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makimakmakmakimakmak PEx Rookie ⭐
Oh how I miss my alma matter. Sa mga galing TNCHS jan (Cavite), this is our thread. Let's share and reunite.:)


  • makimakmakmakimakmak PEx Rookie ⭐
    1st year - Section Acacia (Mrs. Bautista from Science)
    2nd Year - Section Camia (Mrs. Alejo from Values)
    3rd year - Section Atis (Ms. Bautista from Math)
    4th year - Section Diamond (Mrs. Flores from Filipino)

    Syempre, my favorite subject/elective from 1st to 4th year:

    Journalism (Ms. K and Mrs. Profeta)

    Love Love Love
  • makimakmakmakimakmak PEx Rookie ⭐
    Up. Wala talagang taga Tanza High na nagPePex? I doubt it. :)
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