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Air + Cabin Filter

It's time for me to change the filters. Could I just pick some up at my local autopart store/walmart or are those ****** and I should go for OEM honda filters?

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  • Where'd you get your replacement for this?
  • slamm
    slamm runnin on empty
    OEM is still the best. You can buy them over the counter at your local Honda dealer or OEM parts store. If you have access to buying stuff from the US, you can also try filters made by Wix, Fleetguard or Baldwin if they carry for your car.

    Re. cabin filters, some guys i knew tried replacements and the a/c would sometimes smell bad.

    In my case, i just bought an OEM-fit K&N drop-in filter for my Corolla so i don't have to bother about buying a new air filter every 20,000kms. I just clean it with the K&N cleaning kit as adviced.
  • jason_10
    jason_10 auto enthusiast
    You get what you pay for. Bought a cheap replacement cabin filter in Banawe. Its the disposable type. Good for maybe a year its not washable (i tried it and it disintegrated unlike the OEM). If you spend a little more you can buy those cabin filters treated with carbon to remove the bad smell.
  • cuch
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    fram has a febreze treated cabin filter, keeps yo' ride fresh
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