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Kristy Lee Cook and the AI Superstition

Season 7 winner = David Cook (Kristy Lee Cook)
Season 8 winner = Kris Allen (Kristy Lee Cook)
Season 9 winner = Lee DeWyze (Kristy Lee Cook)
Season 10 winner = Scotty McCreery (Kristy Lee Cook)

Alphabetically, Winners Always Come Last
David C/David A

Double Letters in the name for the Victory
Season 1: Kelly Brianne Clarkson
Season 2: Christopher Theodore Ruben Studdard?
Season 3: Fantasia Monique Barrino
Season 4: Carrie Marie Underwood
Season 5: Taylor Ruben Hicks
Season 6: Brianna Sparks
Season 7: David Roland Cook
Season 8: Kristopher Neil Allen name.
Season 9: Leon James DeWyze
Season 10: Scotty Cooke McCreery


  • asero
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  • Scarlet_Letter
    Scarlet_Letter When Moods Collide
    And she also was convinced of the curse. :lol:



    Is this the start of a new curse? Will a girl finally win next season? :naughty:
  • Aero0088
    Aero0088 Move Forward...

    Scotty McCreery just sang his heart out on the last ever Idol performance show. He's been consistently crappy all season and didn't grow whatsoever. He must be rewarded for this. Besides, if Scotty wins, he completes the Kristy Lee Cook curse. After our favorite "Eight Days a Week" singer was unfairly voted out in season 7, she cursed American Idol by only allowing white guys with guitars to win the show. First was David Cook. Then, Kris Allen. Last year was Lee DeWyze. All we need now is Scotty McCreery and we spell Kris-ty Lee Cook. Avenge Kristy and vote your tails off for Scotty. (Then again, if Lauren wins, Kristy still gets her vengeance because "Like My Mother Does" is a song from her failed post-Idol album).
    You have 4 numbers to choose from: 1-866-IDOLS-01, 1-866-IDOLS-03, 1-866-IDOLS-05, and 1-866-IDOLS-07. Whichever is least busy, use that one. Also, text VOTE to 5701. And don't forget to get in your 50 votes at
    This isn't just American Idol. It's destiny. Saint Antonella has deemed it so that music industry messiah Scotty McCreey will win and put out the worst album ever recorded in the history of music. We can't wait for that to happen!
    And no matter what, Kristy Lee Cook has gotten her revenge on Idol by helping produce the #worstfinaleever. Kristy's dead former horse must be so proud.
  • Aero0088
    Aero0088 Move Forward...
    yung kinanta pala ni Lauren eh si Kristy Lee Cook kumanta.... hmm... weird......
  • -gelay-
    -gelay- simple kinda life
    what's gonna happen to her (kristy lee cook) now that the prophecy has been fulfilled? :lol:
  • Aero0088
    Aero0088 Move Forward...
    umm.. It's a curse daw - "she cursed American Idol by only allowing white guys with guitars to win the show"
  • Aero0088
    Aero0088 Move Forward...
    elma_emo wrote: »
    actually, she didn't curse Idol. There's no such thing as curse. Loser lang talaga ang mga sina Lambert, Shiban/Crystal at Haley/Lauren

    ulitin ko para sa b0b0 na pexer:

    "she cursed American Idol by only allowing white guys with guitars to win the show"

    anu kinalaman nila Lambert, Siobhan, Crystal, Haley at Lauren dun? obvious na troll ka dito sa pex... pero sa lahat ng troll *** ata ang mejo sablay tumirada.. hahahaha
  • Nakakatawa nga ito. :rotflmao:

    Kristy Lee Cook, ikaw na, ikaw na talaga ang panalo. Congrats! *okay*
    Sa wakas, natupad din ang propesiya. *okay*:D;):lol::)
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