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what's your regrets in life?

thugchxthugchx Member PExer

i regret being so fuxkable :bashful:

joke only hihihihihihihihi


  • tresadiktustresadiktus Banned by Admin PExer
    So many.

    I'm trying to see if laughing them off will make them go away.
  • _BANSHEE__BANSHEE_ ✡Irish Fairy✡ PExer
    Sana binili na lang namin nuon. Eh di sana may remembrance pa ako ng friendship namin. :mecry:
  • F-A SoldierF-A Soldier Your Personal Jesus
    Breaking up with my ex gf Deira H. She's such a trooper; I miss her.

    She and I during better times...yes that's probably herpes on her belly.
  • FatsieeeFatsieee bilib PExer
    Just one.

    Failing to join that student quiz show when I was in high school, because rules stated that my school can only join once per season. They fielded my classmate kasi for that season and we thought that we can join again. Eh next season hindi na ko pwede dahil overage na ko. Sayang.

    Mababaw, I know, pero pinanghinayangan ko yun. Hanggang ngayon, ten years after :lol:

    Yung ibang pagkakamali ko sa buhay, I dont regard them as regrets. I see them as lessons learned. Ginusto ko din naman yung mga pagkakamali kong yun, so hindi ko dapat pagsisihan.
  • birdy90birdy90 Member PExer
    i might be scarred for life but my mistakes fixed me. i needed those mistakes :|

    sorta related :glee:

    :depressed: :alcoholic:
  • s_lo75s_lo75 I think I'm in love...again PExer
    Being related to my mom's biological family and relatives!
  • NorrisChuckNorrisChuck One-Man-Gang-Bang PExer
    birdy90 wrote: »
    i might be scarred for life but my mistakes fixed me. i needed those mistakes :|

    sorta related :glee:

    :depressed: :alcoholic:

    shot, birdy!

    here's to more mistakes! :lol:

    (easy. mukhang matapang yang grape juice na tinitira mo.)
  • gs09gs09 Member ✭✭✭✭
    None so far. Maybe it has something to do with my youth.

    Pero pag di ko pa rin natigil ang pagpupuyat at pagpapabaya sa health ko, I might regret it in the future. :|
  • Ice BurnIce Burn Conflicting Karma ✭✭
    not becoming a marine biologist or oceanographer.
  • yellowdanceryellowdancer Meynteyn! PExer
    naunahan ako sa sagot ni jed :lol:
  • ilovemiloilovemilo Member PExer
    sana maaga akong lumandi, hahahaha! joke!...
  • MONTO GAWEMONTO GAWE Primus Inter Pares Pares PExer


    Regrets are unprocessed lessons. Once learned, they cease to be regrets.

    I am happy with the way I turned out - scars, warts and all.
  • jkakldjflkjajkakldjflkja I only believe in God. PExer
    TTJed wrote: »
    not going to medical school

    Ikaw ba yan nasa avie mo? :bashful:
  • birdy90birdy90 Member PExer
    shot, birdy!

    here's to more mistakes! :lol:

    (easy. mukhang matapang yang grape juice na tinitira mo.)
    :alcoholic: << :lol:

    i miss you chuckie! how's invi! magkalapit lang pala kayo noh? :glee:
  • ZairaisenZairaisen The Holy Marcher PExer
    As much as I hate to admit it, but one of the major ones is:

    I never repaid the affection my childhood friend gave me. She truly loved me, but I only realized that I also felt the same way after it was too late.
  • Bigot3AtBalbasBigot3AtBalbas Kiss me and I'll be PExer
    Wala. I'm perfectly perfect.
  • dugongasuldugongasul locos parentis
    ^Wow. Galing! :D

    Regret? Not finishing school at the right age... hahaha...
  • Max_BuwayaMax_Buwaya Member ✭✭✭
    Kung natapos ko ang aking pag-aaral, di sana'y meron na akong dangal.
  • dugongasuldugongasul locos parentis
    ^nakakarelate ako diyan boss.. huhuhu.. edi sana hindi ako kolboy ngayon, isa na sana akong dakilang guro.
  • Max_BuwayaMax_Buwaya Member ✭✭✭
    Ah, so gusto mo rin ng may ihaharap sa kanya't ipagyayabang? Wala, sa panaginip ka na lang may ipagdiriwang. :glee:

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