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COLEEN ORTEGA GARCIA : Pretty,Humble & Talented.- GOOD VIBES- Thread I

Coleen Ortega Garcia, going 19 year old this year. Born on September 24, 1992 in Mandaluyong.

She was asked to join showbiz right after she discovered from her recent commercials. Her career as a commercial model started when she was around 2 years of age, debuting with her mother in a commercial for Johnson's & Johnson's. Ever since then she has been involved in doing commercials usually with her mother. More recent ones include that of Skin White, where she starred along side JohnLloyd Cruz, along with that of Lewis & Pearl Cologne where she starred 'Angel'. Her latest break in commercial modelling career is that of the Nestea commercial series , where she stars as 'Matina' alongside Niel Coleta.

She is newest talent under Star Magic PH, a BNY image model for their teens line apparel.

Her latest show entitled 'GOOD VIBES' every Sunday right after ASAP ROCKS @ ABS-CBN.
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