. per words of Blavatsky the entire Yellow race ( includes the Japanese race and other NEA races) will be deprogrammed. you have to know that the mystics' definition of race terminologies does not abide by the lay persons' definition [like the Aryan race. if i understand, all races including the Filipinos are also part of the Aryan race but we are a distinct group of the Aryan race (race in this context is defined as the wave of humans)].

    as for superiority, what he maybe saying is an intelligent being's superiority (capacity to do "things") is not measured from just its physical body (body, brain) alone and therefore is reflected by its technological achievements but is also measured from the other "elements" that compose an intelligent being (includes its moral awareness,mental, soul, free will, etc). Now the tricky part here figuring out the mechanism by which the physical body, brain, moral awareness, mental, soul, free will, etc interplay with each other or synthesize together to form an intelligent being. This, I dont have an answer for.

    the japanese is superior on some of the elements but per his experience and observation, there is something lacking or stagnant in their moral awareness that their physical body or perhaps their intelligent existence altogether may have to be deprogrammed.

    and the same goes for the Aryans.
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