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Shipping to the US...

How or What is the best way to ship products to the US?
Do I need to declare anything in customs?


  • Yes you do need to make an export declaration for any commercial quantity of goods you export.

    The choice of shipping options largely depend on the item's viability (perishable or not), weight, dimensions, and quantity.

    For instance, if its low quantity light weight and high value items, FedEx, TNT, or UPS might be handy.

    If its low value high volume seafreight is your friend.

    If its high value high volume and not time critical or its been pre-scheduled, seafreight is best.
  • rafaqrafaq PEx Rookie ⭐
    Thank you GF2bluz for your response. It's low value. Not necessarily high volume. I was planning to send the equivalent of 1 balikbayan box at a time. Do I still need to make an export declaration for that?
  • Depends on value.

    Trying to remember I think if its $100 and above you will need to.

    Remember accurate declared values will help your consignee in case it gets inspected by customs.

    If its a regular shipment go with FedEx to the US.
  • Oh yes.

    If its dense, you will refer to actual weight.

    If its voluminous, you will need to refer to dimensional weight.

    L x W x H (in cm)/6000 = Volumetric Weight.

    You get charged based on whichever is greater.

    Remember to adequately protect your shipment, its plain hell having no leverage against a company like UPS when they deny your claims without even reviewing the damage their men in shorts cause.
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