Help: Guillan Barre Syndrome!!!

Anyone Here Or Any Relative Who Had Guillan Barre Syndrome? Pls Share Your Experiences Please, My Brother Was Diagnosed Of This And We Are Miles Apart Cause He's Working Abroad. So I Really Don't Have Any First-hand Info Regarding His Condition. Kindly Share Yours. God Bless!!!!


  • K_r_a_mK_r_a_m nerd PExer
    This is a serious neurologic disease which can cause weakness of the extremities, doubling of vision, numbness, difficulty in swallowing etc., depending on the variant of the Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS). He needs to be admitted in a hospital with proper facilities as soon as possible so he can be given the proper medicines and to avoid further complications of the disease such as aspiration pneumonia, frequent falls, etc.

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