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Kelan Po Ba Magkakaroon Ng Pe Uniform

Hello. Sabi Po Kasi Nung 26 Magkakaron Na. Kaso Pag Punta Namin Sa S.g.o Wala Pa Din.


  • SGO? Isn't that the... Student Grant's Office... ?
    You should really be checking the bookstore at the Taft Campus since I believe that's where they're sold.
  • Also, we (members of PEx) can't really tell when the PE uniforms will be back in stock since bookstore personnel themselves can't even tell. :bop:

    Just keep checking back at the bookstore every now and then. For the meantime, just wear a white t-shirt and any green pair of shorts (for guys) or jogging pants (for girls) unless your PE teacher is not so particular with those things.
  • j5bataj5bata PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ^SGO posted outside their office about "freshed out" PE uniforms when I was passing by Main last week.

    @Frosh, as students of the school, kayo na bahala maging in the know on what's happening inside the campus. Much of the usual people who gives school-related advice here have also experienced the same dilemmas as you're experiencing when were also starting out in Benilde. Always inquire regarding your concerns to the school itself, to its offices to the student organizations and even to our very own student council.
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