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The Aryan Race Will Be Deprogrammed Very Soon

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No more extension for the Aryan race. Finito.:depressed2:
Erle Frayne Argonza / Guru Ra

Good evening! Magandang gabi!

As a continuation of my Philippine-Lemurian reflections, I would share at this moment a note about the deprogramming of the Aryan race. Over a century ago, the Mahatmas of the spiritual Brotherhood released information through Master Helena Blavatsky concerning the coming deprogramming of the Aryans who have degenerated into global predators of greedy oligarchs and worshippers of eater culture. The addition I would make on the Brotherhood’s race deprogramming thesis is that the Aryan race’s fate was sealed when it invaded the Philippines and enslaved its people.

Filipinas—Hispanic for Philippines—is the ‘womb of the Mother’. It was in Filipinas’ soil itself, the soil that is the uppermost region of the ancient Maharloka subcontinent of Lemurian fame, where the Adamic races first appeared. It was right here where kingship was experimented on, perfected, and disseminated to other lands via a new class fit for the divine governance: the kingly class. Right here, on these islands that remain 4th dimensional till these days, did civilization reach its nadir of development, making Lemuria or Mu the greatest civilization ever. Right here, above Philippine soil, did the Galactic Confederation forces locate the galactic hyperspace portal.

A child who is mature enough would never at all commit a terrible crime of trampling its mother’s womb, for that is tantamount to destroying the mother herself. Imagine a child, of very mature age (Aryan race is very mature a race), suddenly searches for a chain saw, and in wild frantic manner goes for his/her mother and then cuts her up, beginning with the womb area and onwards to the other pieces (Aryans have cut up peoples into border-defined nations and warring ethnicities). Such a child, for sure, is no longer human, is undergoing feats of demonic seizures, and is most likely to self-destruct in a violent manner.

In the last ages (1 age= 2,150 years approximately) of the Atlanteans, the spiritual Hierarchy saw it fit to create new races from the genetic strains of the denerate Atlanteans and then migrate them to distant lands where they can grow in numbers unhampered by the demonic aggressions of its host race. In Poseidon (main Atlantean continental land mass) did the Hierarchy, carried out by an assisting group of Confederation volunteer race (Nordics), incubate this new race. The Kelts evolved from the successful experiment, and the proto-Kelts migrated eastward to the Caucasus where they were secured against the hostile Atlanteans.

While that was happening, the Hierarchy also created a distinct experiment in the East. Carried out by the same Galactic volunteers, from the strain of the dying Lemurian generic race (root-race) a lighter breed evolved who would constitute the mother race of the Malays. Bred from the finest of the Lemurians, the Maharlokans, the much lighter-colored and smaller-framed offshoot also migrated to breeding grounds that made them secure from the hostile Atlanteans who seemed bent on taking the entire planet as its Empire ground. This family race was later to populate the new southeast Asia, after the sinking of both Maharloka and Poseidon, and became the builder of the Majapahit Empire, the wealthiest empire on Earth during its heydays.

Both new races, the proto-Kelts and proto-Malays, were of smaller stature and frame then their host races. The hostile Atlanteans did wind up of their breeding and emergence, and hatched plans to destroy them. The engagements between the new races and the Atlanteans came down in history as the “wars between giants and men.” Of the two races, it was the proto-Kelts that would serve as genotype for other White-skinned races to emerge, and was meant to be vehicle for the perfection of the mind (mental body/6th density modality). The proto-Malays were, on the other hand, being prepared for a much later purpose, to be host to the coming post-Aryan races.

In the accounts of mystics, notably Blavatsky, the Aryans at their inception were of a fine pedigree of neo-humans. They were the antithesis to the Atlanteans who had, by any measure of civility, already degenerated or unraveled into a fragmentary, mad state. Whereas the Aryan was the embodiment of the Man (the higher principle of atma-buddhi-manas), the Atlantean was the embodiment of the Anti-Man. The Aryan (and his secret pedigree the proto-Malay) was the embodiment of the Christ ethos, and no less than a new Manu (great leader of a race), was sent forth to accompany this New Man in his sojourn. Among the ancient Indians, the Manu came down by the name of Vaivasvata Manu, akin to the Creator Deity of the Race. In contrast, the Atlantean is the embodiment of the Anti-Christ, the very same anti-universe generator of destructions that possesses the Aryans today.

The halcyon days of the Aryans have come to pass, the great civilizing feats have been consummated, the flames of the Great Cosmic Force the Aryans have come to utilize for so immensely great works of genius as they were guided by the Elders of the Race in their sojourns. The halcyon days are over for sure. No less than Western philosophers and sociologists have forewarned the Aryans about the ‘decline of the West’ (Spengler, Toynbee). All signs are clear today that the Aryan race had degenerated into the hovels, and like the Atlanteans that they superceded, the Aryans are also seized by the Demonic Mind and are so obsessed with more wars and exploitations of the less developed countries. Where there used to be civility and rationality, there is only now insanity/madness.

In the year 1521 did the Portuguese, Ferdinand Magellan, arrive on Philippine soil to claim the islands for the Empire of Hispania. On that same year, the cosmic clock ticked a new heraldry, warning the world that around 23 more hours from that time on (1 hour = 21 years), the White Man’s fate will be sealed. Using the year 1500 as yardstick, 21 years X 24 (hrs.) = 504 years which when added to 1500 yields 2004. After 2004 will come a series of catastrophes, beginning with economic catastrophe (destruction of money economy in 2007) and moving on to 2012 (polar shift) and so forth.

21 in the preceding statement was derived from the ‘Law of 7’ multiplied by the Trinity (3), yielding a cosmic multiplier of 21. I already articulated this revelation in my book 13th Gate Unveiled (2000). This multiplier applies most strongly to Filipinas where the Mother vibration is immutable and powerful. Filipinas has three (3) island groups (Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao), has three (3) stars on its flag (stars of the spiritual Masters or the Brotherhood), is the ‘womb of the Mother’, nay is the chosen Mother among all mothers to birth the Adamic races. It also bred the Lemuro-Atlantean race of Malays, destined for a future role post-Aryan.
How ignorant are the White folks indeed who trampled upon their newly found islands, Las Islas Filipinas, from 1521 onwards. For the latter is the ‘womb of the Mother’, and no truly erudite people would ever attempt to succumb to demonic seizures so as to trample the Mother’s womb (womb of the Adamic races). Such a demented desecration of the Mother means only one thing: the rapid decline and eventual death of the trampling race. And such indeed is the fate coming to the once glorified Aryan race.

Please note that the Spirit Guardians of the Race and the entire spiritual Hierarchy no longer have on their agenda the extension of the Aryan stock. This is a matter of fact. The Elders sent forth no less than ascended masters to embody as geniuses of the race among the Aryan family races to revive the Christ-centered flames of civility, but to no avail. The same masters only earned ridicule and persecution, and gained new karmas in the process, or they unduly absorbed the negative karmas of the Aryan peoples notably those of the Europeans and their offshoots the Americans.

No, fellows, sirs and ladies, there will be no extension for the Aryan race. Do not ever expect this race to suddenly turn into Light Beings before the polar shift as a sign of deep repentance for its collective sins, and given a new lease in life by leading the pack of survivors of the 2012-2030 cataclysms and catastrophes. There is no such agenda on the tables of the Councils of the Hierarchy. It is over for the White races and ethnicities.

The agenda is very clear about the breeding of the races of the New Man, who will be of 4th dimensional level, who will appear on the New Earth on or before the year 2500. Full materialization of this new race may come by 2700, but even before that year, the New Man will emerge. All around the Pacific will the New Man find its habitat: North America, South America, Australia-New Zealand, Philippines-Indonesia, and the new land mass that will surface after 2012. Should the phase-out races and ethnicities of the day attempt hostile aggression against them, which is most unlikely, then the option is there for the same New Man to concentrate habituation in the new land mass.

That new land mass will be almost juxtaposed to the Philippines, to be near the sites of Mt. Banahaw (seat of the planetary chi/solar plexus) and the galactic hyperspace portal. Though the Philippines will be largely inundated, with probably 85% sunken at the max, Mt. Banahaw will stand tall and grand and will perform its purpose as the constitutive regenerator for the New Age of Light. Spewing enormous Light from the inner bodies of Gaia (Earth) upwards to the sky, Banahaw will serve as a powerful Light house for galactic forces’ ships that will be coming in and out of the hyperspace portal.

As a final measure to beacon to one and all that the agenda is on to breed the new race, a Manu was already elected by the Hierarchy who is the designated Great Leader of the forthcoming New Man or 6th root race (1st two Pangean races, Lemurians, Atlanteans, Aryans were the first 5 races). The Manu has always been with us, an Ascended Master of the highest and finest caliber, who deserves finally to ascend to that of an Avatar as all Manus are. Divine-inspired governance He has perfected in antiquity, and so He is very much prepared for His task. He shall be the co-adjutor of the World Leader, the Avatar messiah who will govern in the New Age of Light, in terms of divine governance of the forthcoming race.

The Manu will come at a time when the spiritual Hierarchy will return in full force again on Earth. Melchizedek, Maitreya/Christ, Metatron, Michael, and the Ascended Masters will come back to Earth and declare governance by God Almighty of the ascended planet. That is what is meant, as foretold, by the term ‘externalization of Hierarchy.’

Hail the Spiritual Hierarchy! Hail the New Race coming!

[Philippines, 18 May 2009]


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    I am scared of rambling, doctrinal, and hallucinatory thinking like this. This type of thinking tends to produce cults, mass murders, or even religions. :D
  • delusional talk wont convince the world or make this country a land of superior race or whatever.. this is all lip service for vain about doing something real for a change? like getting a job and stop snorting meth.

    Freedom comes only from seeing the ignorance of your critics and discovering the emptiness of their virtue. -David Seabury
  • I stopped reading when the word "Lemurian" came up.
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