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Corolla XE 95: Engine Overhaul or Buy New 2E Engine?

I got a secondhand Corolla XE 95 from a relative. Actually na-Ondoy sya; it was fixed well enough, pero ngayon blow-by na ang makina. I brought my car to Filmar on Katipunan, they estimate that an overhaul will cost me about P17K.

On the other hand, my friend tells me I should buy a new engine. According to him, I should be able to buy a new 2E engine for about that much.

Should I go on with the overhaul, or should I consider buying a new engine? I'm not looking to soup it up; I'm fine with the 1.3 engine, actually, but the gas efficiency of my car right now is pretty bad. Tapos iniisip ko rin that a new engine should prolong the life of the car.

Any thoughts? I'm a relative newbie to cars, so helpful advice would be appreciated.


  • drei221drei221 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    TS, in your situation I'll change my engine. If you'll go the engine swap direction I suggest you consider
    a more powerful one, ex. 4efe, 4efte since they have the same engine mount as your 2e.
    If you have the budget go 4age (Black Top or Silver Top).
  • The 2e engine is one of toyota's easy to service engine. Try to look for other shops/mechanics. A friend of mine was quoted under 12k for the overhaul. (piston rings and valve seals)
  • The 2E is quite an old engine already so i seriously doubt there is a new one on the market. An overhaul is the order unless you have a cracked cylinder head or something to that effect.

    Overhauled a 2E before where we changed the piston rings, head gaskets, t-belt, water pump and seals and it did not cost me more than 10K for parts years ago. Better to get a list of the needed parts from your mechanic then personally buy the parts yourself from Banawe. Try Toyota part shops like Toyorama, NGK, etc.
  • froshie1froshie1 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Pag magpa 4AGE engine ka good luck kung makakuha ka ng high tension wires if it's already time to replace them.
  • engine swap is the way to go!

    mas mabilis ang downtime.
  • engine swap is the way to go!

    mas mabilis ang downtime.
  • oo nga engine swap ka nalang sir...well kung meron ka makukuha surplus na 2E mas OK yun...pero tama....baka mahirapan ka pa
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