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    Patricia Javier Is FHM's April 2015 Cover Girl!
    By Gelo Gonzales March 27, 2015 01:00 AM 2992 views
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    A goddess returns this month as Patricia Javier (yes, the one and the only) descends from her place on the FHM Hall of Fame and back to her rightful place on the cover. Yes, kids of the '00s, Mrs. Montero is back—and more importantly, we are happy to report that Mrs. Montero has lost nary an ounce of hotness since first landing on the cover of our December 2000 issue.

    Here's our proof:


    Who would've thought that we'd all have the privilege of seeing her once again—much less, on an FHM cover? We certainly didn't. When she moved to the U.S. in 2004, we all felt a tiny crack in our hearts knowing we'd be seeing less from the well-endowed beauty. Now, for at least an entire month, she will be mending that wound. Why the comeback? She offers quite the sensible reason.

    "Filipinas are smarter and more openminded now when it comes to this. So I thought, maybe I could influence other women," she tells us. "So I’m doing this to influence moms like me, na hindi porke’t mommy eh losyang na. Let’s take care of our bodies. The more na tumatanda, the more dapat na gumaganda!"

    We wholheartedly agree, PJ!

    For those who need extra convinving, she also offers another reason why you shouldn't miss this issue: "This is my last FHM shoot, kaya they better get copies kasi wala nang susunod! Ha ha!" It's now or never, boys. Whether you were an adolescent in the 2000s or someone who's barely-past-adolescence now, Patricia can still make you bite your own lip.

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    ano kaya next project niya after Doble Kara???
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