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FREE Ebook about Stock Market

I would like to share the free Ebooks I've got so far about stock market. Although i would suggest that you attend seminar conducted by PSE and Citiseconline which are free also, reading about stock market espcecially by Benjamin Graham will be helpful.

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  • Today, I went together with my great friend who wanted to exchange his gold coin in a jewelry shop. We drove to Satwa where Damas is accepting gold coins in exchange for cash. The gold coin is worth 5,500 dirhams (66,000 pesos). He bought it last January 2010 at a price of 4,300 dirhams (51,600 pesos). He made a profit of 1,200 dirhams (14,400 pesos), a staggering 28% profit. If he bought a million pesos worth of gold, he could have earned 280,000 pesos in just 1 1/2 year.

    After a few discussion with him, I told him that I would consider gold in my investment portfolio and will give it a shot. What he did was just a simple buy and sell. He bought it in a jewelry store, paid it, and store it in a safe place. After more than a year, he just went to the jewelry store, sold it to them at current price less charges, then walk away with a profit of 28%. It is very simple that what you are going to do is just hold the gold until you need the money for personal or investment diversification and sold it. The big difference here of course is the profit. In banks, you will not earn a 28% interest in 1 1/2 year isn't? Here you can as clearly demonstrated by my friend.

    When you buy a gold for investment, it must be a coin, a biscuit (small bar) or a bar. These type of gold when sold back again to the jewelry shop will have a higher selling value than personal jewelries like necklace, earrings, rings, etc. Also, the charges is lower for the gold coins, biscuits,or a bar in comparison against personal jewelries. One of the important things you need to do is that you MUST need to ask the jewelry shop if they are accepting gold when you are selling it to them. Not all jewelry shops are buying back the gold you bought to them. Also, the receipt is very important in selling back the gold to the jewelry shop.

    While my friend had profited in gold, is it still viable to invest in it? Do you think gold has reached it's peak?Let us take a look at the price of the gold. Below is a chart taken from Gold Price1. If you noticed in the chart, the price of gold had increased dramatically in the last five years. The price has always been increasing except in year 2008 when US was hit by the subprime crisis. What I see in the chart is that the gold price has always been appreciating and in five years time, the price almost tripled in value.

    more in http://theofwinvestor.blogspot.com/2011/06/gold-rush.html
  • Philippine's Listed Mining Companies
    Since I have discussed gold in the previous blog "Gold Rush", I wanted now to know the mining companies in the Philppines which are listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange. Below are the mining companies I have taken in PSE website, www.pse.com.ph/. Not all of these companies are into gold production. They were just classified in the mining sector by the PSE. If you want to have an overview on how these sectors were classified, please go to

    http://www.pse.com.ph/html/ListedCompanies/guide/psesectorclassificationguide.pdf for more info. Pictures here courtesy of Flickr and do not represent the actual mining operations of the companies but rather a visual effect on the overall activities of a mining company.

  • What Goes Up, Goes Down!

    Yesterday, I went to our office for work. Normally, we are taking a break of five minutes within the 8 am to 1 pm morning period before lunchtime. During the breaktime, we went downstairs to puff one cigarette and shake the stress a little bit. While we were discussing something, we heard a loud thud at the nearby building and saw one person throwing a ball high up in the air and fall right back into the ground.

    Law of Gravity
    What is the law of gravity in the first place. According to Encyclopedia, "Gravitation is the force of attraction, that exists between all particles with mass in the universe. It is the force of gravity which is responsible for holding objects onto the surface of planets and, with Newton's law of inertia's responsible for keeping objects in orbit around one another.""Gravity is the force that pulls you down." -- Merlin in Disney's The Sword in the Stone.

    When you throw a ball up, it will always go down. It's a law. It is universal. No matter what kind of throw you will do, a ball will always go down. Nobody can make a ball suspend in the air. You are in Antarctica, Middle East, America, India, Philippines and Africa, a ball thrown up in the air is always going down.

    Likewise in stocks, when a stock price goes up, it will always goes down. Never in the history of stock market that a stock price goes up infinitely. It will always goes down. But sometimes the downward movements is so short, the investors do not even feel the effect of it once it goes up. There are a lot of factors playing out in this high low movement. I have written some of these in this blog also. For a quick view, please go to http://theofwinvestor.blogspot.com/2...-of-stock.html.

    click below for continuation. http://theofwinvestor.blogspot.com/2...goes-down.html
  • Stock Market Terms and Definitions

    Closing Price - Last traded market price for the company or index for that day.

    Example: Ayala Land was traded between 15 to 16 yesterday. When the stock market closed at 12:10 nn, the price of Ayala Land is 15.5, then the closing price of Ayala Land is 15.5.

    Target Price - Target price is a company's estimated worth or fair market value as computed by various ways specific to its industry (i.e DCF, NAV, P/BV, PER).

    Example:Ayala Land is currently trading at 15 per share. Analysts will estimate how much will be the price of Ayala Land in the future.

    To continue reading, please click
  • What is Average Price in Citiseconline's Portfolio?

    Recently, I tried to compute the average price column as shown in my portfolio by using the sales price of the shares. Unfortunately, I did not come up with the correct figures. I have used all the mathematical equation I know but all of them were futile.

    So I asked the helpdesk of Citsec to provide the computation of the Ave. Price column. The customer service replied quickly to my queries and explained this Ave. Price column.

    All the while, I thought the computation is based on selling price but when I received the e-mail from Citisec, the computation is based on cost.

    kindly click below to continue reading. http://theofwinvestor.blogspot.com/2011/07/what-is-average-price-in-citiseconlines.html
  • Common Stock - A security that represents ownership in a corporation. Holders of common stock exercise control by electing a board of directors and voting on corporate policy. Common stockholders are on the bottom of the priority ladder for ownership structure. In the event of liquidation, common shareholders have rights to a company's assets only after bondholders, preferred shareholders and other debtholders have been paid in full.

    Example: Randy Corporation issued 1,000 common stock to you and 1,000 preferred stock to your sister. In this case, since you are the owners of the common stock of Randy Corporation, you can vote on company policies and board of directors that will represent you in the company. Your sister on the other hand is not entitled to vote on company policies and board of directors.

    click below for more info. http://theofwinvestor.blogspot.com/2011/07/stock-market-terms-and-definitions-2.html
  • My Stock Portfolio
    As a stock investor, perhaps you are wondering what are the stocks I am buying. Well, I have bought various stocks already and sold them at a profit. After selling all my stocks before, I purchased again every month and below are the current stocks I have.

    CLICK below for more info http://theofwinvestor.blogspot.com/2011/07/my-stock-portfolio.html
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