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Europeans turned white only recently, scientists say.

I've read an interesting topic in Buhay Pinoy which was unfortunately moved. It was a topic about Filipinos being Caucasians and not Asians. Majority, however, didn't agree with the TS with only a few who explained it genetically. I agree that there is no such notion as race because it's only a social designation and not a scientific one.

I decided to research about this and I landed on this interesting science journal:

You need to subscribe first to read the article, but I manage to find a copy of the page of this article -



I quote:

"Either way, the implication is that our European ancestors were brown-skinned for tens of thousands of years -"

So, in other words, Europeans were originally brown-skinned people like most of the Filipinos and Asians in general. I guess, the Ultra Violet light we get from the Sun is the triggering factor for skin color. The body gradually adapts to these changes and adjust the melanin/pigmentation of the skin to better protect it from too much UV or from too little UV. Too much UV, you get darker skin, too little of it, you get paler skin, together with your eyes and hair color.

According to the article, UV and Melanin have a big role in the production of Vitamin D in the body for Calcium absorption. In Europe where UV light is less, the body then adjust for lesser melanin/pigmentation (whiter skin) to help the skin absorb more UV light to produce Vitamin D to assist the body in absorbing Calcium. If the body didn't adapt, people might suffer from abnormalities of the bones and some genetic defect.

People are really the same. If all the people of the world were to migrate to Europe, without any intermarriages, the next generations might also end up looking like Europeans of today. The same thing will also happen if everyone in Europe were to migrate in the tropics, they will end up as brown skin.

I guess people in general are ignorant judging people by skin color just as people back then believed that the earth was flat. Skin color is merely a simple indicator of the climate where your family has lived.

Scientifically speaking, if a pinoy were to claim that he is white even though he looks like a typical brown Asian, he is somewhat correct.

I believe Whiteness/Paleness/Browness/Redness/Blackness is really not unique in a group of people because everyone has all these adaptive traits for them to continue to exist in a particular climate.

It doesn't really matter whether you are black or white because we are all the same.

The images below shows all the physical evidences of people showing the adaptive traits from different parts of the world.

Obviously, these people have no European genetic lineage.

Ainu of Japan


Papua New Guinea


Solomon Islanders


Australian Aborigines


Amazonian Indian with green eyes


Malay with blue eyes


Mongolian with blue eyes


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