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Intake or ecu upgrade

I want to get a minor begining upgrade what is better an ecu upgrade or a intake

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  • jason_10
    jason_10 auto enthusiast
    normally you should start modding the intake, headers and exhaust, etc before making upgrades to the ECU.
  • Migg_D
    Migg_D Da Blow
    ^^ correct

    Cold Air Intake at Performance Exhaust(Headers and Muffler). TS, ano ba auto mo?
  • revhard
    revhard enjoy the ride
    Work the stages. The first comments are right.
    Stage 1 would be your intake, exhaust, high tension wires, spark plugs, (brake pads?). These are performance parts that could be instantly installed without having to do a remap on any part of the engine or electrical system, unless you're having them custom made of course (hence, the term bolt-on).

    A stage 1 modification will usually be enhanced further with the addition of other performance parts later on (Turbo, Injectors, ECU, Pistons, cams, etc).

    Just to answer your question on which should come first: ECU controls your air/fuel mixture, ignition timing, and idle speed. There'd be no sense installing an ECU when you have very limited power to control/manage (Air, Fuel). Unless of course, you wanna make your car more economical.
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