Urgent Help: Pwede bang handcarry ang Wines and Spirits?

Domestic flight po sana, and di galing sa DFS. Kung pwedeng handcarry, 4 red wine bottles and 2 fundador, tag 500ML each kasi, e di ba pag liquid daw 1L lang pwede? pag checked in luggage naman, di kaya mabasag sya?that is kung pwede din bang i-check-in, ok lang sana at meron namang 15kgs na na-avail. fiesta lang kasi sa province, pasalubong. ty


  • waterwellwaterwell summer time machine blues PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    1L liquid pwede handcarry? hindi ba 100ml lang?
  • gentle_toucheegentle_touchee Member PExer
    1L po total, tag 100 ML. So, I guess di nga pwede. Kung check in kaya, pwede? Di naman kaya mabasag lang? may liability ba ang airline pag may nabasag sa checked-in luggage?even if declared sa check-in counter na may babasagin, or may wines? may additional bayad ba to pag dineclare na wines for check-in?
  • purpleheadd07purpleheadd07 Babae po ako PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    tanong mo kaya sa airline, pakipost din please para alam din namin :D
  • gentle_toucheegentle_touchee Member PExer
    tanong mo kaya sa airline, pakipost din please para alam din namin :D

    wala kasi kaming landline e, pag cp e matagal bago may sumagot for sure, ubos ang kahit 1k na load dun! saka mamaya na ang flight ko, biglaan kasing may nagpabili:mecry:

    sayang din kasi, and wala din mapag iiwanan nito sa airport, unless, iwanan na lang sa bahay. nag-gooogle me, yung iba tinago nila sa checked-in luggage nila, international flights, pero 2-3 pcs. lang kasi yung sinasabi nila.
  • lonely_pinoylonely_pinoy wag kang ganyan PExer
    the airline can't stop people what to stuff in their bags. kahit ano ay pwede mong ilagay sa bag mo but don't expect the airline to compensate you if something happens to your bag. let's say you put a jar of curry powder and it spills in the bag, your signature clothes were messed up, will you force the airline to cover for this?

    to answer you question, you can't stuff too much liquid in carryon bags. the liquid must be in clear small plastic bag and the contents of each container must be less than 3oz/100ml. usually eh mga lotion, shampoo, medicines, toothpaste.

    hope this helps.:p
  • lonely_pinoylonely_pinoy wag kang ganyan PExer
    better yet leave the stuff to somebody you know and have them shipped to your house....this is no brainer and it's safe. you can even get insurance for this.

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