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choosing accounting subjects

hi guys..nursing course ko dte and now nagshift sa accountancy..can someone tell me the subject description of ALW, ATX, BAC, BAE, BAF, BAM, BSR, ITA, PEP, SC and THEO? hindi kokc alam ano pipillin kong subjects..may ACT n ako na 6 units..baka puro mahirap mapili kong subjects..pls help..:(:hmm:


  • wgd25wgd25 PExer
    Go to office of Department of Accountancy and ask for a copy of Accountancy Bulletin booklet from any of the JPIA officers there. Descriptions of accounting subjects are written there. Just do not be afraid to ask assistance from any of the officers. good luck!:)
  • evsvevsv PExer
    thank you so much:)
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