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The truth about Fencil_kase, jersey_vixen, Blustatepundit, xgoldilocksx....

Hi. I'm not sure where to post this but I have to do this before it gets out of hand.

The four pex accounts: Fencil_kase, jersey_vixen, Blustatepundit, xgoldilocksx are just controlled by one person and sad to say he is my husband. I've noticed just recently that he's made a lot of friends and enemies and a girlfriend.

Bryan aka "Fencil_kase" is not who he really is. He is a made up character in his mind, as well as jersey_vixen, Bluestatepundit and xgoldilocksx (not sure if there are some more but I believe there is more but I have no knowledge about it. They are but one person. I've known that he just had a relationship here (Fencil_kase) and I'm not going to mention her name... for her safety.

I am shocked that he's been playing with decent and truthful people here and I couldn't believe it myself. He's been a veteran pexer and he knows the ropes around here. He is married with three beautiful children. This may sound unbelievable but sad to say its true. I already confiscated his laptop so you'll not see him posting around anymore (I hope).

For the people whom "jersey_vixen" flirted.... don't worry because I got access to this account and deleted all the private emails. Even his ym messenger - I gained access to it that's why I found out about it.

I'm doing the necessary steps to fix this trouble he made. So for those people who were victimized, I apologize.

jersey_vixen's pic is his officemate. I pity the girl. I will have to tell her too that he's been using her pic.

If you want to find out more just pm me.
I am as shocked as you are and I'm still trying to understand everything. Thank you for your time.

..........jersey_vixen's, Fencil_kase, Bluestatepundit's, xgoldilocksx's wife.
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