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I can't decide on which course, help. ._.

Hi I'm actually a Junior in HS, but college is already getting to my head. I chose CSB coz it's the only university I know that has a good art school, eventho sabi ng iba CSB is the "bagsakan ng mga bagsak". (Please don't hurt me! Narinig ko lang yun >_< and i know na sabi-sabi lang yun.)

Anyway, these are my choices from CSB: Multimedia Arts, Fashion Design, and Production design. But fine arts is also one of my choices, just not in CSB.

What qualifies me in those is that I, let's just say I was born with a talent. I'm very good art - drawing, painting, poetry, design, and other else. And i have creative ideas. (Not braggin', just taking pride of what i have)

Multimedia Arts - what I know about MMA is that it involves technology and I love exploring stuff. I dunno anything about 2d/3d and im not that good yet in digi art, but i'd love to learn more about them.
Fashion Design - FASHION IS MY PASSION! I've been sketching my outfits for special events on my own since I was very young and my first successful design was when I was 12. And Im planning to start my clothing line someday, and im hoping that this would help me.
Production Design - i'm very crafty. nuf said.
Fine Arts - coz it involves traditional and digital art. & i'm experienced in traditional than digi.

I want to know which you think is the best for me. :)


  • CSB is really good when it comes to Multimedia studies. At bagsakan ng mga bagsak? Kumusta pa ang mga taga NU, TUP, JRU etc sa lagay na yun? Peace!

    Ang tingin kasi ng maraming school sa CSB parang wow. So yung maliitin nila ang CSB? Hala, bitter ba? :lol:

    If you have the budget and willing to spend hundreds of thousands a year, then go for ADMU, DLSU and AIM. Pero depende pa rin sa field na papasukin mo yun.

    Kung Med for instance, the best premed course are available in UP, ADMU and UST. Kung prelaw, well, UP ADMU at DLSU are the best. Kung business gusto mo, AIM is the best! Kung Agriculture (malayo na ba?), go to UPLB or CLSU (Central Luzon State University where the first cloning in the Philippines was done).
  • stepehenyan@12[email protected] PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    saka mo na prublemahin yan pag graduate ka na ng high school.
  • Marshall_MattersMarshall_Matters PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Take the course that best suits your talent and skills and the course that you will be happy and which will give you a stable job in the future.
  • make sure to take the course na gusto mo talaga.
    para di mo pagsisihan! :)
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