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kotse na di masyado nagagamit

we have a car that is not being used often. maybe just once a week. since its not being used that much we've been waiting for the car to reach 15k KM for change oil and other maintenance, for about 1.5 years. is it recommended to bring the car to the dealer service center? can you recommend Rapide? my car
was purchased last 2003.

lastly kelan po yung registration ng sasakyan pag 7 ang ending ng plate number?


  • Have it serviced (change oil) every 6 months. Even regular mineral-based oil is okay.

    As for Rapide... i'd advice against going to that shop as there are a lot of bad feedback on them. I myself have experienced this. A simple google on the shop will tell you why. Shops like Servitek, Petron CCC, Shell, etc, nearest to your place can do the job straightforwardly.

    Also since the car is only 15K km and almost 9 years old, have all the other fluids (gear oil or ATF, coolant, powersteering fluid, etc.) and your fuel and air filters replaced already if these have never been done.

    7 - July registration
  • kelunjikelunji PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    But during that "once a week" use, how long is it on the road? Traffic conditions? Even if the distance travelled during that time is only 20km, pero stuck naman sa traffic for hours with the engine running. I'd still bring it to a garage/shop for servicing. If I am not mistaken mineral engine oil needs to be changed every 5,000km or at least every 6 months, w/c ever comes first. Its up to you if you want to bring it to the casa. One thing I would stay away from is Rapide. Lolokohin ka lang dun.

    Plates ending in 7 need to be registered by the end of July.
  • Thanks for the reply. I'll schedule the servicing of our car.

    @Kelunji: we just normally use the car to go to the grocery, which is less than 5 KM back and forth from our house :bonkself:

    Iwasan ko ang Rapide, and instead go to a Shell Station near us. Mahal din kasi sa casa ng Toyota.
  • CollegeKidCollegeKid PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Anong CAR po yan sir? bakit once a week niyo lang ginagamit?
  • rendakurendaku PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    While "7" ending must be registered in July, you also have to know that the middle digit of your plate indicates its week of registration. Here's how:
    middle digits - week
    1,2,3 - july 1-7
    4,5,6 - july 8-14
    7,8 - july 15-21
    9,0 - july 22 to last day of the month.
    Nasa likod yata ng OR yan.

    Failing to register in your scheduled week, you would incur surcharge of P200.
  • jpd74jpd74 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    suwerte ang bibili dyan .. kasi di gaano gamit ang car ... madaming bang kayo car kaya once a week lang siya nagagamit ....
  • Mineral oil will do, every six months..... REV from time to time kahit nasa garahe para mare-charge battery. Kung change oil lang, kahit saan or rapide puede na.

    7 = July pero take note of middle number kasi may penalty rin pag lumagpas ko designated week of July.
  • salamat sa paalala regarding s middle digit ng plate number.
    mitsubishi adventure ang kotse namin. i realized na dapat pala auv ang term naginamit ko at di car. malapit lang kasi kami sa work at pa lahat kaya mas contenient mag lakad :bonkself:

    usually pinapatakbo namin sasakyan every wednesday para maginit ang makina
  • Since 5kms lang ang route, I suggest you give your car at least 10 minute warm up before starting to drive. Oil may not be warm enough to flow to the engine. Flush all fluids.
  • jason_10 wrote: »
    Since 5kms lang ang route, I suggest you give your car at least 10 minute warm up before starting to drive. Oil may not be warm enough to flow to the engine. Flush all fluids.

    Because of this I remembered to warm up our car :bonkself:

    Ano kaya ang mas ok, Goodyear Servitek or Petron CCC ?

    Magkano kaya cost para mapalitan ang mga ito:

    gear oil
    powersteering fluid
    fuel and air filters

    Is it okay ba na ipa check ko na rin ang Engine oil, engine coolant, brakes (bale parang general check up na ng sasakyan) ?
  • Both are capable naman to service your ride. Although you can purchase your own parts to save a bit. Basically you can check all fluids naman.

    Oil should be brown and clear. ATF should be red and must not have a burnt smell. Coolant should be free from rust. Brake fluid should be clear.
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