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Hello GUYS! I made this thread because I need someone to talk to. I need someone who can answer and explain all my questions. Please help me decide.

I'm currently studying in CEU Makati taking up BS Nursing. I'd like to transfer to CSB and take up AB-FDM (Yeah, I know.. Walang konek sa nursing. HEHE:lol:) I can't really decide If I will pursue this.. :confused:

1) AB-FDM is all about?
2) What are the things you do here? Sew? Draw?
3) Does this course includes MATH? If yes, is it difficult? (I hate math!)
4) Super hirap ba to?

wait! Please make kwento na lang! :) Thanks a lot! :)


  • KozenKozen PExer
    Hi NinaMichiko!, I'm an AB-FDM student, here's my answer to all of your q's.

    1.) AB-Fashion Design and Merchandising is a 4 year bachelor of arts degree program. It focuses on design development and philosophies. From production to marketing procedures. It's core is fashion business.

    2.) Yeah you basically trained to construct clothes. There's also sketching and illustration subjects. Pattern Drafting, You also have Draping (in the mannequin) subjects, Fabric Design subjects, and a lot more.

    3.) you have College Algebra and Elementary Statistics included in the General Education subjects in your 1st year of college, The Math part in AB-FDM is mainly on measurements, fractions, you need that for Pattern Drafting subjects. At first as I was about to take my first majors, I'm kind of confused with measurements and fractions! it's still Math kasi eh haha.

    4.) Some professors were really hard to please even though your works are okay naman. But if it's really your passion, you wouldn't mind it n *** and instead just do your very best.
  • You think it's worth it to shift from nursing to this course? Or mahihirapan lang ako lalo? :| Im really confused! :(
  • KozenKozen PExer
    Is Fashion really is your passion? Nursing and Fashion have different worlds. Of course you need to adjust at first kasi Nursing then you're gonna take up a design and arts course. Just think of these, what do yo wanna be in the future? what's my passion in life? what career do you wanna pursue?
  • j5bataj5bata PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    FDM is also a discipline...Based from what my friends from that course told me, it's not as easy as pie but they are happy being a part of it because it is something they want to do as a career.
  • First, I really don't like nursing. I was just forced to take it because it's in demand few years ago. Fashion Design is not in demand but still I really want to take the risk.
  • @Kozen magkano approximately tuition fee sa course mo?
  • Hi @excellent88, well it actually depends on how many units you're going to take per term. Tuition fee per unit is at P2,114 as of SY 2011-2012. Tuition fee per term normally ranges from P55,000-P70,000.



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  • @Kozen magkano approximately tuition fee sa course mo?
    Kozen wrote: »
    Hi @excellent88, well it actually depends on how many units you're going to take per term. Tuition fee per unit is at P2,114 as of SY 2011-2012. Tuition fee per term normally ranges from P55,000-P70,000.

    true! Actually average high and average low pa lang 'to. It could go much higher depende sa course.

    Ano ba course mo?
  • Hi Alfonso209, I'm taking up AB Fashion Design and Merchandising (AB-FDM). Yeah I agree, what's your course naman? teehee.
  • Hi! I'm a junior and I'm thinking na ang kukunin kong course is FDM.I love fashion. I love clothes shoes, etc. I love searching reading about fashion but I don't know how to draw?? But i like math.Sa tingin mo mahihirapan ako sa Ab FDM??
  • Sa DLSU CSB ba ilan dapat ang hs grade mo para makapasok??
  • Hi guys I just wanted to ask if SDA AB-FDM accepts second courser? I'm Planning to go back in school kasi and currently searching for fashion school. DLS-CSB is one of my choice. can anyone help?
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