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Kim Hyun Joong

Not to be confused with Kim Hyung Jun.
This is a Korean name; the family name is "Kim".

Birth name : Kim Hyun Joong (김현중)
Born : June 6, 1986 (age 24)
Origin : Seoul, South Korea
Genres : Pop
Occupations: Singer, Actor, Model, Dancer, MC
Instruments: Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Labels : DSP Entertainment (2005 - 2010)
Key East (2010 - Present)

Associated acts SS501 (2005 -)
Boys Over Flowers, Playful Kiss
Korean name
Hangul 김현중
Hanja 金賢重
Revised Romanization Gim Hyeon-jung
McCune–Reischauer Kim Hyŏn-chung


Kim Hyun Joong (born June 6, 1986) is a South Korean actor and singer. He is the leader of popular boyband SS501 and a prominent style icon in Korea, winning multiple icon awards. He gained widespread popularity beyond Asia for his role as Yoon Ji Hoo in the 2009 hit drama series Boys Over Flowers and is now known worldwide as the perfect Baek Seung Jo in the hit series drama Mischievous/Playful Kiss.

Debuting as the leader of SS501 in 2005. They also appeared in "Thank You For Waking Me Up" where he was proven to be a heavy sleeper,"Thank You For Raising Me Up" in 2006 and MNet's "Idol World" in 2007, which showed SS501 doing various missions in Japan.

He joined the cast of MBC variety reality show We Got Married on May 11, 2008, with Hwang Bo, who is 6 years his senior. They achieved high popularity acting as a newlywed couple. Due to his appearance on We Got Married, he was cast in the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango as one of the members of the famous F4. Known as the "Lettuce Couple", Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo went on to win MBC's Best Couple Award. The couple made their official exit from We Got Married on December 14, 2008 due to scheduling conflicts presented by Boys Over Flowers.

In the hit drama series, Boys Over Flowers, he plays Yoon Ji Hoo. The series was a huge media and ratings sensation in Korea during its run from January to March 2009, garnering a huge amount of popularity for the entertainer. The series was not only a hit in Korea, but all around Asia as well. This includes Taiwan and the Southeast Asian countries of Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Nepal amongst others as well as in Japan and in North America where it was released on DVD with English subtitles.
Not long after him and SS501 members released their album "SS501 Collection," where they each sang a solo song, along with being featured in their mini drama music video.

Their Asia Concert Tour began in mid-August 2009 in Seoul at the Olympic Park. They continued their tour in Shanghai, Taipei, Bangkok before returning to Seoul for a closing encore concert. They staged two concerts for the encore closure on the 27th Feb and 28th Feb 2010 respectively.

On September 2009, during promotions in Japan for Boys Over Flowers, Kim Hyun Joong was diagnosed with H1N1.[1] While recovering from H1N1, he could not attend Seoul's International Drama Awards. To accept the award on his behalf, his members of SS501, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, and Kim Hyung Jun were present for the award show. He recovered from H1N1 and was discharged on September 15, 2009.

On October 23, 2009 Kim Hyun Joong and SS501 released their album "Rebirth," and performed "Love Like This."
He has also been the spokesperson for cosmetics brand, Tony Moly, an established company with numerous branches across Korea and Asia, including Taiwan and Hong Kong. He had since ended his contract with Tony Moly in End September 2010, and he had been chosen to be the Spokesperson for The Face Shop.

In April 2010, he appeared opposite Jung Ryeo Won in the music video for Korean Singer Gummy's new song As A Man (남자라서).
In June 2010, him and his band mates of SS501 released an album titled 'Destination'. Their title song 'Love Ya' was received well, rating high in record sales and online music stores. 'Love Ya' went on to top Music Bank (TV series)'s K-Chart for two weeks. Doing great for two weeks was all they could have though, they soon ended promotions, because of SS501's contract was ending.
On June 19, 2010, he then appeared at a concert in the Philippines along side BEAST

On June 28, 2010, It was officially announced that Kim Hyun Joong officially left DSP Entertainment and signed a contract with Bae Yong Joon's KeyEast Entertainment company.

Kim Hyun Joong is now the leading role of the drama 'Playful Kiss' AKA 'It Started With a Kiss' (Taiwanese version) / 'Itazura na Kiss'(Japanese version) as Baek Seung Jo, who has a stand-offish personality.

He had said at the Playful Kiss press conference, that SS501 will never disband unless you stop buying their album, and that they will make new albums in the future.

Kim Hyun Joong was then invited to the 16th Guangzhou Asian Games as the representative of South Korea and he'll sing "Sunshine Again" with other 3 singers. On the 7th of November, Kim Hyun Joong was interviewed by CNN's Anna Coren due to his success in Playful Kiss. Playful Kiss Special Edition is a big hit on Youtube as it is the first Korean drama to air on YouTube. Its first episode garners 1 million views just in 5 days. This has once again showed that Kim Hyun Joong is a global star.

In the early of December 2010, Kim Hyun Joong went to Singapore and Malaysia to promote The Face Shop which he endorses. He received massive success in both countries, over 5000 people went to his fanmeetings.



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    "be a cool man.. (be cool) I like NO.1 but it will be gone someday.
    be ONLY One. REALLY... I don't want you girls to get too many albums.
    Just, like now ... Even thought it won't last for eternity.. (it's )only a moment, it's great we have sharing memories.ㅋㅋ
    You know that???? your No.1 is not only for me but can be for us.
    I told you??? I told you long time ago, ㅋㅋremember that, always...

    (I told you) I would protect you girls. Being protected well?????ㅋ

    Let's enjoy every single day
    Cheers! for every cool single day

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    [News] Kim Hyun Joong releases album jacket photos for “Break Down”
    Source + Photos: My Daily
    Courtesy of VITALSIGN / AllKPop


    After releasing his music video for “Please” yesterday, SS501′s Kim Hyun Joong followed up with some album jacket photos for his first solo album, “Break Down“!

    The singer/actor is known for his smooth look, but his image for“Please” is very powerful and masculine, leavings fans in a state of curiosity over what his performance style would be like.

    His mini-album contains a total of six tracks, including an intro titled“Let Me Go“, and of course, his R&B dance track,”Please”. The title track, “Break Down”, is also the work of Ken Lewis, who has experience working with Eminem, Kanye West, and Usher. It’s described to have electric brass sounds with a synthesizer that elevates it into a dynamic, urban house-style track. (Ken Lewis according to Steven Lee's tweet to AKP did the mix engineering)




    Kim Hyun Joong releases “Break Down”

    By Catherine Deen | oK Pop – Mon, Jun 13, 2011 3:09 PM PHT
    http://ph.omg.yahoo.com/blogs/okpop/kim ... 04397.html

    Kim Hyun Joong (“Playful Kiss”, “Boys Over Flowers”) showed a different side to his persona with the release of his much awaited debut as a solo singer through the mini-album “Break Down”. The actor-singer, who celebrated his 25th birthday last June 6, surprised the Henecians (The collective name of his fans) with a dark and manly concept for his comeback as a solo singer.

    Kim Hyun Joong knows how to please his fans. Before the official release of his album, he bombarded fans with MV teasers, album jacket photos and a surprise pre-release of the MV for “Please”, one of the tracks from the album. The actor’s album officially dropped in Korea last June 8.

    Even with the manly concept of his new release, Kim Hyun Joong showed his soft side during his comeback showcase the night before his album’s official release. As if to mirror the title of his album, the star, known for his close relationship with fans, broke down as he read a personal letter he prepared for them. With tears in his eyes, he thanked fans who supported him for six years. He also expressed his feelings about the pressures of going solo and the pain he felt due to the harsh words he received when his idol group SS501 formally ceased its activities. He also expressed sadness over seeing some of his fans fighting. To this, his fans replied “It’s ok!” and “No, we don’t fight!”

    Kim Hyun Joong said: “I have always been able to show my public-self to fans on stage but I have never showed my heart to them. Finally, I have gained enough courage to write this letter and share my feelings with you. It has already been six years since I met everyone. I thank you for believing and cheering me all these years and never changing. While working on this album, I realized how important the meaning of the word ‘together’ is. When I worked on this album, I felt pressure and fear as I tried to do this alone. It was hard to conquer this. When I look back over the past year with fans fighting and misunderstanding me, I thought to myself that I have limits too. Still, I worked hard on this album by thinking how happy my fans will be. I hope that you will smile and be even more happy in the future because this album is not mine, it is everyone’s. I am very grateful to everyone who came here and I want to tell you with all my heart that I love you.”

    Kim Hyun Joong officially released two MVs from his album including “Break Down” and “Please”.


    1.Intro(Let Me Go)

    2. Break Down (Feat. Double K)

    [News] Kim Hyun Joong releases “Break Down” MV

    Courtesy of VITALSIGN / AllKPop

    After teasing fans with a full music video for “Please” earlier this month, SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong has finally made his long-awaited solo debut by dropping the music video for his title track, “Break Down“!

    The song was composed by Steven Lee and is classified as a ’south urban dance track’. Right from its beginning phases, the song was composed with a dynamic choreography in mind to ensure a strong performance.

    “Break Down” combines powerful electric brass and synth sounds to create an energetic track. The album also passed through the hands of prestigious sound engineer, Ken Louis (Eminem, Kanye West, and Usher), who personally engineered it himself in New Jersey for a perfect sound quality.


    3. 제발 (Please)

    Kim Hyun Joong releases full MV for “Please”
    Credit: ALLKPOP


    Last week, SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong officially kicked off his comeback preparations with the surprise teaser release for “Please“from his debut solo album, “Break Down“. He’s finally unleashed the full MV for “Please”, and it was definitely worth the wait!
    Scenes were recorded at an indoor set on May 16th, and the entire production was overseen by directorJo Soo Hyun, who’s known working with TVXQ, Big Bang, and SNSD. Kim Hyun Joong was joined by actress Kim Min Seo as his special love interest.
    KeyEast stated, “Before the release of the mini-album’s title track, ‘Break Down’, we have decided to release ‘Please.’ This music video is the work of some of the top staff in Korea, and we are sure fans are looking forward to seeing his new image.”
    Check it out below!


    The Storyline of Kim Hyun Joong's PLEASE Music Video

    [The Please MV Storyline] It's about a guy (KHJ) seeing his ex-girl going into the house of a diff man. Hence the guy watching from the car is KHJ. But he imagined that the guy with the girl is himself and once inside the house, even with the blinds closed by the guy, he could still see their intimate actions. So he imagined himself kissing her and holding her as he watched the shadows dance behind the curtains, as he sat in the car, reliving their past memories. As he relived their happy memories (hugging, ice-cream feeding, bed-scene), it also brought him to the scene of their break-up, when he saw her not wearing their ring and he suspected she cheated on him. They broke up after that. In the song, KHJ sings that he wished the rain that nite would wash away those dark memories, as he wants her back. He regrets letting her go. That's how much he loves her, even when she cheated on him. But he knows the wish is in vain, so he finally drove away.

    4. Kiss Kiss
    5. Yes I Will

    6. 제발 (Please) (Inst.)
  • :director: Calling all Henecians in the Philippines


    hyunnecians,Hyunnies,GreenPeas,Green Princesses,TS or whatever name you want to call it or just a fan of Kim Hyun Joong

    KIM HYUN JOONG released His solo album ‘Break Down’ last June 7 in Seoul Korea,
    and simultaneously also in the whole part of asia like in Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand
    and other South East Asia countries which includes the Philippines.

    In line with this...


    I've got a message fromMs.D of 501skyeventsphilippines


    the one handling the Pre-order of HJ's album.

    Here it is:

    Here are the details regarding our "BreakDown" album pre-order payment scheme:

    Please deposit your payments at BDO Amorsolo branch (makati)

    The current account number is:



    1) please scan your deposit slip with bank validation.

    2) email the scanned deposit slip to us with bank validation to us...c/o of [email protected]

    3) you will receive a confirmation email & claim stub from 501sky

    4) On the day of claiming (July 2)..please bring the ff:

    a) claim stub

    B) your original deposit slip

    *If there are any queries, feel free to write us here on FB or email us & we'll be ready to answer them all!!!

    We are as excited as you guys, to get our hands on our KHJ's amazing album...as well as the freebies( poster & bag)... we've all been waiting for...so let's just follow the simple instructions above...& help make Hyun Joong's album launch on July 2 a success!!!

    credits to Newyorkcitygirl/Nadz

    Breakdown Album Launch in the Philippines Activities

    Triple S PH organized this event!

    Credit: TripleS PH c/o of GWY

    [Eng Subs] Kim Hyun Joong greeting to Filipino Fans

    credits: areled + PolyEast Records Phil + [email protected] (english translations)



    Kim Hyun Joong talks about the pressures of going solo

    Source + Photo: StarNews via Nate
    Credit: GONI @ Allkpop

    SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong recently talked about some of the pressures of being a solo artist.

    Kim Hyun Joong held a press conference at the Jang Choong Gymnasium on June 7th about the release of his new solo mini-album “Break Down“.

    Kim Hyun Joong stated at the press conference, ”I wanted to show my masculine side through this solo album“, and he continued, “I don’t think I’m ‘macho’ yet. I wanted to show as much as I could of my transition from a boy into becoming a grown man”.

    He went on, “There were many performance songs with SS501 as well, but I feel that we lacked something in showmanship. Through this solo album, I believe I’ve become much stronger in the aspect of performance. I really wanted to show my maturity as a man”.

    Kim Hyun Joong has worked in many areas including acting, but it has been a while since he has come to the public with an album. On top of that, he feels much pressure since it’s his first attempt at a solo album away from SS501.

    Kim Hyun Joong revealed, “I had a lot of pressure before going on as a solo artist. I’m the fourth member of the group to come out as a solo artist, but I realized that it’s not easy with just the title of SS501 in my background. I realized I need to try even harder”.

    He continued, “I worked harder to make better music to move away from the shadow of SS501″, he added to this by saying, “The jacket design, choreography, and even the puppy in the music video was set by me. The staff I worked with took and shaped my ideas very well”.

    Kim Hyun Joong recently moved his contract to KeyEast, an entertainment agency lead by Bae Yong Joon.

    “Yong Joon showed me many music clips, and he also offered to take pictures for my album jacket as he has a talent in photography but it was canceled due to his trip to Busan”, Kim Hyun Joong stated.

    He continued saying, “Yong Joon doesn’t seem to have a dream as a musician, but I think he studies a lot in music production as he is the head of the agency”, and “Yong Joon gave me a lot of detailed advice after watching dance videos”.

    The new album kicks off with the intro song “Let Me Go” which captures listeners with a powerful pipe-organ sound and contains a total of 6 songs that all carry different, but powerful attractions.

    The title song “Break Down” is a dynamic song with powerful electronic brass and synthesizers in the background, creating the feel of an urban south dance song. “Break Down” is focused on creating the right atmosphere for Kim Hyun Joong’s intense performance.

    Kim Hyun Joong’s debut album “Break Down” was released officially in Korea just hours ago, on June 8th.




    by Maru Ragasaon Thursday, June 9, 2011 at facebook

    The following is the account of a friend who was invited and attended Kim Hyun Joong's Breakdown Showcase held in Seoul, South Korea last June 7, 2011. I told her to document her experience in a blog so that people who love Leader will know that he is truly famous and not to say, talented. Her words will describe how it was to be present at such a historic time in Leader's life and times. Enjoy the read. I take a back seat, and allow her to tell it all as she witnessed it all:

    June 08 - Seoul Korea

    we just arrived from soeul, last night and it was was one of our memorable trip.
    Do U know why? Please let me share my experiences;

    Me and daughter have flown to Korea to witness the Breakdown Showcase, the 4,000 capacity was full and we got a standing ticket, we were surprised when we enter the gymnasium the standing position corner was located at the very front of the stage.
    The stage is like big letter T.

    We were there at the end part of the stage. its only about 2 to 3 feet away from the stage. I feel like collapsing while waiting for Hyun Joong to come out.

    The atmosphere was very festive, everybody was happy even the overseas fans are starting to mingle with the koreans we also did, even if we just say simple english word we could understand each other.and exchange smile when we utter the name hyun joong,

    When the stage turned the lights on everybody was screaming already, fan light sticks of U:ZOOSIN was lighted all over the gymnasium.

    And when Hyun Joong came on stage, and while everyone was screaming, i was just there standing and looking at him, i felt that my tears are just about to fall, believe me guys, he looks like an angel.
    My eyes are only for him my daughter was screaming also.

    he immediately sang three songs from the album breakdown with fantastic and hot dance moves....
    after that he sang "One more time" theme song from Mischievous kiss - on that song my tears just kept on flowing .
    after that he greeted us with all the smiles although i do not understand what he is saying based on the fans reactions i know that he told something great about his fans.

    and this moment, he waves and looks in every corner of the gym looking upward from his left, to middle to right side and looking down at the standing corner from his left again to middle and right side, when he look down to the place where me and my daughter was standing, i just could't do anything but stare him
    and i saw through his eyes the sincerity of his heart he truly loves his fans i wave the uzoonsin fanlight and whisper to him "saranghaeo Hyun joong God Bless you"

    after this Young Saeng and Kyu Joong appeared on the stage holding a lighted birthday cake for KHJ, we all sang Happy Birthday to leader, Kim Hyun Joong.
    after the song he blew the candle.
    There was a few answer and question portion with YS and KJ, after that they left already.

    The next part, was the most heartbreaking moment for me, KHJ read a letter for us, his fans

    He is standing in front of 4,000 people who loves him and start reading his letter on the middle part his stop for a while and seems controlling his tears, i was there standing on his left side just about 2 to 3 feet away , i saw his nose became red, sign that he is really reading from his heart we felt his pain and fears many of us there gathered begun to shed tears also as he goes along reading his letter

    I heard some saying saranghaeo hyun joong and other koreans words that im sure were comforting words for him
    after reading the letter he sang THANK YOU , everyone was singing with him with tears on our eyes

    a portion of the stage lifted him while singing as he is being lifted and looking him from above, the lights reflected on his face and i saw a very sincere, and kind person, and my tears just kept on flowing same with other fans

    when the song ended, he waved to us with all his smile and the stage was all in dark it seems that the show has been ended.

    The 4,000 fans did not move at all to leave instead, they kept on calling his name with our U:ZOOSIN fan light stick on repeatedly KIM HYUN JOONG, KIM HYUN JOONG repeatedly

    countlessly, fans never gave up until finally the stage turned on the lights again and KHJ returned to the stage and gave us a GREAT FINALE.

    as he sings and dance, the fans sings and dance too it was really a festive and party mood that night. Hyun Joong ended up the showcase with a great great songs from the album and gave us all perfect smile.

    and wave to us good bye with words from him KAMSAMIDA

    Everybody went out with a Happy feeling, satisfied , and by surprised, we even saw him inside his car upon his departure from the venue when spotted us his fans going down from the gymnasium he immediately open the window of his car widely and again wave to all us with a GREAT AND PERFECT SMILE.

    On board on a taxi way back to the hotel, my daughter said, mommy Kim Hyun Joong is not only singing and dancing for us. he also share his heart to his fans. He cares for us, i saw it in his eyes.

    These words melt my heart how come , my daughter and i have one thoughts.

    That was a night to remember for the rest of our lives. I'd like to thank the Korean fans who dearly love KIM HYUN JOONG, please continue to support and love him. He is worth loving for the 4,000 attendance only proves that KIM HYUN JOONG has been successfully launched his first mini album.


    I'm calling also all the fans to unite for the sake of KIM HYUN JOONG because truly enough i witnessed myself in my own very eyes , KIM HYUN JOONG is worth loving for.

    No matter what they say i truly don't care after seeing him last June 7, He will be now part of our daily prayers for his guidance and success , as our dear friend , as member of our family.

    As our plane take off we wave goodbye to Korea, but NEVER say goodbye to KIM HYUN JOONG because he will be forever lives on here in our heart.

    Once again Thank you KHJ for the gift of joy that you have brought to me and to my daughter and to all 4,000 fans who attended your showcase.

    Take away all your pains and fears, many of your fans are praying for you.
    Many will put you down but don't give up just go on and continue to give joy to everyone, continue to smile because it is the way to your supporter's hearts.

    Job well done KIM HYUN JOONG!


    I hope to see you again but this time i wish , here in Manila.

    My God Bless you more and more.!!!


    Kim Hyun Joong was reading letter to the fans when he was overwhelmed by pain and cried.

    Kim Hyun Joong was holding a showcase for his first mini-album on June 7th.

    When the showcase was about to end, Kim Hyun Joong said 'Because it's diffcult to express myself'' and took out the letter that he personally wrote.

    Kim Hyun Joong said 'It has been 6 years. Really thankful to those who believe and support me till today. Last year, because of misunderstandings, fans fought with each other', he could not control himself and cried.

    'I could only watched all this silently' and 'I worked on my album with the thought that everyone will be happy. So from today onwards, everyone must be happy.' he said with his eyes turning red.

    'I will like to express gratefulness and love to the fans who came' he said and left with his head down eyes tearing. His first showcase after going solo expresses the anguish he hid during the past year.

    More on the Letter Hyun Joong Wrote

    Source: Gelzone
    Translation: khjgalaxy

    'Today wanted to perform to let everyone see that this is Kim Hyun Joong. Through showcase, everyone can see the musical side of me, but my heart cannot fully express myself hence pluck up courage and prepared this letter.'' said Hyun Joong

    Then Hyun Joong walked to the front of the stage and took out the letter and told the fans 'The content won't make you cry so don't cry'. He began 'Meet everyone for exactly 6 years. During this long period of time, everyone didn't change and believe and support this man called Kim Hyun Joong.'

    He revealed 'At the same time while preparing the album, looking back at the road I had walked,even though it has not been very long. Being with me is really important, giving me protection. Having to do all the things alone. The burden built up, to overcome all these, is not an easy thing'

    He said 'The past 1 year, saw many fans fought and misunderstood, I didn't said a word and only looked at this scenario, felt that actually I'm also a helpless person.'

    Controlling his tears, he continued reading 'But hope that when everyone watch and listen to my album and feel blessed. From today onwards, hope that everyone shall smile more and be more blessed. Not mine but everyone's album. Today want to tell everyone here from the bottom of my heart thank you, I love you all. Thank you so much. I love you all.' His tears with the fans' worried cheers dropped at the same time.




    Kim Hyun Joong Wins-Countdown!

    Kim Hyun Joong's Winning Secret? Sexy Black Leather Outfit and Gorilla Dance

    Credit: soompi.com

    Singer Kim Hyun Joong caught the eyes of many with his sexy black leather outfit.

    He performed his latest single "Break Down" and delivered an explosive performance on KBS 2TV's music show Music Bank.

    Hyun Joong shined on stage with his dance moves and confident attitude. He received many praises from female fans. His stage outfit, which revealed some skin, allowed him to show off his sexy figure and gave off a masculine feel.

    The leader of SS501, who seems to be everywhere these days, topped the charts with his title song "Breakdown" and achieved an all-kill on music programs. Moreover, his "Breakdown" limited edition managed to be sold out in only an hour! Every shopping site displayed an "Out of stock" message and fans who were not able to buy it were very disappointed.

    They complained that they couldn't find it anywhere and asked Hyun Joong's management agency on the official website to fix the problem.
    Additionally, his Gorilla Dance has proven popular and is now known as his trademark.

    When the MCs of the show announced that he won K-Charts, Kim Hyun Joong performed
    "BreakDown" and gave fans a slightly different version of the Gorilla Dance.

    Source: Newsen via Nate
    Special Thanks to : Rebby @Soompi

    Kim Hyun Joong Wins-Music Bank

    A Review of KHJ First Solo Music Album

    Kim Hyun Joong came with a big bang . He came back with his dance music and delighted us with two Music Videos -Please and Breakdown. Please came first ,a narrative one of a failed love story . It was rendered in Black and White where the past story weaves in and out of the present one. As expected ,Hyun Joong showed his emotions as well as skilled dancing.Watching Please is like watching a very very short movie.

    Breakdown, clothed in a heavy urban sound offered something different visually as well in conveying a mood and an attitude. It was the conceptual one meant to elicit intertextual understanding based on planes or level of acceptance. It was a discourse, one of which is about gender relations and yet the entire MV is experiential. Most important of all the Breakdown MV placed KHJ in a frame -he is the star (no one can dispute that !) and very much showed the star’s persona. His aspirations to change his image is also tied to that flagship number. He pulled it off .He succeeded.

    Both MV’s have shown Kim Hyun Joong ‘s dancing mettle -some steps familiar, some are new ones. His execution as usual has been flawless and seemed effortless . It is such a talent to be able to combine singing,emoting and dancing in one number.

    There were teasers and musical foreplays that tickled the imagination so to speak …but eventually we saw what KHJ painstakingly prepared for us . The songs were both in the genre we were familiar with back in our comfort zones as well as something new and unique. His voice found its range though perceptive ears heard autotunes -a device used in 90% of professional recordings to correct ,augment, modify the human voice to attain its musical goals whatever they are .He utilised the tools available to him and to many others . And why not ? This program was invented to be used .

    No use in comparing him with others . He is beyond compare . Or others pale in comparison. Choose which side you want to view it. Nevertheless ,the man is unique and made his music so. For in this album he has shown the combined traits of a total performer ,the amazing one and for most it is what counts .For others who have become uneasy with the new songs and sounds coming from KHJ , he is merely showing he is capable of moving in various musical directions . Versatility happens to be the name of the game nowadays .

    So for us his audience ,his public, what our eyes can see and what our ears can hear is what counts. And we give him what is due him-our sincere affirmation .


    Author: Aprilstarr



    My 5 Cents Worth on Kim Hyun Joong’s Breakdown Album
    Azi’s note:

    After the dust settled and the initial excitement has quieted down a bit, I was able to gather whatever coherent thoughts I have, string them together and hopefully make a coherent post about Kim Hyun Joong’s Breakdown mini album. Be warned that some contents of this post may be overly biased and totally reflects my own opinion. I do not claim to be an expert in any field and whatever you read here is the result of the all time high that I have been experiencing this past couple of days, a week to be exact. So, is it too early to say, grab on to something and let’s get the train wreck going!!!!?

    BREAKDOWN is an album that attempted to veer away from the monotonous theme that is usually found in an artist’s album. Simply put, since each track in the album is different, the listeners are taken in for a ride, different stories told by ear through each songs. Some got confused and bewildered as to what Hyun Joong is trying to convey in this mini album, we have been so used to many artists defining one concept and reflecting it in their whole album, with songs sounding too similar, repeatedly using the monotonous themes in every songs, so that when BREAKDOWN was presented to us, we clearly did not know what to make of it. The whole BREAKDOWN album deviated so much from the trend and the expectations that many have for Hyun Joong’s music. Many waited for his comeback, anticipating he will used the same shoe in concept that we are so familiar seeing from him. Now that we are besieged by this new and refreshing take on his music, casual listeners seemed lost and judged it based on their own bias and preference.

    Well, music , in whatever genre is simply a matter of taste, and this is what I tasted from Hyun Joong’s new album :

    I have LET ME GO as an appetizer, Hyun Joong is telling us to leave everything to the music, as if saying, let your guard down and let me go satisfy you but once I am done listening to it, it left me satisfied yet wanting for more. The only complain about the intro song is that it is way to short, it climaxed too soon then suddenly, it’s all over. First time listening to the track, I already love it. It has that pop rock appeal, his voice fit the song and the tempo perfectly, the sound engineer did a great job blending that one so that his voice was not overpowered by the heavy instruments accompanying him. But, like I said, the song is way too short, I want the full version! Kim Hyun Joong, are you listening to me??

    Then the album progressed to the title track BREAKDOWN, a heavy urban dance song, complete with the synthesizing sound that made me groove even in my sleep, the concept reflecting dangerous side of a man who wanted you to just let go and experience what he has in store for us. In the intro LET ME GO, the lyrics talk about that this will just happen once, be ready for it, as if warning us for the events that follow : We heard him singing using his raspy voice, a wholly different voice range from the commonly ballad songs that he released, well aside from Please Be Nice To Me. Then we watched the music video, the dangerous and sexy concept, the power dancing, and the whole performance overpowers his musicality in this track. When I first came to know about Hyun Joong, I like him as a performer first. His tremendous stage presence made it looked like there is a spotlight glued solely on him and my eyes are seeing nothing else but him. Then I heard him sing in that husky/raspy tone, with a tinged of a rocker growl that I dig so much, then I’m hooked. Want a sample of what I’m talking about? Well then see for yourself!

    In this Breakdown track, he did all that and much more, he performed the song live even better than the music video, his every performance left me giddy, heady and disoriented in a good way. The visual content of what he portrayed on stage left many agape, fans and non fan alike, for the man performed this song like there is no tomorrow, and left me feeling lucky to live another day to experience it again and again. Many will counter that the song is too urban, too western and not fit for current KPOP Scene. Many will be disappointed that he did not come up with a better title track, a ballad perhaps, but just get this, we are talking about Kim Hyun Joong, and he always do extraordinary things, we may not concur with everything at first but his being an effective performer will convince us to do a double take and see where it leads. I will not digest the lyrics though, I might find myself writing my innermost desires here and eventually, get this blog suspended for posting malicious contents..(lol…all pun intended!)

    After the barrage of sexiness from BREAKDOWN, the R and B track “PLEASE” followed. Again, it’s an unexpected turn, I momentarily let my guard down and let Hyun Joong’s smooth and honey coated voice tells me a story, of a love lost, of letting go and acceptance. The piano accompaniment coupled, the many voice range Hyun Joong showed in this track took me down memory lane, what it feels to be in love and what hurts the most. His musicality is clearly evident in this track by hearing that signature raspy growl that is only his and the high note he hit right around the crescendo of the song. I feel that the song and the singer accomplished what it/he set out to do: Relieve both sides of your love story, the regrets and could have been, then move on with a new perspective. The song is catchy, current and relevant, the luxurious music video made every girl (fangirl) envious of the female lead (for obvious reasons), many hearts bleed (one of them is mine) yet survived the onslaught of emotiosn enough to enjoy a great song sung by a great artist. Those who disagree should have their ears checked first, and please, don’t point out that his voice is lacking! I will just tell you otherwise! Do not let your bias against him prevent you from enjoying his many talents.

    After the tumultuous ride that pulled us in opposite directions listening to the two main song, came this acoustic tune, the cute and lovable “Kiss Kiss” track. Every time I listened to it, it makes me want to stay in bed and cuddle every soft toy I can find. I find the song smooth and free flowing despite being uptempo, sort of like a dated lullaby that would put me to sleep with a smile on my face. I can hear the cuteness from Hyun Joong’s voice as he sang the whole track, and then I can picture him performing the song with the same boyishness and charms that his new manly image cannot hide. “Kiss Kiss” is such a cool down song for me, beautifully placed after the siege of BREAKDOWN and the longings of PLEASE, like a food that cleanses one’s palate.

    After cooling down, I thought it’s the end of the ride, then the “YES I WILL” track followed. Again, a very pleasant surprise, for I am ready to let everything go and settle to a peaceful and contented state after the effect of “Kiss Kiss”, then as if on cue, being true to his random self, Kim Hyun Joong awaken me from my peaceful solitude as if saying, Yah!~What are you thinking, I’m not done yet! Then he proceeded to sing a song that spoke about absolute love in a catchy tune that I never heard him used before. The song made use of some auto tune in parts though there is a smooth transition from his normal singing voice. His nasal rapping at the beginning of the song set the tempo for its entirety, it is fun and upbeat, without the heaviness of “BREAKDOWN”, without the pain of “PLEASE” and a little less cuter than “KISS KISS”.

    Oh, did I mentioned that I love every track in this mini album? You dare raise your eyebrow at me, for I speak with all cautions thrown in the wind, but I love this album for the simple reason that it is borne out of hard work and as I listen to it, the more I realized that this is not just an album, it is an extension of Kim Hyun Joong’s persona. It has that random, exciting, believable , addicting and no holds barred feel to it that only Kim Hyun Joong is capable of. It is nice to have a piece of Hyun Joong with me, even through his music.

    Shawty, you get my drift??



    credit: hyunniespexers.wordpress.com

    writer: azi767
  • A “Breakdown” of Kim Hyun Joong’s Appeal : A New Perspective


    What Makes Kim Hyun Joong Dance Moves Sexy

    (by Aprilstarr for http://hyunniespexers.wordpress.com)
    (warning: dangerous for the fainthearted!)

    Sexy nowadays is not what it used to be. So is dancing. Put the two together, what have you got? Kim Hyun Joong sexy dance moves of course !First of all the man is sexy even without moving a muscle. In fact without doing anything at all. Just standing there is all he needs to do to kill us all.
    Because sexy is not what it used to mean. No more trying hard. No moustache, beard or stubble needed. A clean cut face is oozing sexiness.

    Hair doesn’t have to be all over the place. A military look is fine.

    The eyes do not have to flirt -the intense gaze will floor whoever meets them .

    The lips are anticipating, expecting to meet yours (in your fantasy of course).

    He is lean. Somebody said lean is sexy – as if he is coming to you, slowly, while you become vulnerable and defenseless or rather you don’t want to struggle, because there is no point. It is surrendering to him without aggression on his part. You just sense gentleness even with the look of toughness.

    Do you know what he wants to do with you ? Are you going to tremble and say no ? But you want him just the same even for a brief moment. Even among the people, the singing, the room had become still- it is just you and him.

    Then he moves, he sways his hips, thrust them, while his arms are almost reaching you, what you do now is also up to you. Even the way he moves his legs tells you more than what your eyes are seeing.

    You still see his face, the eyebrows knit, the knowing smiles are not innocent -he knows you have a thing going for him. You think you heard him laugh, too. He laughs heartily and lustily. He knows fun.

    He doesn’t have to show a lot of skin , the collar showing a little of the chest gives you a hint he is just about ready to explode but it is more than enough .

    Am I describing Hyun Joong in his Breakdown Music Video ? Did you enjoyed as much as I did?

    Are you ready for Hyun Joong ?

  • Kim Hyun Joong “Please” don’t “Breakdown”, show us what you’ve got!


    Kim Hyun Joong Did Not Coulda, Shoulda,Woulda. He Just Did It And How!

    Now that that KHJ solo singing has been done live and all the dust had settled it can be told. All his devotion, dedication, hard work and talent produced the dynamic SHOWCASE in South Korea witnessed by the lucky 4,000 fans .For the rest of us, separated by time, space and distance the anticipation and expectation was agony by itself. But when the fancams, videos started streaming in we knew with our eyes wide open he did not coulda, shoulda,woulda. He just did it and how!KHJ said he had a dream …but he did not just stand there, he did something …he became a work maniac to be his best …for us .
    Everything he did had risks. I couldn’t imagine what he had to go through in his preparations but what I know is he concentrated …focused on the results.

    Here was the result : a performance showing he really owned the stage. It was his moment from the very time he appeared on the stage to the time he bowed out. I wouldn’t have spared even a wink if I was there . His dynamic performance would not allow any diversion from it anyway. His performance awed, no, mesmerized the audience. No one could escape the cuteness of Kiss, kiss, the new sexy appeal brought by Breakdown, the melancholic Please …the dance steps were born for him and only him .

    KHJ in his own words said he wanted to show he had transitioned from being a boy to a full grown man in his performance and we couldn’t agree more that he succeeded. Though he also said he wanted to get away from the shadow of SS501 ,we still saw hints of them. Past performances, they say produces present privileges.

    So for KHJ who did not spend his life in entertainment doubting and being afraid but rather spent himself on the work, his craft


  • A Closer Look Behind The Concept of Breakdown


    Written by Aprilstarr for http://hyunniespexers.wordpress.com

    A perceptive observer in Kim Hyun Joong’s Breakdown Music Video asked why – the black leather, the women as sex paraphernalia, equals masculinity. May I add the chains, the dark ambiance of an underground hideout located in the bowels of the city, the brooding looks ,the threat of violence erupting anytime completes the setting. This is the place where even angels fear to thread. Did they add to the charm of a scenario of masculinity being projected ? Of course they did because most of us accepted that as a given. That is the unwritten social script born out of the modern and even post modern urban ghetto.

    It is interesting to note how texture and colors shout out gender relations -leather and laces or soft shiny fabrics, dark and light, looks – quarrelsome and submissive looks , what one takes in hard drinks or soft drinks. Hah such polarity ! We have seen many, many of that kind the directors and scriptwriters used to project masculinity and femininity at the same time . It’s the image, baby. It is what we call cinematic license. The contrasting images highlight the male version of assertiveness, self consciousness in a dominating way. At the same time it is still the prevalent scenario in that genre courtesy of the western influence. Thanks (or boo) to globalization it’s influence is retained today .

    This is the image in the drama the Music Video created. Do we know it is just a stereotyped version of our gender relationship the cinema crafted ? It is hoped that we do . But yes, it is a show. In reality we are all masculine and feminine at the same time .

    For all that Kim Hyun Joong is saying he wants to show a more manly side of him but he cannot steel himself away from being emotional in public. He showed tears, that most of us cannot bear to look at him without almost the instinctual desire to go run and hug him. He cannot stop himself from being caring towards children (awwww, another image tugging our hearts ), or being caring towards his showbiz brothers . This is the Kim Hyun Joong we see but then we hear he drinks a lot, hates cheesy words and actions and by his own and friends admissions a tough guy. We know by heart his past which I would rather call tenacity and hardiness not toughness .

    That is the paradox of the so called masculinity. We are not really one and not the other .For we are masculine/feminine at the same time. When we do the extremes when we express exaggerated traits that is when trouble begins.

    What Kim Hyun Joong want now is to shed the pretty boy image DSP packaged him in neatly wrapped in a box complete with ribbons. Maybe he had outgrown that image. What I see is he isn’t the pretty boy anymore. He is now a fully grown man in charge of his life and his future .

  • The Appeal of Breakdown


    (Written by Aprilstarr for http://hyunniespexers.wordpress.com)

    Why do you keep on watching for the nth time Kim Hyun Joong’s Breakdown? Did you like the song, the addicting beat, the dance or the man? I bet you’d say all the above .What is its appeal ? First of all, let us be honest-we like Kim Hyun Joong. No, we love Hyun Joong. We love him to death. We waited for the promised comeback and he did not disappoint us. Breakdown is a heavy urban dance song and only a few can pull it off, but oh boy, he did pulled everything in us to breakdown.

    He came and showed us the steps he mastered looking effortless and stamped as his very own. Never mind if it was the trend somewhere, Hyun Joong intrepreted it his way. He did his dance with such an aplomb the word self assured must have been coined for him. He owned the stage-showing that sexy charisma he alone has the right to be called as such. Somebody said he is now the bad bad boy of the dance floor. Yes, Azi you are right he now is a sex symbol.

    But his being the sex symbol is beyond physical for he evokes something sensual in the mind. He crossed that boundary the moment he appeared before your eyes. In your mind he is performing for you. Alone .He looks like he has broken all the rules because he is dancing for you -his only audience. You don’t even hear the background screams. Nor notice the other dancers as the eyes seek its focus and remain on Hyun Joong .
    Hyun Joong dances with an unexposed upper body save for the chest peeking unashamedly through the unbottoned shirt. But your eyes had all taken it all off. He wore his leather and some tame chains around his neck. Your eyes can’t help but go down down down as he did his thrusting and pelvic gyrations -he is so flexible you can imagine what else he is capable of doing right there. The strips on the side of his pants emphasize those body movements and made you see beyond.

    He did not have to wear sleeveless shirts just to show the bulging flesh-all lean, all muscles. The tightness of the sleeves marked them all. His arms looked strong you’d wish he caged you with them. Then as soon as he was through …he just turned his back without even saying goodbye …and you were left wanting …for more .You might say is it is then all in our minds. Actually, No. Hyun Joong performed to his heart’s content. There was so much energy you can almost feel it. So much adrenalin, he shares the rush with you, leaving you heady and dazed, as if something phenomenal besieged you, yet still not fully satiated. But then something else happens , this is what all stage directors say about performers who are THE PERFORMERS -they have the all consuming stage presence. They forget themselves only what they are for you at that moment. And they give it all.
    Yes Azi , he wasn’t afraid to be amazing .

  • Breakdown : The Live Performances


    Written by Aprilstarr for http://hyunniespexers.wordpress.com/

    Let us assume we did not know the rankings this piece gathered for Mnet and Music Bank winning for Kim Hyun Joong two awards consecutively. Let us go back to the two live performances he just gave. Unlike the MV which included a movie like setting providing a different ambiance the live performance is simpler but it focused more on the performer and his performance .

    At the Mnet the live performance started with a shot of his huge icon and emblem at the background-spread eagle wingspan bearing the letters HJ at the middle. H stands for Hyun and J for Joong . It is rendered in black and grey that gave it a medievalesque look. Live performance at the Music Bank showed his pictures in huge tarpaulins. His backdrop was his HJ emblem.

    Then Hyun Joong was given a silhouette shot and the beat of his song began. He emerged from the shadows with his arms spread out repeating the spread eagle wingspan of his emblem. The visual impact was immediately gripping and fantastic. The message was loud and clear ” I’m ready for my solo flight across the musical horizon” .

    Hyun Joong has a short clean cut hairstyle revealing an attractive handsome face whose eyes were hidden in huge sunglasses. He wore full black ensemble for Mnet and a top with splashes of white-and grey for Music Bank. He had those two rows of chains in his neck cascading down his visible chest courtesy of unbuttoned top. It was a very sexy sight but perhaps it was made so for ease in dancing. The chains were repeated in his wrist while the hands are covered in black gloves . His upper torso is lean and long while his arms were covered with sleeves but one can tell they are muscular and well toned. Hyun Joong’s legs are strong cased in black leather with fringes at the sides. Yes, he lifted himself in the air like an eagle in flight. He did it looking tough but with grace, without strain and smiling beautifully. Perfect portrait of a dancer captured in many photos.

    The beat of his song began and his head,arms,body,and legs moved with it-as well as his team in synergy. Kim Hyun Joong is singing live. The energy from his dancing and singing flowed to you whether you watched it as part of the audience in the studio,in television, online in real time or delayed or even after checking in captured videos in blogs. You are hooked. He is completely mesmerizing. You have been hit by a thousand electric bolts. You felt the tension and your body felt the rhythm. It seemed like you were dancing with Hyun Joong.

    You heard his voice clearly in spite of some autotuned parts -that were needed anyway . But he sang with gusto and to the beat. You could not imagine how difficult it must have been to do all of the above -singing, dancing, looking good (although no effort on that one) altogether because he did it smoothly and he was totally engaged. Most of all you saw that he enjoyed his performance. He enjoyed performing for you.

    For three minutes and several seconds, you watched him do his dance music.Those who watched videos went for second,third, fourth and so on helpings. No satiety on Hyun Joong at all. I’m sure those who watched live felt that huge sense of withdrawal afterwards. Like being hooked on a powerful addicting drug …then the one that has been giving it suddenly went away.

    Yes, Lauren. You are so right. He ended his Breakdown performance with an attitude , that side glance as if saying ,”I’ve done it. Let us see you beat that !” Totally cool . Yo!



    Synnara record signing event - Yongsan I-Park, ET Land
    Date: 11th June 2011, Saturday, 7.30pm

    tweets from SGlove:
    Fans get to shake his hand, there's no pushing from security at all! Totally different from Singapore

    He was drinking Smoothy King Strawberry flavour (I think) before fansign start

    He's signing so slowly and smiling so sweetly at everyone ^^

    He seems to be in a good mood~~

    So cute! The security beside HJ even blew dry the ink for fans so that it won't smudge ! Cool~

    HyunJoong waved to little kids~~^^ so sweet ^^ that killing smile ))

    So attracted with his smile! lines are moving slowly which is a good thing! He takes his own sweet time to sign' haha

    HyunJoong's mood is very GOOD!!! Keep smiling ) alot of noona fans bring their children up! Hee^^

    left the stage. Before he left he shook the hand of first fan who went up to the stage whom he had forgot to shake her hand just now. Sweet!

    Saying his goodbye and thanks now! Seems like he's gonna be promoting Kiss Kiss too!


    Kim Hyun Joong @ Break Down FanSign - Yeongdeungpo, Seoul


    Fan Account: Hyun Joong at Close Range, My Journey To Meet Woojusin!


    By Lina Perez @ http://hyunniespexers.wordpress.com

    The first time I saw him was during his BREAK DOWN SHOWCASE last June 7, 2011…….one of the unforgettable experiences of mine because of the drama I made before entering the venue…….anyway a successful drama I should say………thanks to the staffs who helped me enter inside to watch him perform live. What an amazing comeback of HIM as a solo singer…….he is so awesome from the start up to the end of the show…….full of life and happy and very thankful to his fans who supported him thru thick and thin……..fans continue screaming and shouting for his name……KIM HYUN JOONG REALLY A TRUE LEADER of his own.

    My 2nd fan account and 2nd time meeting him and watched him perform live much closer than before…….my friends Lyd, Liz and Mariz and the 2 Japanese women who are with us squatting on the stairs outside the SBS studio and hundreds of fans of different artist are patiently waiting for their turn to go inside, to watch their idols practicing and preparing for the show that afternoon..the SBS INKIGAYO…….after how many hours of waiting, we went inside the venue………the staffs are still preparing the stage for BREAK DOWN…..after half an hour of waiting, the BREAK DOWN music starts………..we are all screaming and shouting for his name, he came out and as usual with his leather jacket…….I felt tired and sleepy because of endless night I had upon knowing that I won the raffle ticket for fan signing later………..all my tiredness was washed away…. his voice and his dance made me awake completely….he really dosed me…..he is like my effective medicine!…….He practiced 4 times………sweating all over due to the lighting and the hot leather jacket…….this time I saw him dancing well and teasing his fans with his joker face….he wave his hands to us that makes us screaming more, clapping our hands and continue to call out his name……he is so sweet….cute….sexy dancer!!!

    my 3rd fan account…..this was really my memorable one……I got the raffle ticket number one…….I cannot explain the feelings I have at the moment……..I started counting the minutes since I fall in line………fan signing started on time…..his punctuality amazed me a lot……he is so cool, handsome in his white polo with I LOVE CHARLIE written on it…..fans are really behave and no mobbing at all……..he spoke a little to greet the fans who are there just to see him……….he prepare to sit on the table……..his bodyguard went near beside me and look at the number of my ticket, he signaled me to come up……..I thought I cannot walk well because of nervousness and excitement……he greeted me and I greeted him in Korean….he smiled when he heard it………he look down at my CD and started to sign on it, I have written my name, but he still ask for it……..I’m watching him full of love and praise while signing, and told him SARANGHAE from the PHILIPPINES…….I heard him laugh a little bit louder, so is Mr. Jeong……….after signing the CD, he handed it to me and said THANK YOU…….I said Thank you very much in return……..I want to say something to him, but I’m afraid he may not understand me well, so I just keep mum and look at him eye to eye….he smiled once again and took a glance to my grand daughter and give her a smile…….he never thought she understand Korean, or else he will talk to her…..I want to shake his hands, cause he is still looking at me……….but I prefer to go down to give way to the next winners……….

    He is dashingly handsome…..his smiles makes my world turn around so many times……….I really can’t believe myself that I can see him much closer than I expected……He is really worth to be loved………..he is an adorable and sweet person……he speaks so cool!!!!!………LOVE YOU MORE, KIM HYUN JOONG!!!!

    I left the place happy and contented…..with smiling heart and good feelings…….still looking forward to another chance to meet him and this time I will definitely shake his hand…….maybe, I’m at ease already when that time comes…!

    Break Down Fan Sign Event (Incheon)
  • 869781280x800bac52copyw.jpg

    Kim Hyun-joong's first mini album "Break Down" has pre-sold more than 70,000 copies in ten days since the reservation release.

    Kim Hyun-joong's management started selling the mini album on and offline since last 20th through a music site. This album is the first solo album in Kim Hyun-joong's name and he has been working on it for the past year with the best staff.

    It looks as if fans have been waiting for his come back and it's being shown through the subscription sales this time. It seems the sales will increase up to the 8th of June.

    This album is also foreseeing jackpot as it is ranking all top numbers in online music sights and music sales sites.

    Kim Hyun-joong will start being active with his album starting with a showcase with 4,000 fans on the 7th of June.

    Source : news.nate.com/view/20... ( Korean )

    Kim Hyun Joong is Number 1 on Hanteo Charts - No.1 Real-Time , No.1 Daily , No.1 Most Searched

    Credit: http://www.mydaily.co.kr
    Translation: ss501ode.blogspot.com

    Singer Kim Hyunjoong's first mini album 'Break Down' is currently receiving feverish popularity for it.

    On the 8th when Kim Hyunjoong officially released his album in the morning, and right until this moment (10th Jun, 2:00 PM), on the Hanteo Charts, in the Album Sales category, his No.1 status is currently holding a 3 times and bigger difference with the No.2 on the Real-Time Charts and the Daily Charts. In addition, he is also the No.1 Most Searched Real-Time keyword recorded - which is 3 thrones for him recorded altogether.

    The representative charts of Korea - the Hanteo Charts, takes into record of sales data from its nationwide merchant outlets as well as the nation's biggest few discography shopping malls, and added on with sales data from medium and small internet/online merchants to get the calculation for Real-Time charts and rankings.

    Kim Hyunjoong's agency KEYEAST told about this on the 10th, "Rather than putting it across that album sales have results as follow, which focuses mainly on digital singles and title tracks, is to tail behind the transformation of the music industry (in order to fit into it), it is more evident of Kim Hyunjoong's hard work put into for the full album as being verified and appreciated by fans - as proved through the results".

    On the 9th, Kim Hyunjoong has since begun his official and luxurious comeback through Mnet MCountdown with his oozing charisma on stage.
  • 2961691280x800126703728.jpg

    Kim Hyun Joong's Debut Solo Album Sales Figure breaks 100 000!
    Translation: KHJGALAXY

    Kim Hyun Joong's management company Keyeast reveals that his debut solo mini album 'Break Down' 's total album sales has surpassed 100 000 within 2 weeks.

    Album sales figures research site Hanteo has recorded 83 000 from the release date on the 8th to 20t of this month. In addition with 20 000 amount of album sales in Japan, the total album sales reached 100 000.

    Keyeast expresses 'This year besides idol groups like Big Bang & TVXQ, he is the first solo artist to break 100 000 in album sales.' and 'Other than Japan, the rest of Asia's album sales have not been recorded. Kim Hyun Joong will be starting Asia tour on 9 locations in August, the total album sales figures are expected to increase even more.'

    Kim Hyun Joong is promoting the title track 'Break Down' which has won various number 1 on music shows.

    here is the ranking as of April:

    The rankings and the number of album copies sold are as follows:

    1. TVXQ – “Keep Your Head Down” (236,669)
    2. Big Bang – “Fourth Mini-album” (139,104)
    [highlight]---> we're HERE!!!!]Kim Hyun Joong [/highlight]
    3. TVXQ – “Keep Your Head Down, Repackaged” (51,354)
    4. CNBLUE – “First Step” (44,414)
    5. Seungri – “V.V.I.P.” (41,302)
    6. Various Artists – “Park Colleen’s Selections” (35,831)
    7. Super Junior-M – “Too Perfect” (35,000)
    8. Various Artists – “Secret Garden OST Special” (30,278)
    9. MBLAQ – “BLAQ Style” (27,702)
    10. GD&TOP – “First Official Album” (23,004)


    Credit: http://k-popexpress.com
    Source: http://english.kbs.co.kr/

    Solo singer Kim Hyun-joong has made quite the successful comeback, selling 100,000 copies of his album already.

    According to album sales tracking agency, Hanteo Chart, on June 22nd, Kim sold 80,000 copies of his mini album “Break Down” in just the first two weeks. Another 20,000 were sold until now making total sales clock in at about 100,000 copies.

    During times when albums are no longer the popular choice of music purchases, this figure is quite significant. So significant that the popular star is the first solo singer to have made such sales. He’s in good company of other idol groups like Big Bang and TVXQ who have accomplished the same feat as a group.
    According to KEYEAST, Kim is planning on embarking on his Asia Tour in August. This is expected to only increase sales.

    The singer-turned-actor undoubtedly faced much pressure to stand on his own two feet as a singer after the members of SS501 all signed with different management companies when their contract with DSP Entertainment ended. Already having reached number on a popular music ranking live performance show, it’s clear that he’s doing just fine flying solo.


    KHJ's 'Break Down' limited edition album sells out in 1 hour

    Kim Hyun Joong’s ‘Break Down‘ album had previously achieved sales of 100,000 albums within only two weeks, making him the first solo artist to do so this year.

    And now, it has been reported that the ‘Break Down’ limited edition album that Kim Hyun Joong had prepared as a way to thank his fans had sold out within an hour of its release on June 23rd, making him the first solo artist to sell a total of 110,000 albums within two weeks this year!

    Kim Hyun Joong also recently achieved his second consecutive win on Mnet’s ‘M! Countdown‘ with ‘Break Down’.

    It looks like the singer’s soaring popularity won’t be slowing down anytime soon!


    Overall impact-INCANDESCENT APPEAL -Hyun Joong lights up an otherwise ordinary scene of walking in the street or pathway I presume going to the waiting room to see Young Saeng .



    Hyun Joong gave to his dongsaeng ,Young Saeng the day to shine,never to show himself to snatch the limelight from him ,appeared understated, underdressed if you will but shone in his simplicity nevertheless.


    Backstage Reunion
    Reunions whether formal or informal are meant to rekindle kindred spirits .
    Words need not be said and unsaid words flow back and forth .

    Relations are restored if lost and brotherhood ties are reaffirmed .

    They are all in one profession : the performing arts.

    They all would want to claim the stage showing their respective unique talent and charms . Each in their own time and space.

    Hyun Joong showed what it is to be a leader ,once a leader, always a leader . To be there when he is able and available.

    To be there not to outshine the celebrant of his solo launching dressing simply ,no fanfare . To be there simply to lend that support to his dongsaeng ,YS.

    The time will also come when each one completes the cycle of solo activities …then love will be lovelier. We will see them all as one again.

    We just have to be patient. To give each one the breathing space they need -the backstage reunion will be the start of a complete brotherhood reunion we have been hoping for , their hearts will tell and decide when it is going to be.
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    thread 8 na tayo *party*
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