Sleep Deprivation???

Hi! I'm seeking your advice/opinion about my 2-year old daughter. It becomes her routine to sleep after lunch time, she starts at around 1.30 pm, naeextend sya till 4pm, im worried about getting her into bedtime, kasi kung mga 3.30 to 4m sya nagigising natutulog na sya ng 9.30 to 10pm ang gising nya 8am na... masama ba na gisingin pag tulog sa hapon? i heard naddisturb ang paglaki nya pag ganun?or i will let her sleep as long as she wants? ginising ko sya kanina at naawa naman ako sa kanya kc masarap ang tulog nay... help pls... :(:(:(


  • keilekeile Cool PExer
    How about you give her some things to distract herself after lunch? Like some toys that she really likes, in order na hindi siya matulog.

    It is best kasi for babies and even adults to use their body and move often to exercise yung mga kalamnan and to promote excellent blood flow.
  • krysbarcia24krysbarcia24 Member PExer
    tnx keile, so is it ok not to put her to sleep during the day?:confused:
  • froshie1froshie1 Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I read your post so many times and I can't see any sleep deprivation there unless gigisingin mo iyong 2 year old mo sa hapon. Even if she sleeps at around 10pm and wakes up at 8am that is still ok.
  • keilekeile Cool PExer
    tnx keile, so is it ok not to put her to sleep during the day?:confused:

    Yes, it is ok as long as she gets enough sleep at night.

    Humans are animals not plants. Our bodies benefit more if we move it, stretch it, pump it, etc.

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