Proof of Funds in visiting US

Hello po.. I've been thinking about on how much would be the acceptable proof of funds in visiting US for like 1-3 mos or 1 mo at least? I'm planning to visit a friend hopefully next year. I've been hearing negative things that even if you had fat bank savings account there's still the chance na ma-deny ka. I'm not employed and I don't have any business but I do sidelines and able to put some savings. I've been through to some websites also and they only gave me headaches.. reading the requirements and all. I thought I'd be more enlightened if I ask people from here, especially those who did it already successfully. Thanks and more power to this forum! :)


  • dikonaalamdikonaalam the prince of nursing PExer
    I think there's a thread here specifically created to answer this kind of question. or else....

    but to answer your question, yes, even if you have a decent amount of savings in your bank account, there are some chances that they might refuse you a visa. This is because there are other factors that they consider, such as your ties in the Philippines. Unfortunately, being unemployed might be a problem. Well, it depends on what kind of "sideline" you are doing.

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